Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy July 5th

Mac G is still beaming from patriotism and the Nats 6-0 shutout of the Cubbies. I was going to post video of the new American dream, Joey Chesnut and his hot dog eating contest domination over Japan's Kobayashi. The ending was classic with Kobayashi literally choking down the stretch.

I did not realize it would take 66 years and 66 hot dogs to avenge Pearl Harbor but my USA pride has increased even more than I ever expected. USA, U S A, U S A!
America, F YEAH! Saki Bombs on Mac G.

It seems only fitting that in a country where gluttony, big macs and super gulps rule, Fat A$$ American would possess the glorious world hot dog eating belt. Take that Donna Austin.

Since my red, white, and blueness is on super high, I figured it would be great to post video footage of a french woman tennis player's undies. The all white England Club at Wimbledon was not too happy with Tatiana Golovin's colorful panties and almost suspended her. Thanks to The Sporting Orange and Doberman on the Diamond for the links and video.

I Thought This is The White Sport - video powered by Metacafe

Alright the red panties in the video were Anna Kournikova's and not Tatiana's but does it really matter? I heart the non she-male women's tennis players and their undergarments.
The Sporting Orange
Doberman on the Diamond
No Likey the Red Panties
Joey Chesnut, the New American Dream
Nats down Cubs, GWashington wins prez race on his bobblehead day

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