Thursday, February 04, 2010

Killer Advertisement

This Ad for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics would be a clever way for NBC win over the 18-34 year old demographic.

All stoners know BC bud is delicious too so it makes even more sense.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Joe Mauer Loves Him Some Chevy

A Minneapolis TV station reported today that Twins All Star catcher Joe Mauer was about to agree to a 10 year contract with the club. This imminent land mark decade long deal was soon refuted:

A major league source told FanHouse's Ed Price that the club is "pecking away" at an extension, and the feeling within the organization is that a deal will get done eventually, "but [it] will be a battle."

On semi-related news, the following video should help personalize Mauer and reaffirm his status as King of the Twin Cities. Oh, it is pretty damn funny too.

Chevy should sign Mauer to an ad deal pronto.

Video HT: Think4Yourself

"Are Your Knees Too Creaky Clark?"

President Obama attended Georgetown's bitch slapping of Duke on Saturday afternoon at the Verizon Center. The President held his own during an in game interview with CBS announcing team Clark Kellogg and Verne Lundquist. My favorite part was Obama buttering up Kellogg with praise and then immediately talking trash. Check out the classic off the cuff stuff from Prez #44.

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