Friday, October 12, 2007

This Wildcat is going to give him something Special

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My Boy Tree makes the USA Today

I try not to talk about my personal life here on Mac G's World but when of my boys makes the pages of the USA today, it is time to give him an official shout out. Joe Andreasen has the rough job of working for the ESPN gameday crew and getting to travel to all these college towns, aka, POON Meccas!

When he is not blasting me with text messages about how "the SEC is the best" or "Joe Torre has ruined the Yankees," he does seem to work his A$$ for Corso, Fowler, Herbstreet and company. I am jealous of his ability to be close to the best poon water fountains in America.

He recaps his experiences in a weekly email and I should start posting them on here. They are pretty classic and hilarious. Here a snippet from last week's trip to Baton Rouge.

Also, don't stand in one place. Louisianna has these pests called fire ants. Holy Sh%&!! However, LSU does bring it when it comes to tailgating. These guys have 4 foot gators on the grill. And I can't think of a more beautiful sight than women's keg stand tournaments!

Maybe 4 hot chicks wearing purple and gold sundresses with purple and gold high heels walking down the street each with a case of beer! They tore up Baton Rouge Saturday night after that thriller. Freakin Crazyyyyyy!!!!!!! The biggest surprise? That the town did not run out of alcohol.

Some gameday signs that come to mind....Tebow wears Jorts......Dont tase me bro.....Seperated at birth? (A pix of Lou Holtz and Sylvester the Cat.)

His nickname is Tree Rat and here is his blurb in today's USA today.

Playing head games with Corso

Each Saturday, Joe Andreasen makes one of the highest-profile handoffs in college football.

Technically, it's more of a head-on: Andreasen, crouching under flamboyant Lee Corso's desk on the set of ESPN's College GameDay, plops a school mascot head on Corso to signify his big-game prediction.

Yes, they actually practice. They first tried to get their timing down on turning Corso into the Southern California Trojan, complete with sword and breastplate.

With each school's heads stashed in ESPN production trailers, says Andreasen, Corso "will take me aside when he's getting makeup for the Friday SportsCenter report to practice.

"He takes it so seriously. He wants to go through it so we don't get heads on backwards." Says Corso: "This is serious business for me."

Andreasen, a freelancer who does other errands for the show and also works on ESPN's college basketball GameDay, almost had a busted play this season when Corso was trying to put on an Alabama elephant head — "it was almost life-size and barely fit in a 40-gallon trash bag" — and it wouldn't go on. "It just got stuck for two seconds, but it seemed like five minutes."

Saturday's show is at Oklahoma, where the Sooners will host Missouri. Andreasen expects to call an audible: "I'm almost sure he'll pick Oklahoma, but they don't have a head. There, we've ended up picking a goofy hat from the crowd."

Here are some pictures from his trips so far this season and Tree, if you are reading this, BRING THE CAMERA TO NORMAN!

USA Today Article

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Machine Knows!

This clip is from last week and should get everyone pumped up for tonight's Office. I wish they would stay with the hour long episodes as 30 minutes is not enough at all.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"I am Not the Frat Bicycle! That Other Slut is!"

What was the world like without Youtube? This video is just awesome.

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Gwen and Christinia with the Pussycat Dolls

I heart Gwen Stefani ever since her No Doubt Days and I would be her groupie in heart beat. Why can not men be groupies? Why do only women get to have no strings sex in the back of a luxurious bus after an all night Tequila binge? Damn Rock Stars. This video is of Gwen with the Pussycat dolls in 2001. She looks hots and that is all that matters.

Here is a video of Christina with the Pussycat dolls. Why are you married to a Douche bag? That guys looks like he could not pick up a girl with a 50 in the red light district. He defines the "out kicked your coverage" moniker. Now you are reproducing with this guy? He must be hung like a horse because it is the only explanation. PLEASE, do not give me the, "he is a great listener," crap either.

Did you hear the Pussycat dolls broke up? Tragic huh? I guess playing "Dont Cha, 10 times every concert was not a sustainable long term plan for musical success.

I just hope the NBA found another group this season to sing their intro songs for their televised games. Those bitches made my ears bleed.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Porn Sunday

This might make me a regular Sabbath attendee and think of giving 10 percent of my booze money to this church. "We're talking about pornography in church because it's a real life issue for real people, and that is what we are." Cool
"It's something that everybody struggles with at some level," said Nicole Suter, who attends The Crux. More than 200 churches nationwide took part in Porn Sunday.

Amen Brother, Amen Brother.

So they are trying to cure "porn addiction" by having people go to this porn service and not using real pornography to lure new church membership. DOH! Damn you FLANDERS!

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Top Ten College Football Tailgates

ESPN came up with another lame top ten tailgating list, which of course infuriates pretty much every college football fan not on this subjective list. I think lists are stupid and is hard for me to compare any of my own tailgate experiences to those of other schools that I have never attended. I was not going to post this list until my boy Hoff daddy fired off this classic response to this list. He took exception to Washington being ranked 4th,with the writers rationale being this:

4. Washington
The main tailgate venues are nothing special, but stern-gating is awesome. Sailing up to Husky Stadium while nibbling Dungeness crab or wild salmon and sipping a bottle of Red Hook or a glass of Chateau St. Michelle is college football's finest experience that doesn't include the USC song girls.
The Hoffdaddy drops his first bomb.

Do you hear how he described Washington " while nibbling Dungeness crab or wild salmon and sipping a bottle of Red Hook or a glass of Chateau St. Michelle is college football's finest experience, and colorado vs. the horshoe so he consulted a friend, give me a break, the other I will not argue.

How about take a midwestern school for example, Iowa, Nebraska, etc) waking up at 6 a.m. for a 11:00 kickoff and taking your first drink of skol vodka after jumping out of bed with the pig you just porked the night before after drinking gin from Thursday to Saturday morning, followed by a chaser of milwaukee's best or classic draft, and proceeding to drink 12 more with a shot or beer bong intermingled between beers.

Sneaking a taster of wickey into the game in your dirty drawers only to leave in the third quarter to drink more and look for the next pig to roast and on and on.

Then you wake up on Sunday afternoon having no clue how you lost a shoe and ended up with four different lighters in your pocket even though you don't smoke but who cares you didn't get arrested just an std that the university health center can handle and time to do it again next week.

I could laugh for days at this because the Hoff daddy witnessed me getting arrested one time in Kinnick stadium. The moral of the story is never take pull of Mag Dog 20/20 if you are 20 and always make sure your frat room can accept collect calls from the county jail. Oh, do not whisper to a cop under your breath that he is an "ahole" as you walk away but most of you should know that by now, I sure do!

Fire Away at this dumb list in the comment section if you want and I am just happy to see some poon hot spots represented on here but I would like more pictures of the poon. I guess this is what happens when you send a writer who is sipping on vino, instead of crushing beer bongs and dominating flip cup. Pussy.

Top Ten College Football Tailgates

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Link Whore

Here is a list of some of my favorite new sites on the series of tubes.

  • Hottest Girls of Myspace
  • I do not think anymore description is necessary but I want to say BRAVO. May the internet stalker skills be with you and screw private profiles.
  • The Hottie Hunter
  • This idea is equally brilliant and the creator is a Mac Gs World homey. Guys like hot chicks, sports and booze. It is not hard to figure out. Now, trying to determine if yes really means yes or if it means no, NOW that is difficult as FU$*!
  • The Coaches Hot Seat
  • Since both of my college teams lost by a combined score of 68-13 last weekend, this blog find by Notorious DEK sparked my interest. I could ramble for 1000 words about Iowa's offense being as sophisticated as Tecmo Bowl 2 or how Marlon Lucky is the most over hyped Husker recruit of all time but I know most people do not care. I am starting to question the amount of time I invest into college football to continually get slapped in the face and pissed on. I know my liver and lungs have about had it. I agree with these rankings of coaches that should or could be fired, even though I highly doubt any thing will happen at Iowa.
  • Big Ten Tailgate
  • I am proud of my newly formed Poon Ninja skills and I consider it a badge of honor to provide others with the joy of hot A$$ poon, however, I need to tip my hat to the person(s) behind Big Ten Tailgate. This site brings it on a consistent basis and my slurp fest is truly genuine. Check out their latest coverage of the Saban is douche and Tebag Tebow T shirts. I think BTT is finding out first hand what it is like to wade into the hatred waters of Nick Saban. It is a very vengeful and vicious surf.

I just had a long rant deleted by blogger which has thrown me for a loop and into the nearest Starfuks. So for my 2 political fans, the post is coming shortly. This post title does not suggest this smoking hot girl with an unbelievable backside is a slut. We have no idea but we have a feeling that we met her in the Borgata lobby last month around 4am. Oh well.

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Fire on Mac G's Mountain

Happy Tuesday. This just fires me up today already as the Republican attack dogs are out slimming a 12 year old kid and his family. I understand that some on the right are against all government spending in every case except to make more endless wars. However, please just argue your fiscal reasons of why that you are against this SCHIP bill and do not try to prove that some kid is poorer than he says. I am used to the typical socialized medicine scare tactics but lay off the 12 year old. Plus once again, it is proved that your cheap tactics are not true.

UPDATE: Here is a great article about the family and the ordeal they have been through.

I might elaborate later on how moronic it was for Bush to veto this bill on the grounds of NOW being a fiscal conservative. He picks a popular children's health care program to draw the line on government spending. Even though under his watch, we have taken our biggest budget surpluses to our highest deficits. Bush has ran our credit card debt up by borrowing from China and cutting off income to pay for it. Cut taxes, spend, and borrow. This is just horrible financial policy and I did not even go to Harvard business school to figure this out.

Bush has been getting bad advice as expanding this program is both good politics and solid policy. The majority of American citizens, large portion of Congress, state governors of both parties and health groups all favor expanding the well run program. 60 billion price tag over 5 years is nothing compared to the 12 billion a week that we will spend on the military over the next year. 450 billion in the defense budget, to go along with 190 billion in additional money for Bush's endless occupations.

Who wants to be on the opposite side of children's health care? I just do not understand it.

A private US intelligence company monitoring the real Islamic terrorist groups uncovered a Osama video before the group was going to release it and informed the Bush Administration. They told them not to tell anyone as it would blow their cover and ruin their work. Of course some Bush staffer, probably motivated by the ability to promote some twisted good news, leaked the video to Fox News.

Within hours it was online and other government agencies were attempting to download the video. The Islamic group with ties to Al Qaeda detected the breach in their system and put up safe guards to prevent the company from accessing their information. The company's intelligence ground work was gone forever in a flash.

These Bush officials are the ones that we are supposed to trust with wire taps and secret programs?

When I read stories like this it cements my beliefs that the administration's national security arguments are not only masquerading their borderline illegal activity but are truly hiding their incompetence when it comes to really protecting America. This type of behavior highlights the lasting remnants of Karl Rove's influence on the White House by creating an environment which constantly promotes politics over policy.

There is an article in the NY Times today describing how the Democratic leadership is ready to cave over the changes to the FISA law. My man Glenn Greenwald argues on his Salon blog today that the proposed House bill actually is not bad as the article portrays and it makes sure not to give the telecom industry retro active immunity from prior law breaking activities.

I have little faith that this version will pass as the Senate Democrats on Intelligence committee are in the back pocket of the telecoms and the whole Legislative branch has shown little moxie in stopping anything that this unpopular overzealous executive branch demands. Greenwald sums up the stakes of this pending legislation quite well in his following post.

There is absolutely no justification whatsoever -- neither substantive nor political -- for expanding the scope of warrantless eavesdropping powers and especially for granting amnesty to lawbreaking telecoms. It is unconscionable even to consider any changes to FISA without full disclosure by the administration of how they used their illegal and secret warrantless eavesdropping powers in the past. In that regard, it is worth emphasizing that the administration from 2001 through 2004 (at least) was engaged in spying on Americans so patently illegal that the entire top level of the DOJ and the FBI Director threatened to quit if it continued -- yet we still do not know what they were doing then. How can that be? There is no justification for permitting that conduct to remain concealed from the American public, let alone from the Congress.

Warrantless eavesdropping and telecom amnesty implicate virtually every critical political value assaulted for the last six years by this administration -- our basic constitutional protections, checks and balances and the rule of law. Capitulation by the Democratic Congress here would eliminate any residual doubt (if there is any) about what this Congress really is. We shouldn't assume the worst unless and until it actually happens, and until it does, everything should be done to prevent that.

Right Wing Groups Smear 12 year old
12 year old's family did need help
White House Leaks video to Fox, ruins pipeline info on Al Queda
Wpost Article on Fox Leak
Gleen Greenwald's Blog on Warrantless Wiretapping
NYTimes Article on FISA law

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Eminem Saves Bron Bron's Night

I was ready to write the headline, "Lebron the fan has an awful night." The Yanks lost their series to the Indians and the Cowboys looked as dead as my hookers until they pulled an unbelievable victory out of their A$$! Cowboy rookie kicker Nick Folk salvaged Lebron's evening after he drilled a 53 yarder at the buzzer for the win. Oh, he has a little Slim Shady look to him too. He saved Tony Romo's hide, who had 5 picks and a fumble.

Last week, King James created an uproar in Cleveland by attending the Game 1 of the ALDS in Cleveland, sporting a Yankees cap. He further irked Indian fans by giving an interview with TBS and being caught by cameras taking the above picture. In his interview with my man Craig Sager, he stated that he has always been a Yankees, Chicago Bulls and Cowboys fan. This opened him up to "front runner" criticism and even Sager razzed Bron Bron team choices.

Listen, I have been a Packers fan my whole life and I have never stepped foot in Green Bay. Granted the Packers did suck most of the time until Favre came along. I do not blame him for liking non Ohio teams. The Yankees struggled throughout the 80s and early 90s. The Cowboys have not won a playoff game in 10 years. Who did not love MJ and the Bulls? I have several buddies who passionately root for those teams and I do not consider them bandwagon fans.

My problem with Bron Bron is being so vocal about his love for the Yankees, knowing that it has potential to rub his Caviler fan base the wrong way. Cheer for the Yanks at your castle or go rent out a box. Do not flaunt it in front of everyone and especially not the same fans that you are going to demand 100 dollars plus a ticket from to see you play next month.

Dreamboat Brady was caught by the paparazzi in Manhattan wearing a Yanks cap. Chowder nation freaked out but It is not like Brady was 10 rows back in Fenway at a Yanks/Red Sox playoff game, holding his hat up or giving interviews. Can you see how idiotic that would be? Brady is even from Cali and Lebron is from Akron.

For someone who wants to be the first billionaire athlete, rooting openly against your hometown team seems counterproductive to that ambitious goal. Or bluntly, it is Dumb A$$ marketing.

Kid Cleveland hits it right on the head by declaring this is what happens when Bron Bron is listening to his best friends for advice. The self proclaimed "four horsemen" seem more like stable jockeys.

Bron takes in Game One of ALDS in Yanks Cap

King James loves the Boys, Bulls and Yanks
Lebron needs better marketing advice
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