Friday, February 27, 2009

Barking Dog Inbounds Play

I am sure the purists will moan but this is a damn clever play.

HT: Deuce of Davenport

Cajun Sexy Cooking

Cajun Boy previews this video:

"Cajun Sexy Cooking" is utterly ridiculous
Someone sent me this last night and I still can't figure out what to make of it. This video titled "Cajun Sexy Cooking" is little more than a brigade of scantily-clad, stripper-ish-looking women, all allegedly from the bayous of south Louisiana mind you, who spend two and a half minutes stirring pots and seductively fondling boiled seafood. I'm completely baffled as to what the point of it all is, but I feel violated by simple virtue of having watched it. It's supposed to be promoting a cookbook or something, but I can't figure it out for the life of me.

He lost me at "scantily-clad" and T&A videos need no purpose on the series of tubes.

Bulls visit the White House

The Chicago Bulls are in town facing the Wizards (Plenty of Seats still Available!) so President Obama invited the Bulls for a White House visit. 

Derrick Rose was impressed with Barry the Baller:
'It was a great experience,'' Bulls rookie point guard Derrick Rose said. ''Usually, you're nervous around a person of his stature and power, but he made us feel at ease. He was like one of the guys. He was laughing and joking with us and knew everybody on the team by name.
The 26-32 and constantly underachieving Bulls get a WH visit? Come on now.  Using this logic, the winless 13 year old boys basketball team that I coach should have an official ceremony. 

Alright, I better get in on these WH pick up games.
David Axelrod, the president's senior adviser, was a longtime Bulls season ticket holder and also attended the visit.

''The president chatted with the players and said he was converting the tennis court out back here into a basketball court,'' Axelrod said. ''He invited them to come and play pickup with him in the summer.
As a six foot aging white guy with no hops, I want no part of the games with the Bulls. However, I will toss some mad elbows around and blast some out of shape White House staffers with crushing picks. 

Reggie Love does not scare me either.  I know Rahmbo could use some smacking around after his recent New Yorker fellatio by Ryan Lizza. 

Due to Obama's White Sox fandom, Ozzie Guillen and club are destined to score an Oval Office visit this summer. Those Guillen quotes should be outstanding. 

Oh, Dick Vitale, I glossed Obama with a dope basketball nickname over a year ago: Barry the Baller.  Mine is much cooler slang than Commander in Swish. 

Picture HT: Bullets Forever

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Image of the Day

The major complaint of my entire professional life is summed up in this one image.

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Old School Panic Attack

It does not get any better than a video of John Bell and Michael Houser tearing up Bloodkin's "Who Do You Belong To?" in a 2000 Vermont radio station studio performance. Enjoy the tasty tune.

Props to my boy BC for the link and my Widespread Panic show total for 2000 was only 10 because of a summer internship on Capitol Hill with the Democratic party. 

Panic tour flashbacks make the cube day go by soooo much faster. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"I'm Just Living the Dream"

I almost forgot how much I enjoy this scene in Wedding Crashers.

"Funerals are insane, the chicks are so horny that it is not even fair."

Image of the Day

So this is what Chris Rock is talking about when he says that men only need a crease. 

HT: The High Definite

The Michele Obama Gun Show

At last night's big speech in the US Capitol, the new first lady provided some bi partisanship flavor of her own by making Republicans swoon.

Even the Republican lawmakers went gaga. When Michelle Obama walked in, one young Republican House member turned to a colleague and mouthed, "Babe." 

I was surprisingly impressed with Michelle's guns.

America overwhelmingly loved President Obama's speech and Governor Kenneth the Page's Bobby Jindal's Republican response was universally panned.

Cajun Boy, the blogosphere expert on all things Louisiana, dissects Jindal's message. 

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Not Many Girls can Climb the Pole"

Although I still have not seen the critically acclaimed "Wrestler" yet, there is no doubt that Mickey Rourke is a genuine comeback story. His acceptance speech at the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday is an instant 2009 pop culture classic and could be one of the reasons that Sean Penn beat him out for the Oscar statue.

The Academy was deathly afraid of a Rourke victory speech or they just did personally like the guy because he spent the last decade and change blasting these very same people.

Rourke is still one crazy mofo/bad ass.   

HT: AOL's Moviephone

Sunday Night with Kenny Powers or Hugh Jackman? Hmmmm, Fire it Up Kenny!

"Lets Pump Some Iron, Bitches"

Episode 2 of Eastbound and Down still fired the A game funny heat last night on HBO and the do not delete function on my TIVO season pass is permanently entrenched. 

Kenny Powers' arrogant ego is stroked with him landing a celebrity appearance gig at a car dealership, who's owner is played by Will Ferrell.

Kenny eventually melts down again and ends up at a high school dance, rolled out on X.

Here are 2 clips from Videogum:

The car gig spurred my favorite Powers one liner of the show: "I'm back in the spotlight, right where I belong."

Kenny turns 200 bucks into 15 notes. 

Videogum has another video and a nice recap.