Friday, February 01, 2008

Pictures of the Day-Jam Band Style

These 2 pictures are for my jam band readers out there and for the brahs at Brahsome. I will not be recapping the title games as the Packers loss left me battered down and bewildered.

I guess I will cheer for the Giants. My rationale is that the Patriots and the city of Boston need another championship like our country needs more GW Bush policies.

Actually, I am on my way to nowhereville North Carolina for Miss So Bell's cousin's wedding. I just found out the reception is booze free and it hurts just typing that out.

There will be a solid MLB player at the wedding and of course my stalker ass will get some pictures.

I just hope the Super Bowl is more entertaining than the commercials. Word, Mac G.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pix of Day:Huggie Bear is the P.I.M.P.

I was screaming for my Iowa Hawkeyes to hire Bob Huggins as their next head coach. This attire says it all and KState fans are feeling the fruits of Huggie Bear's PIMP recruiting efforts.

Of course hiring Huggie Bear would have meant that the Hawkeye athletic administration engaged in outside the box thinking. This is a laughable concept to comprehend for Iowa AD Gary "No Balls" Barta.

He reminds me of Harry "dont rock the boat" Reid's reluctance to effectively stand up to Bush on anything in the Senate.

Hell, Iowa could not fire a head basketball coach(Alford) who was hated by 75 plus percent of the state's fan base and just recently, Barta punted on forcing head coach Kirk Ferentz to make ANY football coaching staff changes from one of the worst offenses in a major BCS conference.

Legendary Hawkeye head wrestling coach Dan Gable (15 national titles in 21 years) would not put up with this losing crap. Hint, HINT.

Thanks to LOL Jocks for the picture.

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Who Let the Mittster Out? HOO HOO

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Erin's Serving Hot Za in Happy Valley

There is quite an obsession with Erin Andrews on the series of tubes among sports bloggers and fans. There are infamous pictures of her eating a sandwich, photo shopped picture of her getting her breast touched by a young Hawkeye fan, and repeated up close shots of her ass and chest. Slide shows on You Tube are dedicated to every picture of Erin Andrews.

In our society, overexposure always breeds contempt so you will find Andrews haters out there. I respectfully disagree to all doubters of her hotness.

I find her insanely attractive. If we want to get critical, her face is OK and her nose is a little funky, but overall the chick is a knockout. I say 8.5-9 with room to go up on a 10 scale.

Plus, she seems to know what she is talking about and appears to be intelligent. "Appears" is the key word. Then again, when a woman walk in boots like those above, words have little value to men.

Thanks to Big Lead, Rush the Court for the tip
A HUGE Shout out goes to camera man Jim Davidson The Ozone's for his announcer poon hunting photography. Godspeed.
Click here for more hot pictures.

UPDATE: Erin worked the Indiana/Wisconsin game in Madtown last night. Brian Lucas's clever Live Blog of the game details Erin's in game movements with comments like these:

"Erin also has a stash of M&Ms over here by our seats (not sharing)....I’m sure Joe will want to print off and save (he’s got to be the only guy in history to attempt three shots in a game and still get to talk to Erin Andrews afterwards."

Check it Out.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bikini Cricket

Cricket Anyone?

I wanted to cheer myself up as the jury trial I was serving on is now over. I sent a guy to jail yesterday. It was a very unique case and once my attorney Dr Gonzo stops sniffing his ether, I will know how much I can spill.

The prosecutor was a smoking hot cougar so not all was lost over the past few days.

Who Made Mike Huckabee?

Stephen Colbert had a classic bit last night about Conan O'Brien stating that he made Mike Huckabee, which irked Colbert because he has already laid claim to propelling Huckabee from lower to upper tier GOP presidential candidate.

Later, Jon Stewart comes on stage with a VHS tape to add more comedy into the piece.

Here is the back story on their joking feud, which Stewart labeled as, "How much more time can we waste on all 3 of our shows?"

It appears the Huckster's white house train has been stopped anyway with his defeat in the Florida primary.

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Picture of the Day

(Picture from Pro Football Talk)

This is a panoramic shot of Favre's pick in OT. The worst player to throw in this situation was the one he chose with his fatal toss.

Unlike congressional members of the republican party, who rarely publicly criticize or disagree with our awful president on anything, I can rip my favorite football player of all time when he deserves it.

The Packers still had a magical season and a large part had to do with Favre's improved play. Yeah, I am still bitter about the Giants loss. Jury duty has not really helped me clear my head either.

This seems to be one of the lamest Super Bowl media weeks in a long time, with no real story lines. Check out my man Chris from Mr. I covering today's media "event" for The Sporting Blog. Funny Stuff.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Ginger Kid Strikes Buttermilk Gold

Shaun White had an epic gold medal performance at the Winter X games Snowboard SuperPipe Men’s Final on Sunday night in Aspen. White, who no longer refers to himself by his popular "The Flying Tomato" nickname, rocked all three of his final runs. He saved his best for last, scoring a 96.66 to ward off 17 year old Japanese phenom Ryo Ono for the top billing.

White, the fearless ginger kid, predicted right before his last run that he had something up his sleeve and boy oh boy did he ever. He ripped off a 1260 on his last trick to put his signature on the Winter X games.

For those of you mathematically challenged, a 1260 is 3 and a half complete spins on a snowboard. Unbelievable.

Here is the detailed list of his 7 half pipe winning jumps and the video.
Frontside 1080
Fakey to Forward 1080
Frontside 900
Backside 900
Frontside 1260

I am not stoned and a little rusty on my snowboard terminology but of course my favorite name is the McTwist, Brah.

White might have predicted his hot championship run at Buttermilk Mountain with his recent arrest for using a fire extinguisher.

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Picture of the Day

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Out Jurying

My lack of posts lately are a result of being called to serve my duty as a tax paying American Citizen and resident of the District of Columbia. Yes, I am a juror. The trial is not over and I am probably already saying too much.

The whole experience has been fascinating and I plan on writing a post about it at some point. I will consult my attorney, Dr Gonzo, to see about any potential legal snafus with spilling some of my guts online.

When I was asked by the Judge my profession during the the jury elimination selection process, I was tempted to say part time blogger just to see the Judge's reaction.

Surely, that would have qualified me to get the heave ho off the trial!! According to MSM, bloggers are ruining the world and so I was trying to fit into the negative narrative.

Oh, I need to come up with some better slang words for the term "blogger." It seems so 2004 and blah.

The most ironic moment about being selected for a DC jury trial was coming home to finding my W2s in the mail. DC, which has more population than the whole state of Wyoming, has ZERO representatives in Congress. Zippo, NADA, ZILCH!

I do not have 2 Senators or a Congressman with a vote. I still pay federal and DC state taxes with no direct representative in our government.

I understand the political aspects of DC's populace consisting of overwhelming number of democrats and thus, the Republican party not willing to give away 3 votes in Congress. They are protecting their party's interests.

However, this is a lesser concern compared to granting equal voting rights to every American citizen, regardless of party affiliation. Are we not Americans first and foremost? Our right to vote is the backbone of this republic and provides everyone with reassurance that their voice actually matters.

The GOP leadership in the Senate killed DC's chance to get a vote in the house last September and Bush was threatening a veto anyway.

Bush's preaches this utopian view of democracy in numerous speeches to foreign countries but the people living just blocks from where he sleeps at night are the most disenfranchised citizens in all of the United States.

I know no one cares about this issue because most people reading my dribble do not live here, so out of sight translates to out of mind.

I get that too but let me tell ya, being oppressed electorally by Uncle Sam in the federal legislative branch and yet, still having to give him a big chunk of my paycheck every other week, Fn SUCKS!

Then again, I am just a troop hating, peacenik, commie who wants to stop occupying foreign countries and spend most of our money here at home. What do I know?

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Link Whores

A complete weekend without a football game is like ordering decaf java, O'Doul's or fat free cheese. Only the real thing does the deal. My Packers wound is still fresh but the sting is slowly fading.

I have been able to gingerly watch NFL network and ESPN in spurts.
Did you hear Eli was Peyton Manning's little brother or that Tom Brady dates Gisele? I love getting Brady injury updates from TMZ leeches hired to sit at Gisele's apartment. Awesome.

Anyway, here are some links to help my suddenly erection stiff hard readership power through its Monday.(thanks Extra Mustard)

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