Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hottie Purrrr Kats Hurler Shuts Out Lady Vols for Championship

Mac G's World congratulates the Arizona lady Wildcats on their 5-0 victory over the Tennessee Vols for the 2007 NCAA Softball title. Apologies to Mr Stokke, but I pay more attention to girls sports when the girls are hot, like these purrrrrrrrrrring kats. MEOW!

Star pitcher Tarnye, "N is for Naughty" Mowatt led the PurrrKats to the title, by hurling all 60 innings of the tournament. Taryne, "E is for Entertaining" can compete with former U of A hottie pitcher Jennie Finch on and off the ball diamond.

I believe Tarnye's, "Y is for Yum," championship victory was inspired by the pep talk her sister posted on her myspace comments section.

PLEASE do me a big favor and beat tennesse they are sooo hard to look Monica Abbot belongs on a a horse....haha. and the third basemen...dont even get me started with her hair...haha everytime she goes on the screen i laugh and say DIKE! okay okay...i wont be too
UPDATE: Mowatt goes for ESPY
The Big Lead
Taryne Mowatt's Myspace page
Arizona Wins Title

Mac Gs World


Anonymous said...

hey man, its gardner. jeff sent me your site. very funny. i'll def be checking back daily. later

Donald said...

Dude, have you seen a close-up of her? Yikes... that skin.

Sooze said...

I bet skin cancer is going to suck.

Anonymous said...

Stay classy Tucson...

Anonymous said...

taryne mowatt is awsome

Anonymous said...

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