Thursday, December 15, 2005

WHAMMY! Vegas Baby!

Do these pictures tell how much the Channel 4 News team was on fire this Halloween in Vegas?
How bout these pictures then?

Unfortunately the girls of Las Vegas tend to cost money, which is really hard to differentiate from your normal free attractive women. Especially on Halloween Nite, since all girls "whore" up their costumes, ( Naughty Nurse, Bad Schoolgirl, Slutty Devil, etc.) and well, only in Vegas, are these girls actually "working" girls. They brought bad karma and would not stop buggin us after the Panic show.

I mean look at Burgundy and his crew? Does it appear that we need to negotiate any financial agreement to have girls hang out with us? Im sorry hanging out with Pimps like us should cost YOU money( My time is free, actually, cuz that's how I roll), and several of these "Agents" ruined my game that nite. I still love Las Vegas, will go back sometime soon, and score for free, Hell I might even go pick up a stripper, ya know, PAYBACK!!

Mrs ANNA Claus, Shut your trap and Look Hot!

Anna Benson has finally turned the corner and has done what Kurt Warner's and Doug Christie's wives could never do, just MUZZLE your mouth and wear something skimpy. It doesnt take much to make a guy forget what stupid things you have said in the past, aka, show some skin to win, Anna. Especially when you have a body like that, WOWSERS, Makes a guy wish he had a 95 mph heater, a career 500 big league record and most importantly to hot chicks, a 22.5 million dollar contract. Im sorry, Anna, No one cares about your opinions on anything really, So Carlos Delgado is against the war and doesnt want to stand for the national anthem, who cares? Please, just SHUT UP! Just put a bikkini on and smile,OHH YES, see, I forgave you already Mrs Naughty Claus, Im not going to call you Mrs Benson either, and yes, F Santa, I want to sit on your lap, I have been a bad boy in 05, spank me please.
Smoking Hot Claus
Anna's Website

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sam Mitchell is NUTS!!

Im sorry for the layoff, I know all 2 of my friends/fans have been dying, I have tuns of new material to put up here, I even came up with All WhiteBread Boy NBA squad, No euros or canadians or Australians allowed, only white Americans, yeah, can you imagine the Talent Pool? The Barry brothers represent like 4.25% of the players I have to choose from, YIKES!! I just read this article today and I had to post 2 tidbits.

I already know Rafael Araujo sucks and never should have been the number 8 pick, I in the 2004 Draft, I kinda feel sorta bad for him, actually not at all. He is in the league, making millions(6mil over 3 years,) having girls throw themseleves at him, Put up with some Boos would ya? then again, he went to BYU, so maybe all the NBA sex is a new distraction or he just really sux, Im going with the latter. Plus, Sam Mitchell is crazy, his quote makes no sense, He tried to fight a player last season, somehow didnt get canned cuz the GM is a moron and I could run his team better than him. Im still trying to figure out what he got in return for trading Vince Carter, obviously no enough. Now, Babcock has hired Gene Keady to be a consultant, whatever that means. Doesnt look good for Sammy Boy, I love the chicken reference though. I sent it to Simmons.
Raptors BLOW

Late during a recent game, the Raptors starting centre took a pass in the paint, did not have a clear shot, put the ball on the floor and then turned it over. Another screw up. A fan then yelled: "Hey Araujo! What's it like to be the worst pick in the history of the NBA! You suck!"

Araujo's impressive NBA stats

"If we brought in a live chicken to practice and told him that he would get better if he chased the chicken around the court, he'd chase the damn chicken. As a coach I'm willing to be patient and the organization is willing to be patient, and it would nice if the fans (would be as well).

"He is getting better."

Sam Mitchell, Coaching Legend