Friday, November 30, 2007

Have a Good Weekend!

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Pack Lose to Cowgirls, Hey Refs, TAKE THAT!

Currently, my head feels as discombobulated as Bryant Gumbel's throat. Get that man some red bulls to pound during a broadcast, dude was killing me last night.

I should have picked up some light beer last night for the big game because chugging dark microbeer always leaves you extra groggy in the morning. Pick up a 12 pack of Magic Hat's "Feast of Fools" winter beer as it is quite delicious.

What a crazy, entertaining game last night and since I am nut job Cheese head, I was not too happy with the outcome. The Cowboys Offensive Line dominated the Packers leaving Romo all day to slice up Green Bay's shoty coverage and Packers played their worst defensive game all season.

Ultimately, the Cowboys made more plays than the Pack but man oh man, Green Bay was screwed on several huge game changing calls.

Al Harris picked the ball away from TO and the refs signaled Green Bay's ball, however, some dumb ass official blew the play dead and they could not overturn the call on replay. Truly a HORRIBLE call that I did not think could be topped until the 4th quarter.

The Cowboys were up 3 and threw a bomb down the field. WR and DB feet got tangled as the DB was looking back at the ball. The ref 10 feet from the play does not throw a flag as it was your typical no call but all of sudden a flag came out from 40 yards away from the incident! TheCowboys get the ball at the Packers 5 and score a crucial TD.

I am tired of these old refs in their 40s and 50s making these decisions and I think it is time to have some young blood aka, guys with better reflexes than these jokers.

Packers down 10, driving with 5 minutes left. Ryan Clark gets a horrible spot on a 3rd down run and he is clearly past the marker. This sets up a 4th down decision on the Cowboys 34 yard line I hate to invoke his name or this question, but "What would Bill Bellicheck do?"

Of course he would go for it but McCarthy decides to be a pussy and kick a FG. I understand the Packers still would need 2 scores no matter what but kicking a long FG instead of going for it on 4th and inches tells me that you are putting the onus on the defense to stop them.

However, The Packers D had not been able to do that very well all game. Plus, scoring a TD in that situation gives the team momentum and allows the possibility to hold Dallas to a FG but still be within one score.

Packers kick to cut the lead to 7. Dallas gets the ball and runs out most of the clock, kicking a FG to make the final outcome, 37-27

The Packers still could have won this game but they deserved to lose it as well. Allowing Dallas a first down on 3rd&19 from their own 5 was the biggest play of the game. Pack could not tackle Barber or cover Witten late in the game.

If the Packers can secure the second seed, they will be back in Dallas for a rematch. I am hoping number 4 will be healthy or Aaron Rodgers, "The Mullet with a Bullet," will keep up his surprising stellar play.

Check out this blog that breaks down the crappy calls against the Packers.

Magic Hat Winter Beer

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

HURRY and Watch!

I am still steaming over the media's coverage of Sean Taylor's tragic death and the National Greed League's continual decision to yank Taylor highlight videos off of You Tube. I have a blog posts coming on both of these topics very soon.

I just found a new video and it is pretty BAD A$$ just like the Boom King. Hurry Up and watch before the NGL's copyright minions contact You Tube, screaming infringement of their product.

However, the National Greed League will still take your money for Taylor's jerseys but you can not watch your favorite videos of a dead man.

Classless, Pathetic, Predictable, Typical.

I advocate boycotting buying any Taylor memorabilia straight from the NGL's website. You can purchase these cool items here, with the proceeds going to Taylor's family not to 31 billionaires' pockets. Check out this link for Taylor goods on Ebay.

Bucktown Tees

Here is a EBAY Link

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Florida State Seminole fan is still pissed about the A$$ kicking or should I say being "Tewboned" by the Florida Gators last weekend. Here is visual evidence to their desperate, crazed state of mind.

Oh, this video has everything that I love/miss about my cube college: hot poon, game days, drunken debauchery, stupid frat boy type pranks, tailgating. Did I mention hot poon? Oh Yes.

Mac Gs World

Bad College Sucks?

I just found this hilarious Aqua Teen Hunger Force Video about the BCS and Eli Manning on With Leather. Oh, I want to add F You Elijah for throwing 3 picks for scores on Sunday against the Vikings. I was eliminated from the first round of my fantasy football playoffs because I lost to the team with Vikings D.

3 Fn Scores? I am still sick but at least I am not stuck being a Giants fan. Eli is not the answer, period. Time to put Fatty Jared Lorenzen in yet? NY media is about to have a field day if Eli continues to sail ducks on simple 15 yard in routes.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

William Hung Sighting

My favorite part of watching American Idol, other than to see what words a blitzed Paula Abdul will mix up, is the beginning of the season where a large portion of the Idol wannabees suck big time.

It is high comedy, especially when they think that they are actually good or getting screwed by Simon. I do not even have any empathy at all for them because I can not sing a lick so why would I enter a televised singing contest?

The original poster boy for American Idol delusional stardom was William Hung. You remember, "She Bangs, She Bangs, She Moves, She Moves."

I am too lazy to research about Hung's current whereabouts over the past few years but I do remember him cashing in on his 15 minutes by recording an album.

Hung is back and check out this video of him singing at halftime of the California/Washington football game. Oh, Hung attended Cal and is sporting Washington gear while "performing" at Husky Stadium. Traitor.

I wonder what the Berkeley hippies in those trees think about this turn coat development? Riot starting on Telegraph Ave in 1, 2, 3.....

Just in case you needed your William Hung memory refreshed.

If people like Hung score hot poon in america, no wonder the world still hates us. Oh, those other 2 weird looking Idol rejects received a job covering the Super Bowl last year.
I rest my case.

Update: I guess Hung attended Cal but still very bush league.

Mac Gs World

Sad Day in Skins Nation

This blog is usually full of tongue and cheek commentary with my futile attempts at humor. I rarely have serious overtones unless I am ranting about our inept government leaders.

I felt the need to honor Sean Taylor after his passing this morning from a gun shot wound. My only wish was that Taylor would have gave interviews and talked to the media more so I would have a better first hand sense of his personality.

All of those close to him describe what a cool cat he was and how much he had matured over the years. Plus, he was having the best season of his career and he appeared to be becoming a vocal leader on the Redskins team.

Taylor's past incidents with the law over 2 years ago are highly irrelevant so please ignore the media's incessant need to rehash them like they just happened or are apply to this individual tragedy. The "he had this coming" to him angle is simply deplorable.
I am not even a Skins fan either.

Taylor died performing the honorable deed of protecting his loved ones from attack. He should be admired and cherished. Whether it is a professional football player, a US soldier overseas, or a ordinary person, 24 years old is way too early for a life to end.

My heart goes out to everyone involved with Skins nation and I will pour some out this evening for number 21.

In tribute of his memory, I found some video clips of Taylor.

I would have more clips of Taylor but the NFL hates their product being promoted for free on You Tube and yanks highlight videos that fans make. I guess that I am lucky to be in the 1/3 of America that will actually get to see the Cowboys/Packers game on Thursday night by having the NFL network.

Pissing off your loyal fans/customers is an awful business model and it is probably the same one that the Big 10 network is following.

Monopolies fight, consumers lose.

UPDATE: As you can tell the NFL has already taking down 2 of the highlight videos. Nice Work: National Greed League. I was pissed when you made blogger take down my post about Bob Sanders but this has crossed over the line.

Hey NGL, football fans/aka people that line the pockets of your enterprise want to see videos of one of your star players that was tragically killed but protecting your commercial interests are more important to you.

No one is making money of watching football highlights of Sean Taylor on You Tube. Get over your greedy selves.


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Monday, November 26, 2007

Crazy LSU fan

The LSU Tigers defense could have used some of this form tackling on DMac last Friday.

Mac Gs World

Picture of the Day

I really want to know what these 2 talked about for 40 minutes.

Mac Gs World

Happy Cyber Monday

I hope everyone is fatter around the waist and lighter in the wallet. A soaked liver is probably expected as well.

There has been so much news to chew over the past few days that I do not where to start. Senator Trent Lott quits for no real reason. I hope he is not a foot tapper like his Singing Senator buddy Craig.

Skins safety Sean Taylor is in a coma after being shot twice.
Here is my favorite hit by Taylor in the pro bowl. I hope Taylor makes it through everything.

The Huskers fired Billy C
(Check out the sweet picture above of him driving away after getting canned) and AD TO has been flying around in a boosters plane interviewing candidates. LSU's DC, Bo Pelini and Buffalo head coach, Turner Gill are the first 2 names on the list. Wake Forrest, Jim Grobe's name has been rumored too.

Michigan has reportedly offered Iowa's coach Kirk Ferentz their job. My Hawks can not beat Western Michigan at home on senior day but somehow Michigan wants Ferentz? Let just say, Wolverine nation will not be pleased if Ferentz is hired.

I could waste the whole day going off on both of the Husker/Hawkeye coaching topics but for now I will limit my rants to my buddies on email chains/IMs.

Mizzou is number one and Chase Daniels is amazing.

A&M is going to hire Mike Sherman?Aside from Pete Carroll and Al Groh's lucky 07 season, NFL retread coaches have not worked out that well in big time college football. GTech's Gailey and Billy C's recent walking papers support this theory. Wanny is not tearing things up at Pitt either.

As a life long Packer fan, have fun with Sherman's conservative play calling in Aggie land.

OU will beat Mizzou and WV/Ohio St title game is looming. The crappy BSC system strikes again.

Happy Cyber Monday!