Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wookie West Virginia

Miss So Belle, my boy Ern Dawg and myself are about to embark on our annual pilgrimage to the Mountains of West Virginia for the All Good Music Festival.

I have elaborate plans to beat the wookies at their own game to secure prime camping spots right when the gates open on Thursday afternoon.

Currently, I am sure the wookies are in the trees plotting their run and the headies have a broken down vehicle on a WV highway somewhere.

The lineup is pretty killer and Panic is bringing the heat in the Saturday prime time spot.

Listen up Wookies, My Jedi tricks are nasty. Game On.

MGWs will resume on next Tuesday if I have any brain cells left. Word.

Festival Lineup
All Good Music Festival
Passed Out Wookies

Yo, I am talking to you Wook, you better bring the A Wookie game because Mac G domination is coming to Marvin's Mountain Top.

Lies in the Skies

I have long advocated that turning off electronic devices before taking off and landing on an airplane was completely unnecessary and absolute horse manure not based in fact.

If my Ipod can take down a plane, then the airline industry is more screwed than I thought.

I love being vindicated by a former FAA administrator and current George Mason professor in his recent book:

Donohue argues in "Terminal Chaos" that those iPods, cell phones and laptops you are ordered to turn off during takeoffs and landings actually don't interfere with airline navigation systems.

"The FAA has never been able to confirm these fears, thus private pilots routinely use their computers close to navigation equipment without any problem," he writes in a chapter entitled "Passengers Who Act Like Sheep Will Be Treated Like Sheep."

"The federal government cannot compete with the private sector for competent engineers. The government can't compete with Nextel and AT&T and Verizon and Sprint for the qualified engineers to do modern information technology," said Donohue, who advocates having the private sector play a greater role in modernizing aviation communications. "We're working with a system that is adequate for the 1950s."

Article on Airline Chaos
Q&A with George Donohue
"Terminal Chaos"

Fox News Slimes Michelle Obama

It is only July and Fox News already has compiled quite an despicable list of hate smears against Michelle Obama. The woman has two Ivy League degrees and I would argue could be more intelligent than Barack but Fox calls her a baby mama. Take a look at this disgusting video.

I do not remember the so called "liberal" media or Fox News ripping apart Laura Bush in any similar fashion whatsoever. Since the GOP will be thumped in November, it is going to be a looooooooong campaign season watching Fox News completely melt down.

Sign the Fox Attacks Petition

Jersey Girls

America's most infamous 4K hooker Ashley Dupree popped out of her mom's New Jersey mansion for a family shore outing.

Rumors are swirling of a Dupree reality dating show and my TIVO will be set to a season pass of the likely train wreck as quickly as it took former Governor Spitzer's political career to be flushed by Dupree's high priced hum pieces.

Here are more photos of the Dupree family beach stroll.

Cougar Mama Dupree is quite the looker and I can see where Ashley gets her high dollar tastes. Here are more beach pictures from a June trip of the hot mom/daughter duo.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Link Whores: Phatty Ink Edition

  • One of my favorite sports blogs who bring the heat regularly recognized their blog's one year bday with a clever look back post. The Legend of Cecilio Guante
  • Be sure to add the site Flatusyahu to your RSS readers or bookmarks. These dudes compile a hilarious list of why they were rejected from being Deadspin's guest contributor.Flatusyahu
  • A beer pong Wii game sounds dope but of course a CT DA does not agree. Everyone is always trying to SAVE the kids. Blog of Hilarity
  • Cuzzy creates a funny photoshop montage with new Wimbledon champ Rafael Nadal. Cuzoogle
  • "I'm here for the monkey gang bang." Yep Yep
  • Phish Guitarist Gordo appears to be color blind with his clothes selection at the Rothbury music festival or maybe I need some liquid to even understand. Brahsome
  • Christy Brinkley's ex hubby had an impressive 3K a month porn habit. Don Chavez
  • Please help this girl's myspace model dream's come to fruition. Tasty Booze
  • Lucy Pinder and breast milk is the only description needed. On 205th
  • I always loved Jim Carrey even in his serious roles and Jenny McCarthy defined male erections in the 90s. Carrey pulled a funny fast one on the photogs in LA over the holiday weekend. Banned in Hollywood
  • Top ten lists on the series of tubes are unavoidable and overplayed but I love this list of Budweiser commercials. The Angry T
  • Season 5 of Entourage will be returning in September and this post has some pix of the shows hotties. I will continue to watch and rip it apart. The chemistry between Drama and Turtle along with Ari's devilish ways are the only two things that make the show entertaining. Derober
  • Will Arnett kicks major ARSE! Sqwable
  • For every headline detailing how an Alabama football player getting arrested, I know the other SEC schools fans are piling on with glee. Jai has a clever picture collage lineupn called the Saban's bunch. Loser With Socks
  • Jessica Alba is losing her baby fat already. Pervs all across America rejoice. My Chill Pill
  • I have been critical of Jenn Sterger but she is still attractive and her radio interview blasting EA is getting some run on the interwebs. Busted Coverage
  • Mandy Moore gets over excited at a UFC match. Andy Roddick made a good dumping her for a swimsuit model. The Beer Goggler

Please No More "Dog Offs!"

I hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend by getting blitzed and partaking in some good grilled grub.

My 4th weekend kicked off by watching the Nathan's Coney Island hot dog contest on ESPN and the "dog off" ending almost sent me to the porcelain goddess like a knocked up female in the AM.
To me, this mustard belt contest appears to have run its course in our pop culture more so than ESPN's over televised poker/degenerate gambling tournaments.

Remind me how is this entertaining?

Last year, I was all pumped Joey Chestnut took the title back to America but this Independence Day, the whole novelty aspect of these eating contests has completely worn off and I am just sicken by the whole spectacle in gluttony. And I LOVE dogs too and usually can not attend a baseball game without downing a bratwurst layered in all the usual ballpark fixings.

I see no rationale argument how a contest of slamming 60plus hot dogs down your throat in 10 minutes should be televised on the premier all sports channel in the year 2008. I highly doubt there is a constituency demanding for it either and ESPN's infatuation with these disgusting "competitive eaters" just seems to be one big subtle grotesque joke on overweight obese America.

Maybe I am the only one that sees the hyped up coverage of this food competition as more of an embarrassment than something to be proud of on our nation's hallowed birthday.

Overall, my weekend was simple, got drunk, watched fireworks, yelled "America F yeah" at every opportunity, drank more, ate mad Maryland steamed crabs at a buddy's 2nd annual crab bake off, got drunk even more until passing out fully clothed on the couch, twice.

I literally spent my whole Sunday glued to the epic Nadal/Federer tennis match(this historic battle needs its own post) and guzzling Gatorade in the futile quest for hydration.

Basically, our founding fathers would be proud of this American.

I never thought I would ever hear the words "Dog Off" in my lifetime.
Blog coverage of Nathan's Hot Dog Contest and props for picture