Thursday, November 17, 2005


Gotta love the "U", So Im surfing the web yesterday, find some more juicy stuff on the Viqueen's Love Boat scandal, which I will provide the links in another post. I came across this Miami's students blog and he posts this recording of Miami football rap song about dudes, Gangbanging chicks in their dorm, "The 7th Floor Crew" Here is the Chorus, its Catchy

If your ho only know
That she was gettin' fucked on the 7th flo'
If that bitch only knew
That she was gettin' muddied by the whole damn crew.

Now I log into work this morning, and its a number one story on, Now the kid is getting worked over on his blog. Another example of Blogs creating media stories and ESPN hyping a story, that is about sex and thugs. Here are the Links

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The Rap
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