Friday, January 16, 2009

Picture of the Day: DC Declares No Hookers Zone for Inauguration

This is disappointing news because hookers were looking for a stimulus package from Obama too. Frustrated Johns are always in the mood for a bailout from their battle ax wives.

Via Truth from DCist

Does AG Nominee Holder Got Game?

At the Senate confirmation hearing yesterday, Milwaukee Bucks owner Senator Herb Kohl asked Attorney General nominee Eric Holder about his basketball skills in a one on on game vs President-Elect Obama.

Mac G would not back down from Barry the Baller in an on the court pick up game either. My background is from the North Side of the tracks in GI. It is not Barry Farms but weapons and meth were plentiful in certain spots on the Island.

Echoing my previous Barry O basketball scouting report, force him right and make him prove that he can hit the 15 foot jumper.

Barry the Baller wants to take you left on the drive and draw a foul so you have to be aware of his strengths. If Barry was on me in a 5 on 5 game, I would elbow him a few times or box him out hard early in the game to give him a sense that I am not going to back down. He is a scrapper and you need to out work him in garbage style points. I would use head fakes to neutralize his lanky wing span advantage.

Court endurance will be determined by how many cancer sticks each of us have been pounding. Hmmm.......... This whole president transition thing seems to going rather smoothly so Barry might be laying off on the heaters. I am always stressed out with a work, relationships and blogs.

Now that Barry O is officially a DC resident, I need to pump some of my Obama Admin contacts to make this pick up game with Barry O a reality. Mac G's got some game left in the tank. Check it Barry O.

Breakdown of Barry the Baller

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Power of Twitter

An US Airways flight plunged into the Hudson river outside of Manhattan this afternoon around 3:30-45pm. Here are the details of the first photo (pictured above) of the crash:

Janis Krums from Sarasota, Florida posts the first photo of U.S. Airways flight 1549 on Twitter from his iPhone. Thirty-four minutes after Janis posted his photo, MSNBC interviewed him live on TV as a witness. News coverage at Google. TV reports suggest that everyone survived the crash.

The citizen journalism capability with technology is unbelievable.

The NY Times is reporting that everyone survived the crash.

U.S. Airways Crash Rescue Picture: Citizen Journalism, Twitter At Work

Mac G is on Twitter. Come follow my wise and funny gibberish.

UPDATE: More photos of the crash and I have no idea how their was not a single life lost.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pundit School

Screw Al Qaeda, TV Political Punditry has been one of the largest threats to the fabric of American democracy over the past 20 years. It is a cess pool of misinformation that values soundbite entertainment over substantive policy discussion.

The loudest and most obnoxious are usually awarded with shows and appearances. The format allows both sides to "debate" a topic, even though most of the time one side is full of crap or lacks any contextual knowledge of the item but somehow is still given equal time to spew drivel. Their arguments and the whole TV conversation just makes you dumb.

For for your average Fox News viewer, these shows provide you short talking points to memorize and regurgitate so you do not have to do the heavy lifting of actually thinking for yourself. Fox has conveniently helped you out!

The Daily Show's Jason Jones investigated the political pundit world in this segment.

Did an UFO Strike a Wind Turbine?

This could be the best evidence yet that Dick Cheney is a real life Darth Vader.

HT: New York Times via Twitter

Rickey is Happy for Rickey's New Bust in Cooperstown

In my early days of firing up this chronic waste of time called Mac G's World, I used to refer to myself in the 3rd person. For example, "Mac G got super crunk last weekend" or "Mac G loves gawking at hoot poon" or "Mac G hates George W Bush, monogamy and obese people."

Until my boy JB pointed out the difficulty in following my writings using this style, I was constantly rolling out the 3rd person lingo. This activity was inspired by the fictional character Willie Mays Hayes from Major League("Willie Mays Hayes. I hit like Mays, and I run like Hayes") and most of all, the real life character of Rickey Henderson.

Mac G loved him some 3rd person and Rickey.

Rickey was selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday and the MLB all time steals record holder is arguably the best lead off hitter to ever play the game. Of course, this somehow means that 28 voters still did not cast their ballot for him. I am going to avoid spending too much time calling out every one of these narcissistic idiots because they really just want attention.

I suggest you read the story of Corky Simpson and this BS defense of him. Simpson voted for Tim Raines and left Rickey off his ballot completely. His little poor feelings are hurt because of the justifiable criticism that his moronic behavior produced on the web. (Damn Internet!!)

Riding with Rickey, a hilarious humor blog, calls out the idiotic Simpson as well:

Have we ever mentioned how much we utterly despise people who are contrarian for the sake of being contrarian? Simpson voted against Rickey for absolutely no other reason than to prove how much of a beautiful and unique snowflake he is.

You want to take a proud stand against a widely held institution? Make it American Idol. Make it the latest Michael Bay movie. We're ok with that. But don't make it Rickey. What exactly makes a joyless prick like this happy? Does the sun seem not so radiant to him? Does he find puppies to be not so adorable? Does music even sound pleasant to a guy like this?
A Fn Men. I hope this Gwynn and Ripken hater Greg Sadewski dbag had a large chunk of his 401k tied up into Lehman Brothers stock. OK, too cruel but it sure made me temporarily feel better.

Here is a list of memorable stories about Rickey and some of the legendary quotes from Rickey:

1) Rickey… on referring to himself in the third person:

“Listen, people are always saying, ‘Rickey says Rickey.’ But it’s been blown way out of proportion. People might catch me, when they know I’m ticked off, saying, ‘Rickey, what the heck are you doing, Rickey?’ They say, ‘Darn, Rickey, what are you saying Rickey for? Why don’t you just say, ‘I?’ But I never did. I always said, ‘Rickey,’ and it became something for people to joke about.”

4) This one might be my second favorite. This wasn’t too long ago, I think it was the year he ended up playing with the Red Sox. Anyway, he called San Diego GM Kevin Towers and left the following message: “This is Rickey calling on behalf of Rickey. Rickey wants to play baseball.”

5) This one happened in Seattle. Rickey struck out and as the next batter was walking past him, he heard Henderson say, “Don’t worry, Rickey, you’re still the best.”

15) A reporter once asked Rickey if he talked to himself, “Do I talk to myself? No, I just remind myself of what I’m trying to do. You know, I never answer myself so how can I be talking to myself?”

17) Rickey was asked if he had the Garth Brooks album with Friends in Low Places and Henderson said, “Rickey doesn’t have albums. Rickey has CDs.”

24) To this day and dating back 25 years, before every game he plays, Henderson stands completely naked in front of a full length locker room mirror and says, “Ricky’s the best,” for several minutes.

The whole 25 Rickey item list is a must read.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chick Flick Hell

From an Awesome Site on Tumblr:

You can find more funny Hathaway pictures here.

Any guy that is forced to see Bride Wars in the Theater better be getting best hum piece of the Aughts immediately after the show or he thinks the sappy chick movie date will help him scrap out of a major case of dog house imprisonment. With all of the solid films out there right now, his man card needs revoked for any other explanations.

Cajun Boy's frightening account of his Kate Hudson nightmare and her obvious lack of thespian talent is a must read.

Tina Fey is Awesome

Tina Fey mocks some of the nasty commenters in the online word.

Gawker details that the critics referenced by Fey are actually true.
No word if the new conservative web anti liberal site, Big Hollywood, will approve of this type of comedy from Fey or call it another example of liberal Hollywood plotting to screw over the right.

Eric Boehlert calls out the hypocrisy of Big Hollywood and Kung Fu Monkey, a blogger and film maker, rips apart their whole false premise with detailed precision.

Cheer Bloopers

In order to keep this blog as random as possible, I go from bitching about pro-war Pentagon propaganda to a video of cheer bloopers.

HT: The Guy Report

Those girls erased my brain cells rather quickly so I found some humor retribution in this clip.

Joe the Jackass Entertainer

Just in case you were not able to digest that video on a Monday morning, here is a key passage in transcript form:

"I'll be honest with you. I don't think journalists should be anywhere allowed war. I mean, you guys report where our troops are at. You report what's happening day to day. You make a big deal out of it. I-I think it's asinine.

You know, I liked back in World War I and World War II when you'd go to the theater and you'd see your troops on, you know, the screen and everyone would be real excited and happy for'em. Now everyone's got an opinion and wants to downer--and down soldiers. You know, American soldiers or Israeli soldiers.

I think media should be abolished from, uh, you know, reporting. You know, war is hell. And if you're gonna sit there and say, 'Well look at this atrocity,' well you don't know the whole story behind it half the time, so I think the media should have no business in it."
Joe the Plumber sure is a solid addition to the Conservative media pundit world, who's members have spent recent weeks trying to idiotically rewrite the history of the US depression and bash the proven effective policies of FDR because the truth does not work out for their ideologically driven, reality bankrupt "commentary news" narratives. (Be sure to read this solid column, which details the moronic logic of today's prominent GOP media pundits over FDR's contributions to American society. )

Joe the Hack's comments probably made Seymour Hersh poke his eyes out and David Halberstam roll over in his grave. Since he wants to get all self righteous, 767 journalists have died since 1992 covering military conflicts around the world. 41 Journalists died in 2008 and 91 Journalists have been murdered in the ongoing Iraq war.

I can guarantee that the friends and families of fallen journalists do no think any of them sacrificed their lives in some shallow vain because they were trying to exploit or harm soldiers in war for personal PR gain. (Hmm, hint, hint?)

I understand it would be much easier for Joe's "cause" if international journalists just shaped all of their reports in a pro-war America press release form. The Pentagon already did a very effective job in the pro war propaganda department by selling the American public on TV all of the glorious virtues of invading Iraq with their now defunct Military Analyst Propaganda Program.

The Conglomerate Corporations, who control our news media, basically ignored the story because of their guilty involvement in it so I understand how Joe would be ignorant about these activities.

Instead of traveling to Israel, Joe should get a DC NeoCon think tank (Heritage or AEI) to fund him a trip to DC. While here in DC, he can go visit the Journalists Memorial at the Newseum to see what real reporters looks like.

Considering the fact that Israeli has barred reporters from entering Gaza to report on the deadly violence and an office housing international news agencies was recently bombed, his comments against reporters while in Israel are even more stupid.

I wish he would just go away but the partisan and comical mocker in me says keep giving Samuel Wurzelbacher a microphone.

This post was dedicated to my sane and savvy Republican boy, Jack Donaghy Jr., who I know hates that the fringe wing nuts(Rush, Kristol, Hannity, Savage,etc) have hijacked his party, stopped making persuasive arguments to the public based in facts, and became the mainstream spokes people for conservatism in 2009.

Hell, even Bush recognized that the anti immigrant behavior of Republican party pols is probably not an effective long term successful strategy.

UPDATE: Like Clockwork, Bloggers on the right defend this jackass. Sadly NO, who like myself sees the value of a strong 2 party system to keep power in check from corruption, is completely fed up with this dumbing down embrace of the political discourse.

Javale's Jam

Here is one of the few highlights coming out of a truly terrible Washington Wizards basketball squad this season. The rookie Javale McGree got all Gumby like on his sick cup dunk.

I will still get sucked in to watching the Wizards games in the evenings but I am ready for the Wiz to go in straight up NBA draft pick tank mode. Blake Griffin and Greg Monroe would be great choices and both posses much needed inside presence on the low block for this super soft team.