Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Quote of the Day

Iowa Linebacker Pat Angerer has a solid comeback dare to the national pundits like Mark May, Lou Holtz and Terry Bradshaw hating on Iowa's 9-0 record,

"It doesn’t really matter....I’m pretty sure I can beat up most of those guys anyway.”
9-0 is 9-0 and the point of a football contest is to beat the other team. Iowa has not lost a game in over a calendar year but somehow they are begging for national respect after eventually covering the spread against Indiana last Saturday. I do not have the energy to break down everything because there is still a bunch of football to be played but who the hell thinks Boise State/Cincinnati/TCU would run the table at Madison, East Lansing, and Happy Valley in the same season?

There is no doubt that Iowa has warts and they been a benefactor of fortunate bounces at times. However, this 2009 team has always made the money plays when the game is on the line and they should get credit for making them.

I will take winning ugly over losing pretty and I am pretty sure most college football fans would like their team to be 9-0. It feels much better than following the Cornhuskers wreckage in Lincoln.

While the 2009 Hawkeyes have caused serious heart/liver damage amongst us fans, I am still buckled in for the historic ride.

Stanzi Magic, Believe it.

Picture HT: Hawkeye Lounge

Tuesday, November 03, 2009