Friday, October 24, 2008

Alicia Witt Looks Like a Natural

Dudes, am I supposed to start setting my DVR to CBS sitcoms? This video makes a strong case for Two and a Half Men season pass.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hockey Mom Loves the Bling

The RNC paid 150K for Sarah Palin's outfits and her stylist was the highest paid McCain campaign staffer in early October at a total of 22,500.
Folksy Hockey Mom's do love the bling and I wonder if the her future son in law,Levi got in any new duds. For some reason, I see Mr. Gangster/Baby Daddy sporting baggy South Pole jeans and a FUBU hoodie.

The Palin family needs ink those reality show deals now before their negotiating power dwindles faster than her humorous VP candidacy.

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Link Whores

  • DC busts out another Hot or Not post and it is includes girls slurping each other. Don Chavez
  • If you gave me a blank easel to create a the hottest teenager on the planet, this girl would be it. I might have to shower now. Busted Coverage
  • For those brahs out there walking around with a fire hose, this girl could handle the extreme water pressure. Tasty Booze
  • My boy Matt unloads on UDub's head coach Ty Loseringham in a preview of the Washington/Notre Dame game. Sportscrack
  • It is Alabama/Tennessee week and Jai has the photo shop fired up. Loser With Socks
  • This hot Italian model would taste better than a cupcake. Next Round
  • Sexy Spanish models make me dream of being a professional bull fighter. My Chill Pill
  • Miss Teen Louisiana got blazed with her friends, skipped out on the bill and the left her ID wallet containing a bud. This must have been some killer skunk herb. Brahsome

"We All Love This Country"

I am violating my personal avoidance of pushing too much politics on Mac G's World but F it. Loyal readers of this blog know that I have been in the tank for Barry the Baller for a long, long time. Most of my friends laughed in my face all of 2007 that he had no shot at the presidency and their arguments had solid merit when Barry's poll numbers in 2007 were similar to those of the current president's approval ratings, which is rock bottom in the low 20s.

This video just gave me serious chill bumps and the inspiration Barry O ignites in tens of millions of people can never be mocked as insignificant. The haters will try but mostly out of jealously that they are not feeling the same empowerment from a national political figure. Reagan and JFK were the last 2 presidential candidates to stir these genuine feelings in their supporters.

The decision to put honesty, intelligence and pragmatic decision making back in the leadership of our Federal government will be the instrumental turning point in our nation's history. Change is coming.

I am fired up and so is the HOVA.

Blue Magic!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Evil C Word Reappears for Gramps

McCain had a verb slip up today.

HT: Cajun Boy in the City

YIKES!! I would probably rather mess up by dropping a F bomb instead of the C word. I have yet to meet a female alive with any small toleration of its usage.

This vocab mistake brings up the old story of McCain publicly berating his wife with the C word in front of Arizona reporters. Combine this to his mocking of women's health at the last debate and no wonder women are rejecting Gramps McCain by double digits.

I have been waiting to post this video below for a looooooong time and there could be no better opportunity than now. I apologize in advance to my one woman reader out there because the C word is thrown around faster than Americans guzzling booze after looking at their October 2008 401k statements.

Fat Guy on a Slip n Slide

Somewhere Chris Farley is smiling as this fat man takes a funny spill down a Slip n Slide at Penn State's homecoming festivities.

I just watched this video 4 times and the humor never stops.

Gramps Needs His Meds

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gamecock QB Decked

A Bad Ass ex football player ref is really pissed that the South Carolina QB plows mad hot cock poon so he sees an Uncle Rico opportunity to drop a forearm shiver. Some marketing genius turns the video into a viral Bud Light commercial. I Fn love technology and cock poon.

HT: The Wizard of Odds

Here Come the Clowns!!

If Lames Iowa was not such a cess pool, I could have some pity for
poor Iowa State.

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Where is the "Real and Pro America?"

Being a District of Columbia resident and yuppy elitist with no vehicle, I avoid the Virginia and Maryland burbs at all costs. I had no idea how truly un American these population enclaves were until John McCain's brother labeled Arlington and Alexandria part of the communist country and McCain's top adviser called all parts of the state, excluding Northern Virginia(NOVA), the real Virginia.

I momentarily felt relief of a possible red scare in NOVA until I read that Sarah Palin said the only pro-America places were in small towns so it looks like my Northwest DC pad is anti-American. Man this sucks and I need Daily Show's Jason Jones to find out where I need to live in order to be a full fledged, real and pro American.

Shonn Greene is a Beast!

Iowa Hawkeye's RB Shonn Greene's 2008 performance might have single handily saved Kirk Ferentz's job for another season and provided enough cover to mistakenly allow Ferentz to keep his inept Offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe.

This program desperately needs new blood but the AD's nick name is Gary "No Balls" Barta. ( BTW, I glossed him with this for his refusal to fire Alford when every fan wanted him gone and my grass roots effort to hire Huggie Bear aka Bob Hugging or VCU's head coach, Anthony Grant never materialized.)

It does not take much to meet the lowered expectations of Hawkeye fans, who get cheery about some crap bowl game and love to make excuses for the program's constant state of mediocrity.

Turnovers, awful coaching decisions, and shaky QB play have hindered the Hawks all fall. The team's main strength is the ability to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, which is usually a solid precursor to victor, and led them to 2 straight victories.

However, I can predict the Hawkeye Tecmo Bowl offense and vanilla defensive schemes. A Ferentz recruited WR has never played one down in the NFL during his 10 years coaching tenure and this year's crop of WRs will not be breaking this embarrassing streak. They have yet to beat a bowl caliber team in 08 and Iowa just destroyed the worst Wisky team that I have seen in years.

I am mildly satisfied with the last 2 wins but I am not chugging the Hawks kool aid like several of my buddies. At least not yet. If the Hawks upset Penn St in 2 weeks and win out their next 4 games, I will be punch drunk on Hawk love.

My cynical views on recent Hawkeye success over struggling Big Ten teams does not stop my man crush on Greene. The bruiser back has been a monster all season, rushing for at least a 100 yards in 8 straight games, and he just demolished those dirty Badgers on Saturday.

His running display is downright nasty in this highlight video. Dare I say Heisman consideration? Man, this Hawkeye aid does taste yummy!