Monday, December 19, 2005

Im not a Lawyer, Im Condi Rice

did you know that Condi Rice wasn't a lawyer? Nope, she isn't. I just found out on the Meet the Press, yesterday. First time she said it, I smelt a talking point, didn't pay it much attention, 2nd time confirmed the Bush Admin Bullet Point, and the 3rd time she giggled in her Condilicious way, I started to become nausea/Angry. So Condi, you are not an attorney? and you a Sec of State?Nice, so that means you can not comment on how the President clearly violated the Constitution, Spit on the 4th Amendment,"unreasonable Search and Seizure," and trashed the Separation of Powers so much that all those World views of Bush as an imperialistic ruler just became crystallized. Its clear he didn't get a warrant or go through the proper channels.

The Supreme Court ruled that you have to have one and go through the special Court, Plain and Simple. I do not need a law degree to figure that out Condi. Plus, you were the NSA advisor, you know more than anyone the right procedures. Supreme Court ruled that you have to have a warrant by a Judge. Plain and Simple. Plus, she kept citing some magical made up Law gives them the legal right, when actually there is no such law. NONE, ZIPPO.

Instead they are now arguing that Bush did this to protect America and vague reasons to why he did it. 9/11, blah, blah, blah, same old stuff. I want answers to real questions Bush, stop dodging them. I know there are terrorists, I know there are bad people that want to kill Americans, yes I know this. Tell me WHY you were so arrogant that you thought you didn't need a warrant and give me some legal reasons to justify this? Plain and Simple, exact rationale, not Vague, emptiless, Mumbo GDummy Jumbo. "Aw Shucks, get em, Terror, smoke em out, Saddamists" Is this what our so called great democracy has come to? I already know that they GOVT can tap my phone, email, text, apartment, car, whenever they want.

Traffic cams are invasion of privacy if you ask me. If I dont cause an accident and no one is around to see me run a yellow/red light, or I go 7 mph over a speed limit? why should I give the local govt money? I saw Enemy of the State, and I know they can do whatever they want. My problem with these illegal wire taps is that at least give me the appearance that their are laws that protect me from these searches. Keep telling me that their is a God and not Aliens makes me sleep better at nite. Please Tell me that the Govt actually follows the Laws of our country that make it great. This is Big Brother run Amok, right into the sewer.

The biggest lesson I saw out of the Whole Bush vs Gore in 2000, Supreme Court case, was that when they made their decision to stop counting votes and give the presidency to Bush, no one rioted. All the people that voted for Gore and thought it was unjust, quietly accepted the decision as the Rule of our democracy. I hated the decision and it has turned out to be one of the worst decisions of the 22nd Century,(Bush will go down as the worst 2 term president ever, mark it down. ) I find tremendous irony in the fact that the Branch of Govt that gave his Bush his executive power is the same body he plainly ignored and consequently, comprised every single American's rights that he is so desperately trying to protect.

I was not proud to be an American after the feds response to Katrina and I lost all respect for Bush's leadership then and now I have mistrust of the people in charge. They went from incompetence and right into Dictatorship. Maybe this is how the Hippies Felt in the 60s about Vietnam and Nixon. Shocking Similarities, Minus a draft and add 24/7 news coverage. Costly war, with no clear strategic plan out and end game, Yep, Govt hiding things from the people but of course, its for our BENEFIT, Yep. Cronie administration, Yep. Until Tomorrow, Im officially became a conspiracy theorist, Oliver Stone, lets go do lunch, I will drive.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

WHAMMY! Vegas Baby!

Do these pictures tell how much the Channel 4 News team was on fire this Halloween in Vegas?
How bout these pictures then?

Unfortunately the girls of Las Vegas tend to cost money, which is really hard to differentiate from your normal free attractive women. Especially on Halloween Nite, since all girls "whore" up their costumes, ( Naughty Nurse, Bad Schoolgirl, Slutty Devil, etc.) and well, only in Vegas, are these girls actually "working" girls. They brought bad karma and would not stop buggin us after the Panic show.

I mean look at Burgundy and his crew? Does it appear that we need to negotiate any financial agreement to have girls hang out with us? Im sorry hanging out with Pimps like us should cost YOU money( My time is free, actually, cuz that's how I roll), and several of these "Agents" ruined my game that nite. I still love Las Vegas, will go back sometime soon, and score for free, Hell I might even go pick up a stripper, ya know, PAYBACK!!

Mrs ANNA Claus, Shut your trap and Look Hot!

Anna Benson has finally turned the corner and has done what Kurt Warner's and Doug Christie's wives could never do, just MUZZLE your mouth and wear something skimpy. It doesnt take much to make a guy forget what stupid things you have said in the past, aka, show some skin to win, Anna. Especially when you have a body like that, WOWSERS, Makes a guy wish he had a 95 mph heater, a career 500 big league record and most importantly to hot chicks, a 22.5 million dollar contract. Im sorry, Anna, No one cares about your opinions on anything really, So Carlos Delgado is against the war and doesnt want to stand for the national anthem, who cares? Please, just SHUT UP! Just put a bikkini on and smile,OHH YES, see, I forgave you already Mrs Naughty Claus, Im not going to call you Mrs Benson either, and yes, F Santa, I want to sit on your lap, I have been a bad boy in 05, spank me please.
Smoking Hot Claus
Anna's Website

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sam Mitchell is NUTS!!

Im sorry for the layoff, I know all 2 of my friends/fans have been dying, I have tuns of new material to put up here, I even came up with All WhiteBread Boy NBA squad, No euros or canadians or Australians allowed, only white Americans, yeah, can you imagine the Talent Pool? The Barry brothers represent like 4.25% of the players I have to choose from, YIKES!! I just read this article today and I had to post 2 tidbits.

I already know Rafael Araujo sucks and never should have been the number 8 pick, I in the 2004 Draft, I kinda feel sorta bad for him, actually not at all. He is in the league, making millions(6mil over 3 years,) having girls throw themseleves at him, Put up with some Boos would ya? then again, he went to BYU, so maybe all the NBA sex is a new distraction or he just really sux, Im going with the latter. Plus, Sam Mitchell is crazy, his quote makes no sense, He tried to fight a player last season, somehow didnt get canned cuz the GM is a moron and I could run his team better than him. Im still trying to figure out what he got in return for trading Vince Carter, obviously no enough. Now, Babcock has hired Gene Keady to be a consultant, whatever that means. Doesnt look good for Sammy Boy, I love the chicken reference though. I sent it to Simmons.
Raptors BLOW

Late during a recent game, the Raptors starting centre took a pass in the paint, did not have a clear shot, put the ball on the floor and then turned it over. Another screw up. A fan then yelled: "Hey Araujo! What's it like to be the worst pick in the history of the NBA! You suck!"

Araujo's impressive NBA stats

"If we brought in a live chicken to practice and told him that he would get better if he chased the chicken around the court, he'd chase the damn chicken. As a coach I'm willing to be patient and the organization is willing to be patient, and it would nice if the fans (would be as well).

"He is getting better."

Sam Mitchell, Coaching Legend

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Gotta love the "U", So Im surfing the web yesterday, find some more juicy stuff on the Viqueen's Love Boat scandal, which I will provide the links in another post. I came across this Miami's students blog and he posts this recording of Miami football rap song about dudes, Gangbanging chicks in their dorm, "The 7th Floor Crew" Here is the Chorus, its Catchy

If your ho only know
That she was gettin' fucked on the 7th flo'
If that bitch only knew
That she was gettin' muddied by the whole damn crew.

Now I log into work this morning, and its a number one story on, Now the kid is getting worked over on his blog. Another example of Blogs creating media stories and ESPN hyping a story, that is about sex and thugs. Here are the Links

Original Post
The Rap
ESPN Article
ESPN Column

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Can Mike Sherman be fired? He is the biggest Pu$$Y, I dont want him as the Packer's head coach anymore. He should have been fired once he didnt go for a short 4th and one against the Eagles in that playoff game. He had the best offensive line in the game and instead of icing the game, the Packers punted in the endzone, net gain, 18 yards. 4th and 26 play, and well, the rest is history.

Similar situation, On Sunday, minute left, 3rd and 2, packers are ready to score go ahead TD, Favre is on fire, just converted 2 3rd downs on short crossing routes, he or OC Rossum call a shotgun handoff draw to Tony Fisher, HORRIBLE!!! then kick a FG, tie game. Packers D just let them go out of bounds with 2 secs, Im still Fn pissed, Seriously, F Sherman, he is not going to take the Packers to the top, so good riddens, what sux to? is that Packes are wasting Favre right now, He is playing as well I have seen him play in 5 years, Unless people drop passes, make penalites, run the wrong routes, or call bad plays, which seems to happen alot this year. I was sold on Sherman the day he suspended Antonio Freeman for the last game of the regular season, with the Packes facing a must win game against the Bucs to make the playoffs and the Packers still won. Freeman was being a BITCH and Sherman put the team before his whiny malcontent A$$, I loved it.

Sherman had rallied the team to strong finishes and division titles but had failed as a GM and in the playoffs. His big contracts to Hunt, Joe Johnson(injury) were huge mistakes and his drafting of Jamal Reynolds with the 10th pick was a complete bust. will not hold him accountable for the Mike McKenize/hold out/ debacle, even though maybe McKenzie was right about keeping the DB coach that he wanted. Jury is still out on high CBs Carrol and Thomas, but results are mixed at best.

The Packers stripped the GM duties away from him this season and new GM Ted Thompson did reknew his contract for 2 seasons in Sept. However, Im done with him, time to pull the plug. I held out for this long, NFL has always stood for NOT FOR LONG, Coaches, players, All Stars, come and go, every season, One year Kordell Stewart finishes 2nd in the MVP voting and is starting in the AFC championship game, the next he is being replaced by XFLer Tommy Maddox, and now he is 3rd string for the Ravens. Lavar Arrington goes from Pro Bowl LB to not being able to get in the game(I have heard WAAAAYYY too much on this topic, living in this city will kill ya) Jamal Lewis almost breaks ALL time rushing record 2 years ago, then spends this offseason in a orange jumper and now after a bad start, people are clammering for Chestor Taylor to get more carries!! Point being, this happens all the time, serious turnover in the NFL.

Now the normal excuse would be the rash of injuries the Packers have faced this season, and its out of control. You cant even make it up, no team has gone through this, and I know its party of the game, but its downright laughable. People were cracking jokes last week about it, and this was before Ahman went down for the season. I mean, I dont even want to play Madden with the Packers cuz it just wont be the same running the score up with Favre to Javon Walker TDs. Why we are on this topic, I will go over their Offense depth chart, please remember that the Packers Defense was the big question mark coming into the season.


WR-Walker, out for season, knee injury first game
WR-Driver, He is on fire, looked unstoppable against Viqueens
WR-Ferguson, Hurt, out for a month, maybe more
WR-Murphy, Out for season with Kneck injury, 4th game of the season
WR-Chatman, good player, about 5 foot 3, but can get open and Favre has confidence in him
WR-?? Just signed some guy Named Taco Wallace,

RB-Ahman, out for season, torn quad
RB-Davenport-Out for season, broken foot
RB-Fisher, banged up, but is the main option
RB-??? Rashard Lee and Walter Williams, who? exactly

TE-Franks, missed most of the season with knee/hip injuries
TE-Martin-Honestly I cant keep these 2 TEs straight but both have had acrobatic catches
TE-LEE- guy has had some acorbatic catches

Alright No one cares about the Packers 3rd string TEs but me, I know. Here is the point, Packers are Fd, God hate us with all these Hurricanes and he sure does not like the Packers for some reason, I guess after 13 straight 500 or better season, it was bound to happen, No other team has been that consistent. It almost made me forget the Bart Starr/Lindy Infante/Tim Harris/Brent Fullwood years. Growing up, the Pack just got Bitch Slapped by the Bears, I hated it. Anyway, I missed the Saints game, so I have now watched every minute of, 14, 2, 1,3,3, point losses, Packers should and could be 5-1, or 4-2, but instead are 1-5, facing the hardest part of their schedule(at Cincy, Pitt, at Atl, at Philly) YIKES!! Favre alone can pull out at least 4 victories and he should be left it.

If I see Rodgers playin with this make shift/sh*# talent and Favre sitting at the end of the season, I will cry and then fly to Lambeau to beat some A$$!! Packers will not be able to beat USC or Texas with Rodgers in. Speaking of the Trojans, REGGIE BUSH!! I love him, guy is walking L1/R1 Madden move. Did you see his punt return last weekend? Are you serious? He even thru in the Gallop triangle move at the end of that run, I have never seen anything like it. Alright, if you made it thru this post, Congrats, your prize is nothing. MGsW

Carjacking or Conspiracy?

"I got shot three times and my album comes out Nov. 22," Giles said

That could be the quote of the year so far:

First there was Biggie/Tupac, then JayZ/Nas, now Fifty Cent/Game have beef, Move over its JayZ/Cam'ron? Basically, Killa Cam (Sweet nickname, Killa "fill in the blank" is pretty much money, Killa Playa, Killa Killa, Killa Crusher and so on, Now that I think about it, Blank "Killa" can be fly too, Ghostface Killa, Krazee-Eyes Killa, Masta Killa) was trying to enjoy the Puff Daddy's party at H20, his entourage was 30 deep and were not following the NBA's new dress code. They couldn't get in, so the 30 deep took off.(who rolls 30 deep? Who organizes this? It took me forever to get 10 guys over to my place for a fantasy draft, how do you get 3 times that just to roll around? They must be on his payroll.)

Killa Cam's was in his royal blue 2006 Lamborghini and wearing 200K in jewelry. Wow, talk about some bling, 200K? Personally, I thought gold and silver chains went out in the early 90s, then again what do I know, Im a white kid from the Midwest, not a NYC rapper. One side note that reminds me IM white, I cant rap or jump, I wish I could, but I just cant. SUX. I still can hoop it though, that is until my back went out and now Im deathly afraid of hurting my knees(KNOCK, KNOCK)

Killa Cam was pimping on NY AVE, his entourage stuck in traffic. Some dudes in a SUV pulled up, pulled a gun demanded his car, Killa refused, they opened fire and took off. Some Feds took off after them and they wrecked their SUV around 6th and U, getting away. Supposedly this is car jacking, but Police officials are skeptical.

The actions of the gunman and the proximity of Giles's friends are among the reasons police do not believe carjacking was the motive, investigators said.

"If you are going to carjack a car, you don't shoot first. You try to get the driver out of the car," said one police official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the case is under investigation. "You also wouldn't do that in front of people."

The carjackers were sloppy and left a cell phone in the car, which Im sure will lead police eventually to the shooters. I guess the owner of the SUV was contacted and his response was that he lent the car to a friend. Hmmmm, I let my friends borrow my truck(the Danger Ranger, or Ranger of Love, take your pick which moniker you want to use) from time to time, to haul stuff or run errands. I dont recall when I ask them for it back, them every saying, "Sorry dude, had to leave it, we jacked this guy and the cops were after us." Plus, If you own an expensive expedition, do you let friends who might wreck it, drive drunk, or carry guns, drive it around? HELL NO! I couldnt even get my Uncles to let me drive their little ski speed boat to the other side of the Lake this summer at Lake of the Ozarks. Granted, I never really asked cuz I knew their answer and we were planning on boozing it up at the Horny Toads. Back on topic

So could this have anything to do with Killa's Beef with Jay Z? Which I was unaware about until reading this article, Hell, I have never heard of this rapper either, and I love Hip Hop. Also, does this now bring notoriety to Killa's new CD in some twisted way like it did to "Fitty" when he was shot? How bout "Fitty's" new movie? How bad is that going to be? YIKES, about as bad as Jailbreak, Attack of the Bats, or the Freddie Prinze/Brian Austin Greene show( I was just thinking about googling for the show's title, but seriously, does it really matter what the name of the trainwreck is?) One of the only negative things about the NFL ticket is the endless promos on Fox and CBS about their garbage shows, it drives you Batty!! No that wasnt a promo for CBS Sunday nite movie, then again, maybe it was and I have been brainwashed with subliminal messages all day, every Sabbath. hmmmm

I have gotten off topic again, but in short, no one seems to know what "really" happen to Killa, but the bottom line is this: "I got shot 3 times and my album comes out Nov.22"

Day 1 Article
Day 2 Article

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


David Frum, the former White House speechwriter and conservative commentator, reported on his blog that Ms. Miers once told him that W. was the most brilliant man she knew.

Thank You For Being My friend

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


NFL Week 3 will go down as the week of the Charlie Brown's kickers. One plays limp on the opening kickoff, forcing a LB to kick an extra point in back to back games, this time missing it bad. Another kicker/futball player,misses his first extra point of his career and a chip shot FG to cost his team their chance at their first W. One more kicker, whos employment in the league befuddles me more than Ugly sidelines chicks like Shelly Smith, misses a PAT and an All World/future HOF Guard pretty much almost beat his A$$ by yanking his little cross bar. Not all was bad for kickers as 3 hit game winners, highlighted by Mr. Clutch himself, the only kicker I can ever remember saying without a doubt should make the HOF for sure. He is so damn good, I would actually call him a football player!! On a fantasy note, my kicker might as well been in my living room on Sunday having my roommates debut Artichoke dip(I give it many stars, Russ) thanks Coach Haslet, more on this later!

I have decided to recap the all of the games, Mac G stylee. Highlighting my notes from each game and of course, fantasy stats relevancy. Why else would I put myself thru watching games like Arizona/Seattle, unless I had Hasslebeck or Anquan Boldin. Why does anyone watch any crap games like NO/Sota, Cincy/Bears or etc? Fantasy or gambling reasons, only period. Please dont call playing fantasy gambling either. I hate people that do that. Its like telling people you buy lotto tickets that they have a gambling problem. As a guy who started playing fantasy when I was 8 years old and also a recovering cold turkey gamboholic, the 2 are not even close. Having something at stake in meaningless games is where similarities begin and end. The lowness of Matt Stover missing every FG attempt he tried in week one, is nowhere near the painfullness of the BUS rushing in an overtime TD to cover the minus -3 Steelers spread, spoling my 3 team parlay and thus sending me to the Icity Plasma Bank in order to have enough money for food!!

Im sure the more I think about it, I can remember more and more painfull sports gambling stories. Guys missing late FTs, gusy fouling or not fouling when the game is over, last second meaningless 3 pointers and Coaches taking a knee instead of punching it in or kicking the fieldgoal or the dreaded Team Safety, I still cant figure out why taking a safety is EVER a good play!! You seem to remember the painfull losses more than the great Ws. Even though nothing is better than nailing a 3teamer, and winning staight up with the same teams, nothing, well maybe a BJ, however we will keep this a family post for now.

As a huge Packer fan(Insert your own cheesehead/Favre should retire comment here please) its been a rough start to the season. They should be at least 2-1, but instead are 0-3!! What im trying to get at, is I dont know how much longer I can take Sundays like this. Aka, These MacG's NFL recaps could be special and limited, so please cherrish them. Plus if this Packers/Hawkeyes losing streak continues, I could be ending my life, so maybe they can be read at my wake, Anyway On to the games!!

Week 3
A little background for those who dont know my setup, but We have 3 TVs going in the living room, all with the NFL ticket. Plus the Laptop is hooked up with the Live Scoring. Usually the Packers or the Redskins go on the big TV in the middle, with one game chosen for the smaller TV2 on the left, which stays on that game due to remote control issues, the TV3 on right is for changing all over the place. Packers have the early game at 1pm(skins have a bye and are jacking off to their 2-0 start, maybe just RUss and a gazillion skins fans in this city are ejaculating, I havent seen this much premmature excitement since the Olson twins turned 18) Anyway, the Bills/Falcons go on the TV2( I need McGahee to bust out), and TV3 stats with Eagles/Raiders. There are 9 early games, so as I tell every new guest, Buckle Up Tight, Commercials are not allowed!


Let me just tell you that I LOVE Chad Johnson!! Dude cracks me up, him sending tums to the browns last season was classic and I loved it when he held up the sign after scoring that said, Please dont fine me. Actually, I think Im going to devote a a whole section on him later, with his quotes, pictures and everything. Plus my boy from college, Eric Steinbach, Steiny, starts at LG for the Bengals, so I have became a fan. We go back to when he was injured, burried on the depth chart as a TE on a bad 3-8 hawkeye football. Since then he became Big Ten Lineman of the year, the first pick in the 2nd round of the 2003 draft, and now a starter. Dude is a monster and a great guy, unfortunately his position LG is tied with centers and punters as the least publicized in football. Kickers and Tackles get more love than Guards. He will get his props eventually. Reason I mention it, is that he is from the Chicagoland area and I know he is a Bears fan, so Im sure it was cool for him to come home and play in Soldier. I will try to get him to comment on my board at some point, maybe even interview him. As for the game, it can be summed up like this, Kyle Orton is a rookie and Carson Palmer is not! 24-7 Bunglas over the Shebears. 5 picks for Orton, some where not his fault but some where just HORRIBLE throws. CJ picked up 2 scores for my fantasy team and Bears D didnt have the swagger they showed against the Skins and Lions. Sorry, you cant play against Joey Harrington and Brunnell every week. I guarantee "BYE" racked up some D fantasy points against the Lions and Skins this week.


Colt Fantasy owners, Breathe, Breathe, DEEP, In and Out, say with me with these words, Week 3, Week 3, 49Tds, 49TDS, alright, feel better? prolly not? I do though having picked up 2 straight fantasy Ws by facing off against the Indy O. Manning is fine, even though Eli, Bledsoe and Dilfer have WAY more fantasy points than he does right now, YIKES, just writing that on down in print made me want to do a triple take. Harrison is fine too, One buddy just dumped him and LT for TO and MacGhee, I would never, EVER trade LT, especially after Sunday night, now if this trend continues, Great Indy D and ball control low scoring Offense by say Week 6, yes then its time to hit the full on Panic Button. As for the real game, 13-6 colts, hard hitting, led my boy Bobby daHitman Sanders. Freeney is unreal right now, hands down the most unblockable player in the NFL, its not even close either. And I love my 2nd choice Julius Peppers too. Here is another one of the GAZILLION reasons why not to gamble and especially on NFL, Colts up 13-6, ball on 10 yard line, instead of running it in for the game clinching and/or spread covering/pushing score(-12 or -13), Dungy has Peyton take a Knee, Game Over! GULP, Plus this game was over while other games were mid in the 3rd, it had to be record time, it was like Greg Maddux and Mark Buerhle were the on the mound, matching zeros.


Pennington Arm is just jello, He threw an out patter in OT that just fluttered for a pick. Russ Commented that I could throw better than him, Yep Russ you are right, I still have some mustard left in the Cannon. My back is shot and I can barely run, but I know I could thread one down the seem still. Anyway enough about the glory days, but first comment on this game is that There was a Jay Fielder Sighting. yes that is right, Fielder is actually not a bad QB, as the AJ Feely experiment porved in Miami. Fielder hurts his shoulder right away and Pennington had to come back. Now it looks like both are out for the season. UH OH, Drop LColes like its hot, Drop CMartin Like its hot!! I havent seen this big of a BLOW to a career since Kate Moss chopped up some Fatties all over the Tabloids!! yeah, I have been waiting to use that one. Back to the game, Wayne Sherbert drops a potential game winning pass, so game goes to OT. Jags pull out W, 26-20, as Jimmy Smith tightropes the sideline on a perfect fade pass, Russ has Jimmy Smith, he is pumped!!

All the pundits keeps predicting the fall of the Eagles and everyone keeps saying how explosive the Raiders are going to be with Moss, of course neither is happening. Same Old Eagles, McNabb is battered but still pumping out TDs to Owens, Brian Westbrook is the quickest player in NFL and a total matchup problem. Owens has been on his best behavior. Raiders still cant play D and cant sustain a drive without a penalty, just cant do it, its painfull to watch how sloppy they play. This game is a low scoring slugfest. Pussy Akers goes down on the opening kickoff. My NFL apt crew is wondering out loud why Reid didnt have another kicker just in case Akers got hurt, I mean LB Simenau, did make an extra point vs the 49ers the prior week but you would think that was an emergency one time thing, Nope, Simenau is lining up for the PAT, usually I swtich games right after TDS, but this is must see TV, Simenau misses it BAD!! Somewhere Charles Schultz is out there laughing hysterically.

Collins lobs a late TD, ties the game up, Akers is limping all over the place still, playing up to the camera worse than Reality whores/tv stars do. McNabb hits TO with a key pass down inside the ten, sets up a short FG, I mean its an extra point, I could make this, most of America could make this, doesnt anyone watch those Halftime contests? everyone always makes the first kick, well that is this kick, Akers makes it, 23-30 Eagles win, he immediately goes down in pain, grabbing his leg, come one Akers, its not even his kicking leg!! Then they show him holding his kid, GEzz!! Im waiting for the David Akers for PA Senate press conference anyday now, even though, He has a better chance of winning an election than Lynn Swann does winning any GOP PA primary, ever!! On a fantasy note, Im dropping Janikowski, more miss FGs, that drunk blows!!


Even though I have Bulger, saw very little of this game. Rams always were in control, but the Rams did their best to keep it close, winning 28-20. They always seem to do it, sometimes I think Martz plays Madden more than Bill Simmons. Guy always seem to think he has doever somewhere or reset button, I just dont get it. I would pound Steven Jackson away and then play action with Bruce/Holt. next time you watch the Rams, count how many deep(17-24yd) in routes they complete, its uncanny.


Im still not sold on JP Losman, he shows flashes of big play with his strong arm and scrambling ability, then he displays that he could bomb, and thus, throwing him in the Akili Smith, Cade McKown, Kyle Boller, and Joey Harrington club. (Aside from Tommy Maddox, I can never remember a 1st Rnd QB bombing with his first team and then thriving with another team. If they bomb right away, they might be like Rick Mirer, hang out for awhile, carrying clipboards, but they never make an impact anywhere. Or they just get cut after a couple of cameos earned soley by their high pick status, and very rarely on talent. anyway, Is Rick Mirer still in the league?

As for the game, Mike Vick still cant pass, and I have a feeling he will never be able to make 3rd and long throws consistently, but man, let him run the field, its jaw dropping. Their has never been a player like him nor do I see another one like him in near future. Dirty birds have some speed on D too. Bills struggled int he red zone again, but my fantasy RB McGahee finally scored a rushing TDs. This set off a serious cheer, as it seems like everyone has McGahee. Bills were screwed on a late 4th down spot, and then later, Losman doesnt feel the rush, gets sacked by Kearney, fumbles, Ballgame. Falcons win


Packers lost again, I really dont want to get into it too much, it hurts. Actually it was the best played game of the season and GB should have won, but no Longwell misses his first extra point ever, and an easy FG, Pack lose by 1. Cadillac gained alot of yards but he didnt seem to hurt Packers as much as the refs did. Griese fumble on the 10 should have been Packers, weird ruling, I will talk about it later. 0-3!!! jesus


I think an agrument can be made that Steve Smith is on the cusp of breaking into the Moss/TO/Harrison/Holt/CJ elite WR club. He is that good. Ferrote has proven to be pretty solid and Fins TE McMichael is automatic TD right now. He just ran through 4 dudes on one play. Carolina was on a drive, threating to kick Game winning FG, bad JakeD pass, Fins pick, great runback, Olindo Mare comes in, Ballgame, Fins win. OLINDO, I think want that as my Porn name, OLINDO

Friday, September 23, 2005


Raffy is the biggest Rat, First he denies that he did Roids, I was fine with that. Im not outraged about this steroids like eveyone else. Raffy never seemed to be a typical roid user anyway. His swing is one of the most fluid swings ever. Well, it Turns out the Roid is one of the most lethal ones out there, then we now find out that he tried to blame it on Miggy!! I can not stand rats, take some blame yourself Raffy, I F'd up. No wonder he was embarrassed when he got his 3000 hit that all his teammates ran out to the field to celebrate with him, He had already tried to blame one of them for his screwups!! I was never a big Raffy fan and I thought he was a traitor, since he left the Orioles the first time to go back to Texas. NOW, I could care less if he ever makes the Hall of Fame. F HIM, His Career is OVER!!