Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Best Daily Show Ever

The Daily Show spent all of last evening's episode exposing the financial "experts" at CNBC and their false rosy scenarios. Jon Stewart provided detailed in depth coverage of the causes of the world financial collapse, which was led by the so called "wizards" of Wall Street and cheered on the whole way by the hacks at CNBC. I already knew all of this information and Stewart left some of the complex issues out but all of these videos are must see TV.

Why does a comedian have to provide this service to the public?

Using just the DOW to follow the economy's well being is so absurd.

This interview provided more insight into the collapsing of the world economy than all the reporting combined on the major TV and Cable News shows.

Jim Cramer is an idiot.

If these videos suck, you can watch the whole episode on Hulu.

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Matt Fairchild ( said...

"The Dow knows all and it doesn't like what it sees!"

I love this quote from Stewart.