Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rockin in the ATL

It was the Joe and Josh show last night in the ATL as the Hawks upset the Boston Celtics to tie their series up at two games a piece.

Phillips Arena was rockin all night and there was no bigger burst of noise than after this sik crossover move/make by Joe Johnson.

Celts Forward Leon Powe had to check his ankles to see if they were broken.

I should send this picture to Bill Simmons because I am sure he screamed at his TV repeatedly last night wondering why Doc did not double team Joe Johnson.

Oh, Did anyone else see the blond sitting at the scores table in a green shirt with the nice rack? Every time the camera flashed to Doc Rivers, I could see her great cleavage line directly behind Doc. I pick up on these essential details as I am skillful/dirty like that.

Thanks TNT and overall, there was some great eye candy talent in the crowd last night.


(Thanks to Getty Images and Boston.com for the pictures.)

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