Friday, September 23, 2005


Raffy is the biggest Rat, First he denies that he did Roids, I was fine with that. Im not outraged about this steroids like eveyone else. Raffy never seemed to be a typical roid user anyway. His swing is one of the most fluid swings ever. Well, it Turns out the Roid is one of the most lethal ones out there, then we now find out that he tried to blame it on Miggy!! I can not stand rats, take some blame yourself Raffy, I F'd up. No wonder he was embarrassed when he got his 3000 hit that all his teammates ran out to the field to celebrate with him, He had already tried to blame one of them for his screwups!! I was never a big Raffy fan and I thought he was a traitor, since he left the Orioles the first time to go back to Texas. NOW, I could care less if he ever makes the Hall of Fame. F HIM, His Career is OVER!!