Thursday, May 01, 2008

One Down, Two to Go

If anyone in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington DC heard 2 loud screams shortly after 8:30pm est last night, it was not a case of domestic abuse but just me yelling as the result of these 2 plays.

The odds are still long for the Wizards to win the series but all of the pressure is now on Lebron James to close them out. The Wiz are supposed to lose to the King.

I feel more karma payback for the Jay Z dis song upcoming.

Darius Songalia did not punch Lebron either even though on TNT's angle it appears that way. I was watching the local DC Comcast TV and they had another camera angle, which it clearly shows Lebron's arm was hooked inside Darius' arm.

Lebron pulled his arm out, causing Darius's hand to fly towards him. I hope the NBA sees the real angle and does not rely solely on TNT's shot for future punishment.

Caron Butler reminded everyone last night he is an all star and good to see that he finally realized that Wally Szczerbiak is trying to check him in this series.
A final word from Butler, who has not participated in the goofy stuff throughout this series and was a little ticked off by it:

"Don't judge this team by comments," he said. "LeBron made a statement: 'these guys are talkers' but unless you hear something from the captains, which would be myself and Antawn, don't label that as the team. I'm the voice of this team and Antawn is the spiritual and emotional leader so unless you hear it from one of us, keep it moving."

Check out Bullets Forever for all information that you need on this series.

Thanks to Yahoo Sports/Getty Images for the sick Tuff Juice photo
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Johnny Utah said...

it is karma for the diss, lebron got too big for his britches biatch.

GMoney said...

The best news for the Wiz is that the Cavs MVP, Arenas, is out now. God, he sucks something fierce.

As a Cavs fan, I'm not worried. Your chump team isn't beating the King 3 times in a row. We will be celebrating on your floor tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

um... who said the king was supposed to beat the wizards? espn, foxsports, and sports illustrated panels all had the majority of writers picking the wizards to win. your statements seems a little bizarre.