Friday, August 24, 2007

City Boyz Inc. Part 2

My original post on the City Boyz Inc. was picked up by a few blogs out there. Major Props to everyone for the coverage. I felt the need to update the story since new developments have taken place.

Another Day in the Life of the C B I.

Two days after my CBI post, The Des Moines Register, Iowa's largest newspaper, followed up by printing the CBI's pictures from Dominique Douglas's(Dougie Fresh) Facebook page. This could this be the first time a paper has actually published pictures that originated from a social network site in their print edition.

The MSM media is ALWAYS late to the party.
See Mike Vick and ProFootball Talk, See US Attorney firing scandal and Talking Points Memo

I am sure this action by the Register could be debated in a J school ethics class somewhere. Then again, Friday afternoon class? That is a good one. Right now, students are still recovering from their Thursday night booze back to class booze binges and realizing that the only way to cure their hangovers will be to hit up a bar for some FACing. (Friday After Class)

Damn, I really miss cheap beer and dumb hot coeds.

Back to the CBI, the Iowa Athletic Department announced they would investigate the pictures. Some Hack writer named Brian Morelli from the Iowa City Press Citizen newspaper (ICPC) dug up dirt on other Hawkeye football players Facebook profiles.

For those of you not informed on Iowa City, the student newspaper, The Daily Iowan, blows the Press Citizen out of the water. Its not even close and the ICPC is probably the 3rd most read paper in the city, behind the CR Gazette.

Mr. Morelli's invigorating tabloid research turned up, get this, are you ready? Brace yourself, College kids in pictures with alcohol! S T F U!

Two photos show players drinking shots of alcohol. Another photo shows a player "shotgunning" a beer. In another, a player and a group of friends are posing in front of someone vomiting. One shows a player posing next to a table of liquor bottles. Two photos show players holding someone up during a keg stand. Another photo shows a player sitting beside four pitchers of beer.

Shotgun? NO WAY! Suspend that dude immediately! Beer Bong is the way to go. If only John Kerry could go back in time. Since there will not be one fan drinking alcohol outside a college football game this fall (YEAH RIGHT!), no players age 18-20 are allowed to EVER drink any alcohol. They can vote or serve in Iraq but no one can drink a PBR.

All right, can you handle one more ground breaking nugget from this potential Pulitzer winning scribe ? Cool. The players Facebook profiles contained these immature tasteless quotes.

"She can't say no if her mouth is taped shut. If you send me back to jail, I'll rape your family."

Football players act like meat heads? Really. I see no real harm in college kids putting dumb quotes on their Myspace and Facebook pages at futile attempts at humor. Lighten Up.

Mr. Morelli not only soiled the literary world with more trash journalism, he also tried to bust the players by sending the pictures he found to the Iowa's AD department. I echo the sentiments of the Hawkeye Compulsion. F U DUDE!

Head Coach Kirk Ferentz responded to the arrests in an interview on ESPN's college football live. Basically Ferentz wants the legal things to play out and the players have told him a different version than what the authorities have charged. Hawkeye Compulsion reads between the lines of Kirk's words to decipher that Ferentz does not believe them but wants a court to decide.

I have no idea what the 2 accused players' version could be other than the cards were not stolen and they were authorized to purchase the merchandise. It is a possibility but 2K seems pretty excessive for some dorm nerd to allow a few ballers to charge up some new gear. Lucky for them that this is not Guantanamo and they will have their day in court.

An article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette sheds lights into the fact that most of these type of fraud cases have a low conviction rate. This is good legal news for the 2 members of the CBI.

Spanning a six-year period ending in 2006, 39 people were charged with the same crime, but only two were convicted of it. Almost half - 19 - were acquitted or had charges dismissed, and nine were convicted of lesser charges. The other nine were not convicted or tried for the crime.

Dougie Fresh left a comment about his recent arrest on his facebook page before it was shut down.

"Domo Cbi Dougis realizing who his fam is n who's not, its been speculations going around n alot people dont no nothing....but its cool he no he gon b str8..."

I am reassured 2 no that Domo Cbi Dougis gon 2 b str8. Enough Said. Next Saturday can not come fast enough. GO HAWKS!

UPDATE: Press Conference from Today. Ferentz wishes his players looked at their game plans as much as facebook. Some player met his fiance on Facebook and still no word if she was first poked. Mr. Morelli can you investigate?

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Mac Gs World


Anonymous said...

As a Hawkeye fan, I am shocked, appalled, and embarrassed by the news we have learned about this "Facebook" situation.

A football player had to meet a girl on-line? And ended up marrying her?


Maggs said...

Pearls a gift of love which she will adore and pass down the generations. Give her pearls for Christmas!

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