Friday, May 02, 2008

"Of Course, Im From Georgia, Republic of Georgia, Baby"

Zaza Pachulia and Kevin Garnett got into a barking match in Game 4 in Atlanta. Zaza was asked after the game if he was intimated by KG.

Check out his answer, starting at 2:00 mark.

Do not mess with the Republic of Georgia BABY!

Zaza has some sweet club music bouncin on his website. It is hard not to expect the music selection after seeing what the Hawks put on the big screen when Zaza's starts.

Mac Gs World

thanks to Yahoo/Getty Images for the picture


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Zaza knows people in Georgia who can get things done, if you know what I mean.

GMoney said...

Where's the pro-Wiz post!!! As Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and Steve Gutenberg once sang:

Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight.