Thursday, July 16, 2009

Link Whores

  • Video of President Obama throwing out first pitch of the All Star game in a White Sox Jacket and joking about no money for bailing out the National League. The Political Carnival

  • Even President Obama is cracking on the 2009 Washington Nationals. Sigh. NBC Washington

  • Wing nut Obama haters are making up thunderous All Star boos, ripping his choice of jeans, Joe Scaraborough mocked Prez's pitch for being "dainty", and Rush Limbaugh crazily huffed that Obama was raised by communists because Obama pronounced White Sox stadium, "Comminsky Park." 

  • The Nats do not appear to be hosting an All Star game at their park any time soon. WaPo

  • The Lerner family, owners of the Nationals, were AWOL for the presser dealing with firing of Manny Acta. Typical performance by shit hole Mall Rats. The Nationals Enquirer

  • This pathetic letter was sent to Nats ticket holders by the franchise and it justifiably irked a Nats blogger. The Nats Blog

  • My favorite Nats online pundit, Chris Neddham, agrees with myself that it was way past time for Nats/Acta to part ways. Both will be better off as the team can not play any worse under him and Acta should feel relieved to not have to deal with the daily misery. NBC Washington.Follow Needham on Twitter. 

  • Two Red heads look ready to party. The Beer Goggler

  • Who needs a pool when you can just lay out in a parking lot on the asphalt? The trailer park must have been full. Tasty Booze

  • Brooke Burke is looking cougarlicious at the ESPY awards. Don Chavez

  • Fat man journalist Jason Whitlock pokes fun at Serena's big bootie. What is the saying about Kettle or Pot or something? Graney and the Pig's Blog

  • This Sandra Lee mash up vid is pretty sick. Next
This headline from the Slog with the Ichiro/Obama picture above cracked me up: The Photo That's Confusing Straight Men Across Seattle

My boy Tree presents a solid case for Ichiro being the best MLB hitter of the Aughts. Tree's Trunk