Friday, June 13, 2008

Heady Stream of the Roo Brah

Check out the live Bonnaroo Webcast to get you through your Friday afternoon and it is streaming live all weekend. Here is today's online lineup:

01:30 PM Drive By Truckers
02:15 PM Fiery Furnaces
03:15 PM Umphrey's McGee
04:45 PM Bluegrass Allstars
06:00 PM The Raconteurs
07:30 PM Swell Sesason
08:30 PM Les Claypool
10:00 PM Metallica

Thursday, June 12, 2008

That Thong th Thong Thong Thong

Eastern Iowa is a roaming swamp and my former college campus is about to be devastated so I need something to put me in a good mood. Hot Brazilian babes in thongs will ALWAYS do the trick.

Hawkeye Blues Part 2


The big building above is an University of Iowa dorm called Mayflower. Here is what the dorm normally looks like.

If you have ever been to Iowa City, Dubuque Street is the main road into the city and it is an exit from I-80 interstate. Dubuque Street is completely under water and the major Mayflower dorm looks screwed.

They expect the Iowa river to raise up 5 more feet by Saturday and I am getting text messages on Thursday night of people being rescued from houses in Coralville, Iowa, which is basically a suburb of Iowa City.

A Coralville levee just broke and flood waters are now filling the main business district, labeled the Coralville strip. It should be completely under water by mid day on Friday.

Here is a video segment from the Daily Iowan

The pictures were from the Iowa City Press Citizen and their website headline reads "Evacuate!"
I located a University Iowa webcam and as the waters continue to rise rapidly over the next 48 hours, you should be able to watch it at this link.

U of I has set up a flood watch blog.

Cedar Rapids, a town of 125K that is about 30 minutes North of Iowa City is completely Fd and their downtown is under water. The flood waters are predicted to crest at 32 feet in CR which is 12 feet over the 1993 all time record and a staggering 20 feet over what is considered a flood. The pictures are breathtaking.

These pictures below are from Thursday evening and if you compare the building which I believe is the court house, you can see how much the water is still rising.

More shocking pictures of the Cedar Rapids flood can be found at this link.

These waters will funnel into the Mississippi and more record disaster is upcoming down river. I am still furious that we do not have 100-200K troops OCCUPYING Iowa right now helping out with prevention and protection of these communities.

Homeland Security? what a complete joke and budget albatross. There only use is having press conferences with the FBI to tell us how they just saved us from some big scary attack so they can get some cheap splashy headlines, even though the majority of cases never hold up in a court of law. Maybe they can stop trying to set up troubled muslim pizza delivery drivers and actually save/secure the Fn homeland.

Daily Iowan video segment
Cedar Rapids Gazette coverage of CR flood
Live Webcam of U of I campus along the rising Iowa River
Iowa City Press Citizen
U of Iowa flood Blog for updates

Hawkeye Blues Part 1

UPDATE: Coralville is way FD! Here is a an amazing video link of a guy driving down the strip as the waters flood the road.

Latest News Summary of the Flood

More pictures at the Flickr Account.

Hawkeye Blues Part 1

Army Corps of Engineers staff informed Iowa City staff Friday morning, June 13, that the current water level of the Coralville Reservoir is 715.9 feet, 3.9 feet over the spillway. The level in the Reservoir is expected to peak at 717.7 at midnight on June 16th. Inflows to the Reservoir are peaking today, Friday, June 13, with an estimated 50,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) inflow.
Possible maximum flow expected during this flood event in the Iowa City area is 44,000 cfs, expected late Monday, June 16.

This correlates to an additional 4-1/2 to 5 feet of additional water. Additional rain may add to and delay the peak. The maximum flow experience in 1993 was 28,200 cfs. The flood of 2008 is now anticipated to be near or exceed a 500-year flood event.

Hawkeye Blues

My beloved Iowa City/Coralville area is under record rising waters and part of the main U of Iowa campus is currently flooding right now. More rain is expected in the area tonight and this news gives me a serious case of Hawkeye blues.

Our president is in Italy while more US towns flood in several states and large members of our National Guard units, who signed up especially to help in disasters like this one, are stuck in Iraq, hoping not to be blown up by an IED or suicide bombers.

It makes absolutely zero sense intellectually, financially, or morally. (If you did not think I was going to get a blast in on the Bush administration, you must be a visitor to MGsW)

A fire burned down the Old Capitol awhile ago, a tornado ripped through the main parts of town, the awful Steve Alford era, and now the current Kirk Ferentz boondoggle. Is that not enough suffering for Hawkeye Nation?

I hope the IC community stays strong and is able to sandbag its way to safety.

Picture of the Day

I will save my crass comments because communities across Iowa are battling dangerous floods. I just love this couple's priorities and I have not seen a Red Dog Can in years!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scouting for Camel Toads

I apologize deeply for the Jay Leno headline but I thought it was hilarious.

I will sign up for the Camel Toad pool Hunt and here is my first bullseye target.

The Mamba Strikes

In game 3 of the NBA finals, Boston's Paul Pierce appeared he was shaving points like the player in the movie "Blue Chips." Maybe the NBA suits got to him to make sure the series went at least 5 games. Where would one get that idea?

Pierce's play was truly awful.

Kobe rattled up the Mamba MVP and finished the game out in his lights out closer fashion. To Be Continued.

Thanks to Getty Images/Yahoo Sports for the pictures

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Link Whores

  • Bears RB Cedric Benson is now unemployed after another alcohol arrest and google is pairing his picture up with teeth whitening.Chicago Bull
  • Here is a great list of NBA players that GSack hates. Dude is funny and has anger, which is great recipe for witty humor. GMoney's Sack
  • Giants DE Michael Strahan hangs it up and I still love that everyone is pissed at Favre for gift wrapping the sack record to him. If Strahan makes it too, I will give him props at Favre's Canton induction in the summer of 2013. Next Round
  • Segways piss me off because I usually see lazy cops or fat tourists on them so it was killer to see this chick face plant from one. Yep Yep
  • Jenny McCarthy is in a wet suit and I still have an ancient playboy of her hidden somewhere. Banned In Hollywood
  • Bruce Pearl is definitely motor boating this cougar's jugs. Don Chavez
  • I do have an Iphone boner but being forced to use AT&T's dreadful cell service makes it go limp. Tasty Booze
  • Latin chicks make my mouth feel like its stuffed with cayenne pepper. The Angry T
  • Video of Denise Richardson getting spray tanned. On 205th
  • Anne Hathaway gets literally gets screwed by a crook. Cuzoogle
  • Bammeroid Jame looks like a summer midwest county fair but with less farmer tans and more red necks. Loser With Socks
  • How can I not make a ball and club joke when I see pictures like this of Golf Hottie, Natalie Gulbis? Busted Coverage

NBA Finals Game 2 Recap/ Game 3 Preview

Aside from the highly questionable officiating, the Lakers have been out played in almost every facet of the game so far in the 2008 NBA finals and deserve to be in a 2-0 hole. The Lakers defense is non existent and the Celtics are attacking the rim at will. The Celtics maligned bench is crushing the highly regarded Lakers bench.

The Celtics half court offense runs through Paul Pierce and he has been the best player on the court in the first 2 games, either drawing fouls or creating offense for teammates.

Vlad Radmanovic, who played like he had money on the Celtics, has had zero chance in stopping PP.Ray Allen's sweet stroke is back and Derek Fisher has been Rajon Rondo's bitch.

The keys to a game 3 victory for the Lakers will be getting to the foul line, stopping the Celtics running game and limiting them to one shot.

I predict the Lakers will win easy at home this evening and make it a series.

Warren Gangsta Harding

Living in DC subjects me to the awful TV program called the McLaughlin Group. A bunch of washed up grumpy Washingtonian hacks, who hardly ever leave the beltway, sit around and tell viewers how the people in the square states feel about politics.

I have long boycotted the show and it appears that I am missing out on a shocking new analysis such as Barack Obama will not be the first black president. Go to 3:32 of Colbert's video for the beginning of John McLaughlin's revelation on Warren G. Harding.

I know a friend of a friend who worked on this show and said McLaughlin is a complete ahole. SHOCKER!

Guy Ritchie Getting Ditched and/or Super Rich?

An UK gossip website reported that Madonna has hired an attack dog divorce lawyer so she can end her marriage to Guy Ritchie and sans prenup, prevent him from getting half of her net massive worth. Madonna's rep denies the report.

It gives me an excuse to post this funny video

Honestly, I do not care about Madonna and I am more fascinated with train wreck known as Amy Winehouse.

I did find some funny blog comments that needing sharing.

Guy deserves AT LEAST half of her shit seeing as she destroyed his career, his reputation, his spirit, and his hairline. Madge is a f*&^$%% talentless, vapid moron (although an impressively tenacious salesperson).

Now she's free to slam the strap-on in Timberlake's hole good and hard. He's probably smiling this morning at the news. Biel's man hands and man arms just cannot compare to Madge's.

On the one hand I give her such credit for being 50 years old and working so hard to stay in great shape. On the other hand, like everything else she does, this is way over the top and she looks like she straps on a dildo and gives it to Guy Ritchie every night.

Worst Headline Ever

Pregnant Man Wants More Babies

I have nothing more to add and I am still confused to how he is considered a man. I refuse to feature his gross picture and go check out the Fd up story yourself.

I think a fund for these kids future shrink bills should be set up.

Mac Gs World

Monday, June 09, 2008

Waterslides Rule

The cute German girl's ride down the slide starts about a minute into the video.

HT: The Disciples of Kaleb Krump

Mac Gs World

Welcome to GW Bush's Oil Thunderdome of Doom

I am ending my embargo about talking about gas prices. "HOLY F Batman, Americans are getting ass raped at the pump!"

I paid $4.22 dollar a gallon gas on Saturday so I could take the better half's car up to OTB for the Belmont Stakes. Classy guy huh? Nothing says romance like all you can eat crabs legs, Maryland White Trash, and gambling addicts!

There has to be some twisted prophecy about George W Bush repeatedly losing all of his dad's rich friends' money in the 80's on bad oil deals and then under his disastrous tenure as president, the nation's average price of gas goes from $1.25 to over $4.00, rumored to be $5 by July 4th.

Since Oil companies are continually posting record profits, it is suffice to say Bush finally did become a successful oil man and earn his father's praise. Unfortunately, it is at the expense of the economy and our checking accounts.

I want to warn you about the "Lets Drill Yellowstone" faction out there who will always argue more drilling is the answer. Several studies prove that this would barely help with prices at all.

Furthermore, more US oil drilling is a temporary band aid and does not provide a long term solution to America's energy problems. We need to ween ourselves off oil, not become more dependent on it. China/India are becoming bigger players in consumption than ever before and thus they will surely cancel out any supply of oil we would find in American anyway. The oil would be sold on the world market too.

There are many factors at play with the rise in gas prices other than just supply/demand.

US occupying a highly violent/unstable Iraq and threatening Iran with war does not help stabilize the market. OPEC's interests are obviously not with helping Americans at the pump either. Bush's pow wow with his Saudi buddies was ineffective in agreeing for them to increase production.

The record low weak dollar is being directly linked to high gas prices. Bush's policies of running up our deficits for his wars by borrowing trillions from China has enabled the Chinese to subsidize their own gas prices, which is keeping world demand from decreasing dramatically because of the high price of oil.

Speculators driving the price up so much that the Federal Government launched a probe into possible oil trading manipulation and publicized their investigation.

I do feel bad because it is almost as US City planners over the past 30 years were on the payroll of Detroit and the oil companies. More and more sprawl was built with no transportation concerns considered at all other than auto and legitimate public transit options were ignored by the populace and local/state/fed municipalities.

Here is a great article about the long term effects of $200 barrel of oil on the world.

Welcome to GW Bush's Oil Thunderdome of Doom and here is a sign to keep up/drink your spirits with a strong public safety message.

Federal Probe into Oil Market Manipulation

The Future of 200 a Barrel Oil

UPDATE:The chief executive of the world's largest energy company has issued the most dire warning yet about the soaring the price of oil, predicting that it will hit $250 per barrel "in the foreseeable future".

Mac Gs World


(This picture was without a doubt a no call)
First off, screw the NBA for having Game 2 of the Finals tip at 9pm est on a Sunday night after game 1 was on a Thursday. Saturday prime time, after the Belmont race would have been perfect but instead it is early Monday morning and I am still up.

Lakers coach Phil Jackson was upset with the free throw disparity in Game 2 and the stat of Boston 38 free throws attempts to the Lakers 10 does rise a few red flags. It was a 19 to 2 advantage for Boston in the first half as well.

Paraphrasing Jackson's opening quote at the post game press conference:

"I am more struck by the fact that Leon Powe gets more foul attempts in 14 minutes of play than our whole entire team. That is Ridiculous"

I agree wholeheartedly on the Zen Master's assessment of the officiating. The Lakers could not get an And One EVER and Powe was getting calls in the first quarter like he was the NBA MVP. (Hint, Hint)

The Celtics were more aggressive but not that more aggressive. I could count at least 7-10 no calls when the Lakers were driving to the hoop.

Regardless, the Lakers D was awful and they did not deserve to win this game. I will save more of my thoughts on the series tomorrow. word

Props to Getty Images for the pictures.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Link Whores

  • The popular culture remnants of 2 girls, one cup lives on in Cake form. Tasty Booze
  • Cool game of guess those breasts. On 205th
  • This video appears fake but staged or not, a good office freak out is always amusing. Loser With Socks
  • The big Aristotle had his jockey gear on at the Belmont over the weekend. Cuzoogle
  • The hard core right wingers will freak out once they find out about this exotic store in Brooklyn were kids are encouraged to come along with mom or dad for a sex toy shopping trip. Then again, the religious homophobes might be too focused on making sure only straight people are allowed to marry and divorce. Brahsome
  • Congrats to one of my favorite tennis babes, Ana Ivanovic, on winning the French Open which is her first grand slam tournament. The Angry T
  • Denise Milani will brighten up your Monday and get you to use "the google" on her. Banned in Hollywod
  • Kayne West's new girlfriend could be a big fan of the Cleveland steamer. Yep Yep
  • Carrie Underwood is a damn good looking softball player. My Chill Pill
  • I wish Nats manager Manny Acta would have a melt down like the Mariners skipper. I can not blame Acta for the crap roster he has been given. GM Jim Bowden is terrible and needs fired. When Kegstands Go Wrong
  • This video of bartending scams pisses me off. I thought only the Corporate restaurant bars that measured out their skimpy shots and tabulated random change amounts on their drinks were the cheaps aholes. These bartenders are straight crooks. Sqwable
  • If you are married or have a gfriend, be sure to read about the type of man she could be cheating on you with. For the single guys out there, it is advice on how to bag some lonely cougars. The Detail Blog

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