Thursday, March 12, 2009

MC Gimmick's Wheels Falling Off Already

I probably should not publicize the latest bizarre behavior by Joaquin Phoenix because I believe that just fuels the weirdness and brings notoriety to his so called "rap" career.
I just find the whole act lame and very insignificant in terms of pop culture.

Joaquin Phoenix Leaps Off Stage, Confronts Fan At Hip-Hop Show

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Colbert Challenges Michael Steele to a Rap Off

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ovie's Job is his Credit

Eastern Motors might have the best local ad campaign in the country. Their car commercials feature local DC sports stars and they have produced a buzz for years. Eastern Motors are no dummies and they realize this is now Alexander Ovechkin's town so they set Ovie up with his own spot.

I love that Ovie wanted to some vodka shots.

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The Daily Show 2, CNBC Clowns 0

After Jon Stewart's twitterscape smack down of the clowns at CNBC last week, their lead bozo, Jim Cramer, ripped Stewart and said he took him out of context.

The Daily Show responded last night and proved that Cramer picked a fight with the wrong crew. 

The tape hurts Jimbozo. 

Honestly, Stewart did not even bring up how Cramer has recently called President Obama repeated names of communists on his shows. Stewart also ignored evidence that Cramer possibly manipulates stock prices.

Even though the Dow Jones lost a third of its value in 2008, Cramer unfairly blamed the whole stock melt down solely on Obama. Did he expect not to be called out for this intelligence insulting conclusion? 84 percent of Americans disagree with Cramer and know that Obama inherited all of these problems. The American people are not all idiots and my faith in their judgement is on the upswing. 

Cramer is already using his NBC platform to whine about how he is the victim of attacks. 

I will echo the words of Jon Stewart, Fuk YOU Jim Cramer. 

The biggest economic collapse of our lifetimes happened right under your nose, while you and the CNBC nitwits kept the poms poms out to cheer companies led by crooks and provided them cover for their ponzi schemes. This was your job as a so called "expert" to sort this out, not ours. It all went to collosal crap. 

Your whole act and the colleagues on the CNBC channel have no credibility left whatsoever. Now you have a the chutzpa to blame a president barely 6 weeks on the job for everything and call him a commie. 

Fuk You. 

Trillions of Dollars have evaporated, 401K retirements and pensions have been gashed, millions of homes and jobs are lost. The GDP is in a record nose dive and the major banks in America are insolvent. The nest egg that the Baby Boomer generation counted on to retire is severely diminished.  

Students graduating college, face record debt of loans and dismal job prospects.  The manufacturing and auto workers are endangered species. The American way of life is in peril and it will never be the same again. Plus, there are no signs of recovery for a long time and Obama's stimulus appears be too small to jolt the economy up.  We will likely need a second stimulus to stop the economic bleeding.

Ignore the pain and suffering of others, even the innocent victims of Wall Street's greedy gambling losses but this is all about the bruised egos of little Jimmy and the CNBC/Wall ST apologists like Erin Burnett. 

I forget to mention the other real victims would include those who lost large chunks of their life savings listening to shitty stock advice from multi millionaire CNBC TV personalities. 

You might as well have lit your money on fire. Bravo Daily Show. Brav Fuk n O. 

Monday, March 09, 2009

Stop, Crunk, and Roll

I am sucker for these type of videos.

Party Girl in Bra Falls Off Table - Watch more Funny Videos

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TO to the Bills

TO signing with the Bills shocked the sports world over the weekend and further proves that slimy agent Drew Rosenhaus is one of the best in the biz. He hooked TO up with a 6.5 million dollar deal and if he tears it up in 09, TO will be sure to get a bigger contract with another club.

I do not see how Trent Edwards or Dick Jauron will be able to control the dominant personality of TO. I agree TO does seem to get blamed for a team's failure when you can never question his ridiculous work ethic or will to win. Plus, he has never been in any trouble with the law in his NFL career either, which is commendable feat considering the behavior of his NFL brethren.

 TO did tear apart the Eagles and 49ers locker rooms with selfish comments and behavior. My biggest problem with TO is that he has never really took any responsibility for those hurtful actions in Philly/SF and this reason alone is why teams are sometimes better off with his distracting persona around. 

81 is already taken by Bills WR James Hardy so TO gets number one, which should help damper down his brash ego, eh?

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