Friday, November 02, 2007

Hockey Night in DC

I am headed to the Flyers/Caps game tonight at the Verizon Center in DC. I used to love the Avs when they had their rivalry with the Red Wings in the 90s. Playoff hockey is still highly entertaining but since ESPN would rather show Poker non stop, my interest has waned. Anyway, I do know that Don Cherry is awesome. Check out a few videos. Have a great weekend. Word, Mac G.

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Uniform Malfunction in the ATL

The uniforms for Va Tech players QB Sean Glennon, Tyrod Taylor, Brandon Flowers and Kam Chancellor turned up missing from Va Tech's locker room. The players had to wear white Gtech uniforms instead and this still did not deter the Hokies them from hammering the Yellow Jackets, 27-3. How does Chan Gailey still keep his job? Thanks to Son of Darth Vader for the tip and pictures.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

World's Best Bottom Contest

First Australia sets the world record for highest number of bikinis in one place and now Germany is hosting the world's best bottom contest. WTF?

It is depressing enough that the US allows China to put lead in our toys and our trade policy has weakened the American dollar's value to be the same as the Canadian one but America can not let these other countries crush us in these brilliant original competitions.

At least we finally won our own hot dog eating contest this year. That SUCKS.
I give up. Anyway, check out the video and if you are an "Ass" guy, you will love it.

In case those dudes' butts freaked you out, made you yearn to hit the gym today or possibly excited you a little bit too much, here is a video of girls shaking their booties. I have no idea why they chose the song from Deliverance so I suggest to keep the volume on low.

Happy Fryday.

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Cheerleader Gets Hit By Football Team

I think this could be the best You Tube headline of all time. In this video, Cheerleader Cali Kaltschimdt is interviewed about the now famous footage of her being ran over by the high school football team.
Yes, Poon lovers, she is 18.

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Band of Horses Review

I have plugged this music group before but I just read a great Jam Base write up about Band of Horses that I wanted to share. Their new CD album, Cease to Begin, is blowing up the charts. I am checking them out Friday night at the 930 club so I will report a first hand review of their new songs.

Here is a video of the song,"Is there a Ghost," from their new album.

This video is the song, "The Funreal," from their first album, Everything All the Time.

Jam Base BoH Review
Band of Horse's Tour Blog
Band of Horse's Myspace Page
Sub Pop Records

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Jon Stewart is back this week from a mini vacation and last time the Daily Show was gone for this long, a gay Senator bathroom sex scandal broke. This video further proves why I stay away from watching the Cable News shows. It is mostly tabloid driven, mindless dribble.

CNN's used the California fires to promote their global warming piece and Fox News cited a 4 year old FBI memo about one Al Qaeda member mentioning starting fires in the US to suggest that terrorists ignited this blaze. Stewart takes the Katrina Analogies to the woodshed.

Since no one cares except random anonymous commenters, and this is MY blog, I watch PBS's News Hour with Jim Lehrer(Add it to your TIVO) every evening for my main TV source of current events and news discussion. They actually will analyze a topic, policy or event, instead of just glossing over them like the Network nightly news shows do. Networks usually spend 5- 10 out their 30 minutes on some puff piece human interest story too.

Plus, the News Hour's guests are highly intelligent people with real work credentials, who actually discuss and debate the issues. Not these self glorified pundit contributors on cable news, who spend most of their time yelling the same broken talking points. When you are done watching the 24/7 cable news shows, you just want to yell at or blame someone. After viewing the News Hour, you can actual retain some knowledge from it.

For example on last week's show, the topic was foreclosures. They were exchanging ideas on how to assist homeowners with the sub prime crisis with a consumer advocate and a president of the mortgage lender association. You can click on the streaming video or scroll down for the text of their talk. The first part is about a Chicago bank program that helps out homeowners restructure their loans so they will not lose their homes. The next part is the sub prime discussion.

News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Give Me Tricks and Treats

I want to officially plug this sports website: Epic Carnival. I have been writing a few posts for them from time to time and if I can ever get my head above this poon water, I will be on there more frequently. Check them out. Here is the post I wrote yesterday about these Facebook Fools. A member of the good Ole City Boyz Inc strikes again.

Here is a great link of these Skank pictures from my man Tim's Take. Good Stuff.

Be Safe this evening and make sure BOTH of your candy wrappers are SEALED tight.
Poison and STDs kill. Unexpected babies change your life. Word, Mac G.

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Political Rant

Here are my political rants for today. If you are looking for sports go here and Halloween poon go here.

Here are some links from the the Fd up world that we live in.

The Blackwater thugs who opened fire on innocent people in Iraq were initially granted immunity BEFORE they would talk to State Department investigators.

Attorney General Nominee will not call waterboarding torture. It is sad that the moral standing our country has stooped so low that we even have to debate the terms of torture as a method of interrogation.

We drop bombs on villages and innocent people who die are just collateral damage, the CIA kidnaps people and illegally takes them to other countries, the US holds people indefinitely in Guantanamo without charging them, and we use torture techniques on suspects that every civilized country (Geneva Convention anyone?) has outlawed for decades.Who are the bad guys again? No wonder the world hates us.

A Republican Senator has the decency to be against water boarding and the right wing noise machine fires up and wants his head dunked.

What happened to the moderate libertarian, isolationist, fiscally conservative, limited government wing of the Republican party? How did it allow the war/fear monger wing nuts to take over and pollute any real debate on issues? We need solutions to our problems, not more hate disinformation to fit their narrow political agenda. Neocons, Rush Limbaugh, and Holly Rollers are running the GOP's sinking ship.

Iraqi Dam might collapse and kill over 500,000 people.

Billionaire Warren Buffet argues in favor of tax reform, easing the burden on the middle class and raising his own taxes.

Bush says that Congress has wasted time to end the Iraq War.
We do not even discuss anymore the main reason the we invaded a sovereign nation without the world's support in the first place. Why bother with those details? The "war" has been over for over 4 years. We overthrew the Iraqi government, killed Saddam and his sons, held elections and now we are just foreign occupiers in the middle of an ethnic civil war.

7/10 Americans want us of out of Iraq and a new policy. Bush will not allow this because he would actually have to admit a mistake. Weak people admit mistakes not Bush, who is the Smoke Em out, "we are kicking ass in Iraq," strong leader. I am shocked with his denial of reality and awful attitude towards the will of the American people that he has had such record low approval ratings.

All the new generals, rationales for war, different tactics, and more money for bombs will never fix this problem. Our political and military leaders have to truthfully acknowledge to the American people the exact mess that we are actually in before we can solve it. The current crew's credibility for honesty is emptier than a bottle of Ron Burgundy's scotch or as believable as a FEMA press conference.

Once again, I can not wait to kick these neocons out of power so we can have real discourse about America's options out of this middle east clusterfu$ that they have caused. The worst part is that the crazy bastards that blew us up on 9/11 are still at large, hiding in Pakistan, and growing more powerful. Osama even still has time to make tapes. Unbelievable.

I do not envy the next president as they will have to make tough unpopular decisions to heal these self inflicted wounds.

5 or 10 years from now, we will look back in disbelief that we allowed Bush&Cheney to continue this disastrous broken policy for song long, which has killed way too many Americans and innocent Arab civilians.

Pro War Cheerleaders are applauding that death toll in Iraq is down the past few months. It is all semantics and not part of some long term success story where we all of sudden, "WIN". Trust Me. I do not even know what "winning" means at this point. I have a future post coming that proves this is the result of increasing air bomb attacks and with less door to door raids.

I think one death is one too many (remember those days were we CHERISHED American lives, instead of seeing them as pawns for our military war games) and I agree with this soldier, who states 'I Don't Think This Place Is Worth Another Soldier's Life.

My heart goes out to the Americans who have to risk their lives everyday to protect the egos of a few men. Here are the faces of our fallen soldiers.

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Trick or Treat Links

I will continue to post pictures of hotties in Halloween costumes all day. Naughty Nurse, Sassy School girl, Sexy Kitten, you name it and a girl can whore it out. I am in love with the person who came up with idea of girls slutting up every outfit possible for this holiday. I would by them a beer or 40.

NBA season kicked off last night and I have been knee deep in Poon/football so coverage the NBA previews has been non existent. The NBA is the favorite sport to cover by bloggers and everywhere I turn I am skimming over NBA previews.

Anyway, this whole Kobe/Phil/Jerry Buss war of wards is tiresome already. I surfed the Lakers Blogs to find out what is the real deal. Phil set the recent media firestorm a blaze the other day by questioning Kobe's heart and soul. Forum Blue and Gold posts their take on the whole the Kobe getting traded saga. Rumors of Kobe being swapped for Agent Zero have popped up but I believe that they are just rumors.

I watched the Lakers without Lamar Odom almost pull out a W against the Rockets last night with. Kobe had 43 points in the loss but was booed heavily in the opening introductions. Even Magic Johnson said after the game that something needs to happen. Either trade him or publicly back him. I tend to agree and everyone is to blame in this situation, Kobe, GM Kuphcack, Phil, and Buss.

Since the NBA has begun, I wanted to pimp out my favorite Washington Wizards Blog, Bullets Forever. Prada and Jake have excellent takes/links on the Wizards and they were just ranked the 7th best NBA blog by Sports Business Daily.

If you see some guy on there in the comment section ranting and raving about Coach Eddie Jordan's bizarre substitution patterns, I allow you to make fun of the Mac G poon pervert.

Props to my man at Big Ten Tailgate as his page view meter must be skyrocketing faster than my bar tab on St. Patty's Day. This is due to his coverage of this moronic video posted on Youtube. Some Frat Penn State Dbags started to chuck full beer cans at a Ohio St fan walking through their tailgate last Saturday. The footage of the juvenile mob mentality is downright scary.

I did not realize that Pittsburgh was such a thugged out place.

BTT originally posted the video, Sports Blogs picked it up, local and national media have followed suit. Penn St fans were livid that these jackasses made their school look so bad. Besieged by irate emails, Penn State President responded via email condemning the video and the local authorities are investigating. The National Chapter of the Pike fraternity seen on the video has been contacted and the national media is starting to cover the story.

Major Props to BTT, from puke, tits, poon, to media darling. Congrats, Keep it Up.

DMt Shooter at Epic Carnival has great last minute sports Halloween ideas. I wanted to make it rain all night but instead, I am going to be the Assistant to the Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin.

Brazil was awarded the 2014 World Cup and I might have to make an appearance.

Yankees could be in trouble next year and Bugs and Cranks breaks down Arod's worth in Beer prices.

Google could not buy Facebook so they are releasing their own social networking site.
This blog post breaks down google's Open Social network.

Lance Armstrong is bagging Ashely Olsen? The NY Post is reporting this so it MUST be TRUE! Mary Kate must be passing some of that home grown from her gig on WEEDs to her sister. Lance is a total dick head and numerous people have told me from their personal experiences. I might save them for another post.

I should have posted this video earlier of the small college from Mississippi's unbelievable 15 lateral game winning kick off return TD. They have labeled this amazing play the "Mississippi Miracle." I thought we already had the Music City Miracle? How can you use the same nickname again? Do I need to blame ESPN for this?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Stripoween!

This sexy sports video should get all the spooks in the mood for today's amazing holiday. Kids get limitless sugar highs and Adults enjoy large amounts of eye candy. Win, Win for Everyone. I heart Stripoween!

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Blackout the Blackout

Yesterday morning, I was enjoying my java and reading the Washington Post Express when I about choked after digesting the review of Britney's new album, Blackout. The music critic actually liked the album and I am still in traumatic shock. I thought this album, which is released today, would bomb(It still might) and for the sake of pop culture, her tubby trailer park A$$ would go away.

I am still holding out hope that she attempts a tour on this album because I can guarantee she will forget when she is supposed to lip sync. It is hard to remember to flip around like a beached whale and remember to mouth words at the same time. I probably could not recall those difficult tasks simultaneously either after pounding endless amounts of Britney's favorite concoction: Vodka and Coke.

No idea if the words of her latest outburst outside a courtroom for her custody hearing made it into album. "Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*%k it!"

Three paragraphs are already too much web pixels on this waste of space and I do not plan on linking to anything related to buying her album. If Blackout is a hit, this will prove that music producers will always chase the buck(is this ever in doubt?) and can still put lipstick on Milli Vanilli Pig. Figuratively and literally.

KFed claims Britney has lost it
Spears is Frugly
Blackout CD Released

Mac Gs World

Getting the Cocktail Party Started INSIDE the Stadium

I am sure my opinion would differ of this celebration depending on if I was a fan of either team but I am not and I LOVED IT. UGA Coach Mark Richt instructed his team to get a celebration penalty if they scored on their first drive and if they did not score, everyone had to run extra at practice.

The Dawgs put up a touchdown on their first drive and all of sudden bedlam broke out, as the whole UGA team sidelines ran into the end zone to revel in the six points. UGA was hit with 2 penalties, however,the tone was set for an eventual UGA victory.
My man at Hey Jenny Slater and number one UGA fan is calling it: The Celebration.

Was this move classless? Possibly. The main reason the Dawgs won? Debatable. Motivational? Without a doubt. Purely Awesome? Absolutely.

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Monday, October 29, 2007


When my favorite NFL team and player connect on a TD Bomb on the first play of overtime to win the game to go 6-1, expect some love on Mac G's World. WHAT A TOSS! One of the Shortest OTs of all time and right in the face of those Denver Donkeys. Yes, I am still bitter over Favre's Super Bowl loss. TD, Steve Atwater, and Mr Ed Elway still haunt my dreams.

This game could have gone either way as both teams made plays to win and lose it. GBay continues to find ways to win and I am having a hard time going to bed right now. This Packer High is too intoxicating and it feels even better after going through the past 2 difficult seasons.

Very few peeps that read my gibberish care about the Green and Gold so I will save my multiple paragraph analysis for chain emails to Packer buddies but I will agree that ESPN went WAY overboard on covering Favre and his wife. I am all about her cause of breast cancer but it is irrelevant to talk about it DURING the game.

Having Vince Vaughn stammer about his opinion on the state of the Bears with 10 minutes left in a 3 point game is even more pointless. Kornheiser's mindless dribble and corny jokes are unbearable. His main punch lines is to exaggerate something over and over. It might be clever or witty the first time, the 20th time, it is just stale and old. The worst part is that he is starting to rub off on Jaws and taking him down with him.

Check Out Jennings talking about the biggest catch of his professional life.

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Only Highlight from NFL Game in UK

I do not think a Giants 13-10 win over the Fins in a mud slop fest is what NFL Commish Roger Goddell had in mind when he drew up this NFL game in Europe. I would rather watch a nil, nil futbol match than this American football version crap fest. The offensively challenged snoozer did provide one comedic highlight to keep the Euros in attendance entertained. Check out the hilarious clip and Britain, I will trade you back Beckham and his wife for this streaker. Thanks to Pop Rocks for the video.

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