Friday, July 20, 2007

Mac G to the NYC

Mac G is headed out to take a few bites out of the Big Apple this weekend and see how fast it will take to empty my checking account. In the NYC, you inhale FUN and exhale all of your Money. Have a great weekend.

Mike Vick is a DI$^!!

I know we live in a world of "innocent until proven guilty" and I am glad that we do. Unlike the Republican Party, who only likes certain amendments(Can you guess which ones?mmmm, 2nd?), I love ALL of the bill of rights.

However, my opinion of Mike $ick does not need to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. There is enough evidence for me to know that Mike Prick was highly involved in illegal and cruel dog fighting. From PFT, the best football site on the nets with tubes.

This is a situation in which 17 dead dogs, 54 live ones, and extensive dog fighting equipment and pharmaceuticals were removed from property OWNED BY Michael Vick.

Pro Football Talk
Pro Football Talk Videos
US vs Mike Sicko

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"He's Funnier Than You"

Once in college, I won 2 tickets to see Jamie Kennedy's standup in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Otherwise known as CR, Crap Rapids, Cr Stylee, the City of 5 smells or my personal nickname, "The White Trash Capitol of America." It also turns out to be the home of Stray Rod's favorite personal stripper. I had an ex-girlfriend who worked at a club in CR called "Shag Nasty's." I wish I had made that up.

Kennedy was pretty funny but most of his audience did not get his jokes, especially the one about a rap song. They went right over their heads. The worst part was some dude in the front row was BOMBED and started to yell profanities at Kennedy. "F, U! You Suck, You are not Funny!" He ended up getting the boot.

My date(No dice on the Bootie hook up!) and I were starting to get uncomfortable. Jamie fired back at the drunk and this was no "experiment." He basically called everyone in the room hicks. It got ugly quickly and he ended his set. We hung out with him and his friend at some bar afterwards.

He was trying to get in the pants of my hot date. I should have let him because I was unsuccessful! I advised him to leave Crap Rapids ASAP and head to Iowa City (IC) for some real fun/tail.

I saw him the next 2 nights trying to get into the main bar in downtown IC. I heard he even went to the "I was in Scream" card. I never liked him since and his JK Experiment show had moments of laughter.

There is enough of my 15 minutes with the star of Malibu's Most Wanted. Invigorating Stuff.

Check out this clip of JK at a Video Game Press Conference. He is not funny, mocks his audience and all in all, behaves like a total wasted Dbag. Happy Friday FOCKERS!
Stray Rod's Stripper originates from CRStyle
Malibu's Most Wanted

"If there is Fluff on the Muff, she is old Enough"

No doubt that some facebook "friend" released these pictures of Nikki Meyer, daughter of UF football coach Urban, on to the chopping block of the internets. Oh, She is prolly 16 or 17. Now that I am posting pictures of hot teens, things have officially hit rock bottom at MGsW. The Blogosphere made me do it. Damn You Big Lead! You Teen Porn Peddler With Leather! Shame on you Rivals!

She takes the Urban Meyer Spread Option to a whole new Level! Sorry, I could not resist.

Urban has good Genes
(Kudos to With Leather commenters Pauly and Los Nosotros for the Fluff and Spread Option jokes.)

Who is ready for College Football?

Mac G's World main contributor and number one male slut, The Notorious DEK, provides a little blast from the past with two Touchdown Tommie Frazier videos. The clip of "The Run" still gives me goose bumps. My friends and I celebrated this gigantic pounding of Steve Spurrier's Gators for the national title by going cow tipping in the snow.

What else are you going to do in central Nebraska in the middle of the butt A$$ cold winter? You could attempt to riot but not enough crap to burn or people to notice.

T Fraz was one of the best QBs to ever play college football (33-3 lifetime as a starter) on arguably the best team in college football history. The 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers. GO Eat a C$^$ Herbstreet.

Tommie raps about as well as this Mac G white boy can jump. Not very good and not very high. I love TFraz's versatile use of the Hot Sauce bottle as a microphone. SOLID! GO SKERS!

Tommie Frazier Wikipedia

Herbstreet the Suckeye hates the Skers

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mike Vick is a SICK Piece of $^&*(!!

Pro Football Talk has been all over the Michael Vick Dog Fighting investigation for months. During the same time ESPN was asleep at the wheel and secretly hoping that it would go away. ESPN even reported last week that Vick would NOT be charged.

I wonder if they could award themselves an ESPY for worst reporting?

Yesterday, Mike Vick was finally indicted and the accusations are gruesome. They found 17 dead canine remains on his property and 4 of his associates have been singing to the feds about all of the dirty details. Mike was ratted out but this part sealed the deal for me and Mike Vick. You SICK PIECE OF $H!+

In March 2003, Peace allegedly electrocuted a female pit bull that had lost a fight after consulting on the matter with Vick. Peace shot another losing dog that same month.

According to paragraph 83 of the indictment, Vick, Peace, and Phillips executed in April 2007 approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in "testing" sessions, by "hanging, drowning, and slamming at least one dog's body to the ground."

In other words, in the same month in which Vick declared that he never goes to his Surry County property, and the same month in which he sat face-to-face with the Commissioner, Vick had (according to the indictment) participated in the killing of as many as eight dogs deemed unfit for fighting.

Pro Football Talk's Vick Investigation Updates

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"How Do I Know That You Are Gay? You Like Coldplay"

Mac G's World's wingman, the Notorious DEK, wakes up from his daily blackout and spank bank deposit to find this great picture. The world is better off.

" I am David Vitter and I Approve of this Message"

Sorry to my 10 readers, Mac G has been on a vacation hiatus/music festival in the West Virginia Mountains. My brain needed a few days to "adjust" to DC's lower elevation. A blog post is coming about my experience in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

Talking Points Memo
has found these video ads from Mac G's World's favorite diaper lover, David Vitter's 2004 Senatorial campaign. I love how the Senator uses his kids as props to portray a family man image, even though he pays for whores to F him. My favorite line is when his wife hands him their infant son and says "Great, David, you can start by changing Jack." Priceless.

Scumbag Vitter announced that he will not resign, blamed his enemies and even had his wife publicly defend him.

At the same time the Vitters were going through counseling for David being a hooker loving crappy husband, they were shoving their family values message down the throats of Louisiana voters in his campaign. He was elected on false assumptions and it is probably time for him to resign. No way he can comeback in the US Senate from this at all and LA voters are getting a really RAW deal. Pun intended.

Too bad David is not a polygamist like the dude on Big Love. Check out Video, it is creepy. Even more creepy when you think of David being in the disposable huggies and not his young son.


Filthy Whoremonger Scum-Sucking Diaperman David Vitter Won't Resign

Vitter's Family Values Ads
Diaper Fetish