Friday, May 02, 2008

"Of Course, Im From Georgia, Republic of Georgia, Baby"

Zaza Pachulia and Kevin Garnett got into a barking match in Game 4 in Atlanta. Zaza was asked after the game if he was intimated by KG.

Check out his answer, starting at 2:00 mark.

Do not mess with the Republic of Georgia BABY!

Zaza has some sweet club music bouncin on his website. It is hard not to expect the music selection after seeing what the Hawks put on the big screen when Zaza's starts.

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thanks to Yahoo/Getty Images for the picture

Electability Debate, Colbert vs Colbert

Stephen had me choking in laughter with this comedic masterpiece video. Colbert debates himself and cleverly mocks the circular logic of electability.

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The Empire Strikes Barack

This Star Wars video is the best summary of the past month in the Democratic Presidential Primary race. Please send it on to everyone.

Here is the best perspective that I have seen about the recent media's obsession of Rev. Wright from a journalist on TV. Paraphrasing:

There is no guilt by association. Wright has one set of views, Obama has another set of views. If the views match up, then it's fair game. But Obama's been in politics since the mid-90s.

He has a record in the State Senate in Illinois. He has a record in the US Senate. He's laid out an agenda as a presidential candidate. Where do his views match up with Jeremiah Wright's? And why as journalists are we confusing the two?

It seems to me totally unfair that this guy is getting smeared with the views of someone just because he's his former pastor.

Here is a great take about the double standard placed upon crazy black church leaders compared to nut job white ones.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

"I Kick My Root Down, I Put My Root Down"

It is time to get back to the roots here on Mac G's World and this means showing some of my favorite type of hot chicks, tennis babes.

Check out Anna on the beach courtesy of Club House Cancer and I hope crab season is not coming early this year.

A top ten list full of my favorite tennis hotties awaits your enjoyment at When Keg Stands Go Wrong.

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One Down, Two to Go

If anyone in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington DC heard 2 loud screams shortly after 8:30pm est last night, it was not a case of domestic abuse but just me yelling as the result of these 2 plays.

The odds are still long for the Wizards to win the series but all of the pressure is now on Lebron James to close them out. The Wiz are supposed to lose to the King.

I feel more karma payback for the Jay Z dis song upcoming.

Darius Songalia did not punch Lebron either even though on TNT's angle it appears that way. I was watching the local DC Comcast TV and they had another camera angle, which it clearly shows Lebron's arm was hooked inside Darius' arm.

Lebron pulled his arm out, causing Darius's hand to fly towards him. I hope the NBA sees the real angle and does not rely solely on TNT's shot for future punishment.

Caron Butler reminded everyone last night he is an all star and good to see that he finally realized that Wally Szczerbiak is trying to check him in this series.
A final word from Butler, who has not participated in the goofy stuff throughout this series and was a little ticked off by it:

"Don't judge this team by comments," he said. "LeBron made a statement: 'these guys are talkers' but unless you hear something from the captains, which would be myself and Antawn, don't label that as the team. I'm the voice of this team and Antawn is the spiritual and emotional leader so unless you hear it from one of us, keep it moving."

Check out Bullets Forever for all information that you need on this series.

Thanks to Yahoo Sports/Getty Images for the sick Tuff Juice photo
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Link Whores

  • A guide to this weekend's infield at the Kentucky derby with pictures. I have raged in the Preakness infield two times. It was a cross between Spring break with chicks getting naked and people viewing of a Nascar race. Basically, it was awesome. Don Chavez
  • KY has a new product to ignite couples with their lube. Tasty Booze
  • Peyton rips his OL a new one in this video. I love Jim Sorgi playing the role of peacemaker. Sportscrack
  • Vivid Entertainment is busting out a Jimi Hendrix sex tape. He is rocking 2 chicks at the same time. Brahsome
  • A must read top 11 list Buzz Blowhardinger's blogger blast. Epic Carnival
  • Raptors coach Sam Mitchell is still employed for now. Cuzoogle
  • Sarah Harding is giving men wood with her promotion of the new WII fitness. On 205th
  • Ask a true Redskins fan their thoughts on Adam Archuleta and an insult is sure to be hurled about. The worst part is Adam is definitely bored of blasting his sizzling model wife. Holy Taco
  • Ronaldo ended up with some tranies. I thought this only happened to white American on a Mexican spring break trip. When Keg Stands Go Wrong
  • Bloggers are signing Erin Andrews 30th Bday card. Go join in the fun and one word, motorboat. Busted Coverage
  • Remember our girl Ashley Dupree, I mean Spitzer's whore Kristen. She was trying to sue Girls Gone Wild founder for trying to sell a tape she made when she was younger. Here is the tape of her giving consent to use her on the video. She will still cash out with someone. Lucky Her. Co-Ed Magazine
  • I would love to run more outside if I could see these hottie track coed athletes. Uncoached

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The Future of Sports Journalism is DUMB and Unrecoverable

Check out this clever video of Buzz Blowhardinger's HBO rants and be sure to watch the ending.

I am trying not to beat this Will Leitch/Buzz Bissinger story into the ground because there are plenty of more intelligent writers who post on sports "blog" type sites for a real pay check that are much more eloquent than me on this topic.

While I am offended by his narcissistic John McCain like views of our world/future, it does not strike a deep chord in me because it is not my livelihood.

Plus, it is hard to reason or convince a crazy ranting old man. Maybe Will should have asked him for some of his Prozac.

I just find the whole thing shocking and amusing but not in a good or bad way. I have no idea if that makes any sense.

Taking Dickinger's advice, I will refrain from writing any more on this blog until I finish the W.C. Heinz columns that I am going to read tonight on microfilm at the city library.

Screw watching the Wizards elimination game as my whole existence as a sports "writer" depends on ingesting Heinz's literary wisdom.

I hear Horse Racing and Boxing are popular.

Props to Zubaz Pants Sports for creating the video.

Will Leitch's final thoughts about all things Bissinger on Deadspin and here is video of Will's appearance on Best Damn Sports show.

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Barry the Baller Mix Tape

HT: On 205th

More Photos of Barry O chillin with the Tar Heel Hoop team.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Leitch Entered the Bissinger Saw

To be honest to my readers, I met Deadspin's founder Will Leitch a few months ago on his book tour. He was insightful, funny, and overall, a very cool guy. We shared some beers and heaters. I read Deadspin but not faithfully everyday.

I just finished watching this HBO Bob Costas show on Sports Media where Leitch was on a panel with Browns WR Braylon Edwards and writer Buzz Bissinger, who penned the literary sports classic novel, "Friday Night Lights."

Costas starts off with a question to Leitch about the negative tone of sports blogs. Leitch refutes that there is nothing different on sports blogs that humans do not spout through spoken word in their normal daily lives.

Buzz begins the panel discourse with the following pompous comment toward Leitch that says all you need to know about Bissinger and his true intentions for appearing on this show.

"I want to interject that I think you are full of shit."

How do you have a reasonable discussion when a man starts the conversation with this low barb?

Bissinger continued to use profanity towards Will on several occasions and spewed the same old tired characterizations of all sports bloggers, which that they are idiots who can not write.

Leitch rose above Bissinger's bait of petty personal attacks and articulated his points quite well. Leitch is pretty in tuned to the role of sports blogs and fans. Deadspin's popularity and success is example enough.

Plus, Will correctly mentions that
running a blog is hard Fn work and some bloggers (ME) do it as a hobby.

Costas and Bissinger seemed bizarrely confused as to the difference between the words of commenters and an author of a blog post.

Later, Costas raved about the need for the sports journalism profession and listed Woodward and Bernstein as an example. This analogy is just laughable in written word as it was on first Television consumption.

Bissinger closed the show by calling Leitch, "Jimmy Olson on percocet," and blamed his blog for the future dumbing down of America.

Yeah, it was a jaw dropping segment. Bissinger looked like a cranky old man with a serious axe to grind.

I could get all worked up at Bissinger and respond to his classless attacks on sports bloggers, however, why bother?

If people do not like Mac G's World, they can stop reading or click on somewhere else. It is that simple. "Blowhardinger" seems to miss this crucial point and is too busy having a corollary ("40 YEARS in this Business!") over lame dick jokes by commenters while hypocritically cussing up a storm himself on live TV.

I thought Andy Rooney was the face of the out of date, crusty media white man in media but Buzz Dickinger now has that notorious smug crown.

Gotta jam as it is time to take the NBC show "Friday Night Light's" off my NetFlix que.

Once I can locate some video, I will post it.

Blowhardinger fallout is slowing coming in and predictably, bloggers see the same senile old man.

MJD at Fanhouse

Fire Joe Morgan
Awful Announcing
Brainwashed Drone of the Imperial Great Satan
Dan Shanoff
We Are The Postmen
Matt Perrault

Here is a snippet of Costas describing Deadspin commenters talking about Sean Salisburyfuture job prospects. Bob might have lost it if he found out what they probably said about "Lil Sean."

thanks to Fanhouse for the picture

UPDATE:Will Leitch Posts on the Show

UPDATE: II Awful Announcing has video of the sports blog piece and Buzz Dickinger's sophomoric meltdown.

The Sports Blog Video

The Panel "Discussion," staring Krusty the Bissinger. AA loves him some NOFX and the ending is cut off on this video. Krusty got in one final cheap blast.

UpdateIII: Awesome New Bissinger Video
More Takes

UPDATE IV:Will Leitch's final thoughts about all things Bissinger on Deadspin and here is video of Will's appearance on Best Damn Sports show.

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Rockin in the ATL

It was the Joe and Josh show last night in the ATL as the Hawks upset the Boston Celtics to tie their series up at two games a piece.

Phillips Arena was rockin all night and there was no bigger burst of noise than after this sik crossover move/make by Joe Johnson.

Celts Forward Leon Powe had to check his ankles to see if they were broken.

I should send this picture to Bill Simmons because I am sure he screamed at his TV repeatedly last night wondering why Doc did not double team Joe Johnson.

Oh, Did anyone else see the blond sitting at the scores table in a green shirt with the nice rack? Every time the camera flashed to Doc Rivers, I could see her great cleavage line directly behind Doc. I pick up on these essential details as I am skillful/dirty like that.

Thanks TNT and overall, there was some great eye candy talent in the crowd last night.


(Thanks to Getty Images and for the pictures.)

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Monday, April 28, 2008

F You Live Nation, May I Have Another?

If you have ever endured an economics class, you definitely remember the supply and demand charts.

Click on this picture to see first a hand example of monopolist price gouging and exploitation of demand.

This is not misprint as it was $11 for a 24 oz can of domestic brew and $12 for an import! WTF!

I enountered this sign upon entry to the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek. I was in Raleigh,NC over the weekend trip to see 2 killer Widespread Panic shows. (More on the epic performances later)

It is burdensome enough to endure outrageous concert ticket prices(200 bucks for 4 tickets) where a large portion of your expenses go to convenience fees(60 bucks) which make little sense, then the Corporate behemoth follows it up with these outrageous beer prices.

Where do I grab my ankles? I felt like the poor Hazara boy in the movie/book Kite Runner.

To be fair, for 9 bones you were able to score a 20 oz domestic draft. STEAL, I tell ya.

People will complain about gas prices until we die or people stop driving everywhere and our governments invest in more/better mass transit systems, but double digits for a beer should cause riots.

I officially want to say F the man or woman who came up with these ahole prices in a Live Nation corporate boardroom. I understand the leverage a music venue has on beer prices but Live Nation's OPEC like behavior shows little regard toward its customers. SO F U.

I am assuming Live Nation is making money off these prices by their $9-10.50 a beer profit margins and I do have a choice of not going to see my favorite band play in a sweet arena but I can still bitch about it.

I did not want to enable such a cruel business policy so I painstakingly refrained from buying any beer on Saturday night.

I retaliated in the only way a consumer can in our capitalistic society as I do have some principles whereas obviously Live Nation's reside in corporate greed over their consumer's full concert enjoyment.

I know the Corp Man does not care but F YOU, Live Nation.

I hope your stock price tanks because your overall business model is a shitty one.

Something is wrong in America when it is cheaper to do drugs than get drunk.

"Please, pass the Crack Pipe Pookie?I have a tall boy can up my ass and Live Nation's suds are too expensive to cure the pain."

PS. Do not worry about my sobriety as we snuck a flask in.
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