Friday, July 06, 2007

Man Whore Pig

Mac G's World was looking at ways to increase our viewership and move on down the yellow brick road of World Domination. Stripper Stories and masturbation jokes seem to help. I came across some advice from Five Tool Tool and You Have Been Blinded.
Five Tool came up with ways to generate comments too.

Honestly, I did not get past the part of being a whore and everyone loves a good whore, especially BOMBED at 3am. Here goes with my list of blogs and websites that I have been checking out recently. I will try to make this a weekly feature.

  • Booman Tribune provides great intellectual political discussion of this Fd up world we live in.
  • Big Shirtless Rob is the most similar blog out there to MGsW and his humor is sweet. Plus Rob loves to rip celebs and republicans.
  • Brahsome is pretty Brahsome, Brah. Ditto on wanting something strange on the weekends.
The "I can get convicted of lying to the FBI and a Grand Jury, obstructing justice but still get out of jail" rant about Scooter Libby is coming. I am finally cooled down enough to post it.

Find the end of the bottle this weekend or get something strange. Better yet, hit the late daily double and score both.
word, Mac G.

"Vote for the Purrrr Kitten"

Mac G's World path to domination was set in motion by 2 posts. One about Stray Rod's fondness for sheik designer Jeans and frugly strippers. The Big Lead and CNN SI's Extra Mustard picked up the link.

The other post was about Arizona pitcher, Taryne Mowatt. She led her purrr Kats to the national title and her sister's saucy myspace pregame talk might have helped her over the top.

Dan Shanoff and Deadspin picked up the post and Mac G's W was off and running. It is amazing what a simple post about a hot babe athlete can do for web traffic. Most web spank bankers find my site through google search and the Big Picture's feature of "Would you do Taryne Mowatt?"

I figured it was time for an update of both Taryne and her mouthy lil sis Jordan. Tarnye took down those provocative pics from her myspace account before more "fans" could rub a celebratory purr kitten one out in her honor. She now has over 3000 friends and her comments section has blown up faster than Scarlett Johansson's waste line.

My favorite comment on her page is on a picture of Taryne with her boyfriend. Hilarious.

you're killin all the hopes of the 2000 computer predators that just added you.
Speaking of internet predators, I tried unsuccessfully to become lil sis Jordan's MySpace friend. I would post a picture of her but I figure it might be illegal somewhere and increase my already rock solid chances of having 4 girls.

This might be the only time I link to ESPN and the ESPYS. Taryne is up for 2 awards, best female athlete and female college athlete.

Go Vote for Taryne and NO she is not up for this award. She is MGW's favorite classy purrr kitten, not some internet web cam whore.

Stray Rod
Extra Mustard
The Big Lead
Purr Kitten
Deadspin Link
Would You Do Taryne?
Taryne My Space
Lil Sis My Space
Vote ESPY's Award
Scarlett's Fat
Hummer Award

Mac Gs World

"Thank you sir, may I have another?"

Mac G was still sleeping soiling in his USA Flag sheets and reveling in the "New American Dream" Joey Chesnut's historic victory over Kobayashi in the July 4th Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest. American Pride had been restored.

Those sneaky Japanese did waste any time to counter US domination as this video below proves. I do not speak Japanese so I am unaware if this is really sake or not. Nerveless, it is still very impressive.

After viewing this video, I expect frat daddies and dorm rats everywhere to take up this new challenge. I demand it and your country desires it. Once the Japanese win, they will come over here and pretty soon we will have sushi bars in our mall food courts. Oh Wait.

Worlds Fastest Drinker - Funny blooper videos are here

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy July 5th

Mac G is still beaming from patriotism and the Nats 6-0 shutout of the Cubbies. I was going to post video of the new American dream, Joey Chesnut and his hot dog eating contest domination over Japan's Kobayashi. The ending was classic with Kobayashi literally choking down the stretch.

I did not realize it would take 66 years and 66 hot dogs to avenge Pearl Harbor but my USA pride has increased even more than I ever expected. USA, U S A, U S A!
America, F YEAH! Saki Bombs on Mac G.

It seems only fitting that in a country where gluttony, big macs and super gulps rule, Fat A$$ American would possess the glorious world hot dog eating belt. Take that Donna Austin.

Since my red, white, and blueness is on super high, I figured it would be great to post video footage of a french woman tennis player's undies. The all white England Club at Wimbledon was not too happy with Tatiana Golovin's colorful panties and almost suspended her. Thanks to The Sporting Orange and Doberman on the Diamond for the links and video.

I Thought This is The White Sport - video powered by Metacafe

Alright the red panties in the video were Anna Kournikova's and not Tatiana's but does it really matter? I heart the non she-male women's tennis players and their undergarments.
The Sporting Orange
Doberman on the Diamond
No Likey the Red Panties
Joey Chesnut, the New American Dream
Nats down Cubs, GWashington wins prez race on his bobblehead day

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Bday America

Baseball, Apple Pie, Firecrackers and the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest. A Slice of Americana in 2007. ESPN has been promoting the Chestnut vs Kobayashi hot dog battle more than Delahoya/Merriweather. Mac G's DVR is set and my money is on the foreigner.

Mac G is headed to the dump RFK for Cubs/Nats to get his blackout on. Mac G's 4th could end up something like Joe Nash's Independence Day.

As my boy Scooter likes to proclaim: "America, love it or leave it."

Happy Bday America!

Kobayashi vs Chestnut

Joe Nash's Independence Day

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunset Tan

Mac G's "Libby gets out of the pokey" firecracker rant is about to explode in a lengthy detailed blog post. Before it does, Mac G would like to inform my readers, especially the horn ball ones, to Mac G's new favorite summer show. Sunset Tan on E.

It is a reality show that displays all that is right and wrong with LA. Everyone is HAWT but also highly self absorbed. I did not even know spray tans existed until watching this show. The main characters are the creepy skinned owner Devin, along with the Hipster frost tipped sporting owner Jeff, the hot bitchy Janelle, the sheltered butter face Oklahoman Erin and the closet gay smooth talking Nick.

The duo who make the show are Molly and Holly: The Olly Girls. These 2 smoking babes are super funny and very ditsy but not annoying in the Jessica Simpson contrived way. Did I mention they are serious eye Candy and Spank Bankalicious!

New Episodes on Sunday Nights at 10:30pm eastern on E. Fire up your DVR and Mac G says that you are WELCOME!

The Olly Girls
Sunset Tan

"Honey, I got Matsui"

Mac G Slim Shady is back from vacation and ready to return to blog DOMINATION. My topic lists cover more than 3 pages so the material should be rapid fire fresh and obviously, SWEET! It looks like Mac G did not miss much over the past 10 days.

Dr. Evil Dick Cheney is still running the country, a prick and above the law. Congress wants to know more about the Administration's secret spying on citizens program and has delivered subpoenas to the White House. The Immigration Bill died in the Senate, along with any hope of a final legislative victory for our lame duck president. All interests groups from all sides were against this Immigration reform bill so Mac G concluded that it must have been good for America.

Republican Dick Lugar came out against GW's Iraq policy after just recently voting consistently over and over for it. Colbert summed up his new found political "courageous waiting" quite brilliantly. The Sports World was so slow that a Pro Wrestler's murder/suicide became an opportunity for the media to slander wrestling and opine about steroids.

A Cubs fan went after a reliever and was rocked in an awesome 2 point take down by Cubs security. The "drunk" has been banned from Wrigley for life. Tank Johnson was cut for being pulled over, blowing under the legal limit.

Apple released their Iphone at 6pm on a Friday night. Apple Dorks and Ebay profiteers lined up for days to get one. Mac G loves the new look of the IPhone and has heard personal positive reviews.

Mac G thinks 500-600 bucks is WAAAY too much to spend on a phone and if the only way to get one is to sign up for AT&T service. No Thank You. AT&T wireless service was awful and Cingluar was constantly searching for their customers with the same success rate that a whore looks for a church or the US finds WMDs. So merging 2 crappy wireless companies into one is suppose to make them better? No Way.

The Blog Post title quote is from Knocked Up, a very stupid and hilarious movie. The crowning scene still makes me want to vomit. Mac G's headed over lunch to CVS to buy condoms. The movie could be summed up by this line: Do not Drink and BONE!
Knocked Up’s Thoughtful Abortion Debate

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King Dick and George
Congressional Subpoenas
Immigation Bill Died
Colbert on Lugar
Defending Pro Wrestling
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Transformers Movie Review

Mac G loved him some Transformers back in the 80s. Hello Larry's movie review is great. 8 nipple squeezes great. Here is Link to the 7 Most Useless Transformers.