Friday, July 06, 2007

"Vote for the Purrrr Kitten"

Mac G's World path to domination was set in motion by 2 posts. One about Stray Rod's fondness for sheik designer Jeans and frugly strippers. The Big Lead and CNN SI's Extra Mustard picked up the link.

The other post was about Arizona pitcher, Taryne Mowatt. She led her purrr Kats to the national title and her sister's saucy myspace pregame talk might have helped her over the top.

Dan Shanoff and Deadspin picked up the post and Mac G's W was off and running. It is amazing what a simple post about a hot babe athlete can do for web traffic. Most web spank bankers find my site through google search and the Big Picture's feature of "Would you do Taryne Mowatt?"

I figured it was time for an update of both Taryne and her mouthy lil sis Jordan. Tarnye took down those provocative pics from her myspace account before more "fans" could rub a celebratory purr kitten one out in her honor. She now has over 3000 friends and her comments section has blown up faster than Scarlett Johansson's waste line.

My favorite comment on her page is on a picture of Taryne with her boyfriend. Hilarious.

you're killin all the hopes of the 2000 computer predators that just added you.
Speaking of internet predators, I tried unsuccessfully to become lil sis Jordan's MySpace friend. I would post a picture of her but I figure it might be illegal somewhere and increase my already rock solid chances of having 4 girls.

This might be the only time I link to ESPN and the ESPYS. Taryne is up for 2 awards, best female athlete and female college athlete.

Go Vote for Taryne and NO she is not up for this award. She is MGW's favorite classy purrr kitten, not some internet web cam whore.

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DMtShooter said...

I insist on my Internet prey to also be cam whores. It's a matter or principle.