Tuesday, August 21, 2007

City Boyz Inc.

(Anthony Bowman and Arvell Nelson)

I had an awful case of the Mondays after news broke that 2 players of my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes, Freshman All American WR Dominique Douglas and backup WR Anthony Bowman, had been arrested and suspended from the football team. These morons are accused of using a stolen credit card from a resident in their dorm to purchase merchandise online from stores Hat World, C&E Fashions and Sneakerhead .

The 2 thousand dollars worth of goods were then shipped to an address in Detroit, the hometown of both players. The illegal activity was traced back to them because they had made the purchases from University computer labs, which they had logged into with their individual IDs to use. UNBELIEVABLE! How stupid are these guys?

Of course the story does not stop there. Pictures from Douglas's Facebook profile soon circulated to online Hawkeye fan message boards and they clearly did not assist in their potential PR/legal battles whatsoever. The pictures showed the 2 accused, along with other teammates, QB Arvell Nelson and WR James Cleveland, flashing large amounts of "straight cash homey" around and empty bottles of vodka. These players are part of a self titled group called, "City Boys Inc."

Unsubstantiated rumors started to fly that other members of the CBI would be implicated in the scandal and could face suspension. This had the possibility to wipe out a majority of the Hawkeyes' WR core and the promising freshman backup QB(Nelson).

My Hawkeye sources have confirmed that no more players will be charged in the crime. Authorities are satisfied with charging just the 2 main orchestrator's and not CBI members, who might have ended up with a 30 dollar green camo Yankees lid!

Other players in the CBI have still been practicing and might face internal discipline by the coaching staff. This is all speculation but after you see these photos, I am sure there has to be some guilt by CBI association from Coach Ferentz.

My thoughts on this:
  • 2 thousand dollars? That's it? I could have reached into the depths on my Hawkeye alumni connections to come up with that scratch in no time. Especially for the one of the team's biggest offensive play makers in Dougie Fresh(Douglas). Ohio State and USC players must be laughing at this story.
  • Facebook and Myspace are pure evil. I have recently read about employers checking these social sites before hiring potential employees and a teacher not getting her education degree because of a photo she had on her myspace page. DO NOT put incriminating photos on the Internet period. College athletes at a major school flashing money around is going to naturally raise suspicion. I believe the drinking age is BS and we have far greater problems in this country/world than 19-20 year olds drinking alcohol (Iraq war comes to mind) but it is still illegal and do not advertise it on the web!!
  • This column on Hawkeye Nation argues for a second chance under the "boys will be boys" argument. I agree that young adults make dumb decisions in college, usually under the influence on alcohol. I made too many to count. These guys do deserve second chance at furthering their education and possibly allowing them to play college football again. However, if they plead guilty to these charges, their football careers at the University of Iowa should be over. It sets a bad precedent to the other players on the team and this type of behavior has to have severe consequences. Have fun playing Juco and MAC ball!
  • I wanted to purchase a 88 Douglas jersey and he was one of the few players that I was excited to watch this upcoming season. Douglas now becomes the 4th expected contributing player for the 2007 season that has recently left the program.(Bain, Wilson, Greene). Has Iowa football now become Iowa Hoops with their usual player exodus? Can I still blame Super Steve Alford?
UPDATE: Iowa's AD, Garty Barta, is going to investigate these photos to see if they have been photoshopped or not. Um, OK? They were taken directly from Dougie Fresh's Facebook profile and posted on to this fan message board from one of his facebook "friends." The message thread has since been deleted by the administrators of the board. Its back up!

Are people in power really this out of touch with simple computer programs? The photos below are obviously members of the City Boyz Inc. No one has doctored them.

(James Cleveland, Douglas aka, "Dougie Fresh")
(Dougie Fresh, Nelson, Bowman)

(Dougie Fresh)

(Dougie Fresh)

UPDATE: City Boyz Inc. Part 2 Post

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Anonymous said...

How stupid are they? That's easy to answer - they're African-American college jocks. They don't come much dumber than that. ;)

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