Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dirty Diapers and Afternoon Delight with Blowjob Bob

Mac G's World has been hammering the dirty Republicans and rightfully so. I have never been one to be against kicking someone when they are down and especially after the continuous national nightmare that we live in or otherwise known as the Bush Presidency.

Back in 1998, then Congressman and now publicly shamed sleezebag Vitter did not like the actions of one President Bill Clinton and thought he should be impeached because he was morally unfit to govern.

Once again, a reference to the ambiguous "morality."

Is it moral to send 19 year olds to die? Is it moral to cut social programs for poor children? Is it moral to be against stem cell research? Is it moral to keep cheap drugs and medicine away from Americans? Is it moral to cut off funding for veterans hospitals? Is it moral to take the pensions away from life long workers?

Is it moral to have government officials lie to their citizens about reasons to start a war, illegal spying programs, and firing attorneys for clear political reasons? Is it moral to rip immigrant families apart? Is it moral to torture people we do not like or hold them indefinitely without a trial? Is it moral to never ever criticize and question the actions of our democratic elected government?

While you ponder your own definition of "morality", Vitter ripped Clinton by day and got his freaky icky on with a call girl at night.

We're talking about, among other things, Diaper Fetishism. That's right folks, according to a trusted inside source, Vitter was well known among other Canal Street Brothel patrons to like diapers as well as other bizarre "fetishes".

I want to reiterate, God Bless a Man for getting his kinks off! Diapers are not my thing but whatever you need Mr. Bible Beater to make Mr. Happy smile is fine by me. I enjoyed a good Tucker Max story back in the day when before he was a loser dork with an inflated ego living off his pseudo fame and producing make believe crap literature. I read Savage Love weekly for entertainment and a reminder that there are FAR bigger freaks out there than Mac G Daddy. (Note to my 8 readers, I have a Bday coming up, Send ANAL Beads!)

Speaking of JC Thumpers, it looks like Florida State Rep Robert Allen and Vitter like hypocrite was busted for trying to get a hum piece. It gets even juicer.

Officers say they noticed Allen acting suspicious as he went in and out of the men's restroom 3 times. Minutes later, he solicited an undercover male officer inside the restroom, offering to perform oral sex for $20.

This was poorly worded it makes it seem that Allen was paying the undercover for the BJ, nope it was your usual John Deal.
  • First, a public restroom in a park? Those places are super disgusting just to take a leak, let alone blow some baby batter in. Gross.
  • 20 bucks is the going rate for a BJ? I was thinking more like 40-60. I have no first hand knowledge, once again, from a friend. Allen not only hates gays and abortions, but is a cheap bastard too.
  • The John McCain campaign has had a rough week. They are broke and his loyal longtime advisers have quit on him. Guess who is the co-chair in charge of his Florida campaign? Blow Job Bobby!
The Down with Tyranny Blog Sums up these 2 scum bags quite well.

There is a difference between Allen and Vitter. Vitter likes women prostitutes and supports the cross-dressing candidate for president. Allen's into the male variety and supports the most senile of the GOP contenders.

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"All I Wanna Do is a Zoom-Zoom-Zoom-Zoom and a BOOM, BOOM!"

Here is video of a Gred Oden's interview with stellar Blogger Miss Gossip. She gets right to the good juicy stuff of asking about the origination of the famous "Bump and Grind" picture. Enjoy. Oden needed a nickname and I am going with RUMP SHAKER.

Anyone have any suggestions for Oden nicknames?
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Cry Me A River

House Republican leader has a quote today that I wanted to highlight.

Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, was biting in his criticism of Republicans who have parted company with Bush on the war. "Wimps," he called them in closed-door comments confirmed by an aide.

So Republican Senators, who are listening to their constituents about getting the F out of Iraq, are pussies but big bad John Boehner, who cries repeatedly and repeatedly in public, is not?

Mac G is OK with showing some emotion once in awhile and I have done plenty at the end of the bottle. Those Devil Women, "F You Veronica Corningstone!"

I do not get my macho man on right after breaking down, Johnny Boy. American kids are dying in Iraq every day, while our US foreign policy is stuck in denial rewind.
The same broken policy that you, John, continue to blindly support and call people names that do not.

A September report from the General will contain the same stale quotes of, "We are making progress," or "We need more time." This will not change anything at all. It just stalls the clock out more for the Administration's political reasons. In the meantime, chaos continues and American soldiers keep DYING!

Sweet Leadership and POP goes the GOP Caucus.

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Superbad is going to be BAD A$$


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga"

Sorry no X rated reference, only the New Album that came out yesterday by one of my favorite bands, Spoon. It is getting great reviews and could really blow this band's popularity up even more this summer. Take a Listen.

Spoon Review
Stream New Album
Spoon Myspace

"What Does it Take to Get My Number off the DC Madam List?"

My main problem with the republican party is their so called "Moral" base coalition, which makes up a large portion of their voters.

They define what is "moral" or not. They blame liberals and Hollywood for the decay of culture. Whatever that means. Because violence, sex, and bad language first began in this country once Movies/TV began to show them and musicians started to sing about them. We should go back to the good ole days of the 50s, where women stayed in the kitchen, husband/wife slept in different beds and minorities had separate public bathrooms. The Good Ole Days!

Do not tell me how to lead my life and then behave in the exact opposite of what you are preaching. Save your sermons for your house and place of worship and far away from public policy debates.

This has never been so apparent than Louisiana Senator Vitter admitting hiring hookers from the DC Madam.

I could care less whether or not Vitter cheats on his wife and enjoys trips to Nawlins brothels. He can dress up in drag and get dildo stuck up his A$$. Who cares? I am more bothered by his hypocritical views. He argued vehemently against gay marriage and the importance of protecting traditional marriage. The whole time he was an adulterer.

Vitter clarified a remark suggesting that "gay marriage is more important that hurricane relief:"
"What I meant," Vitter said, is that "the existence or non-existence of a stable, loving, two-parent household" is the most significant predictor of success in life.

Vitter immediately went to the G O D card defense. No one can attack me once I get God's forgiveness. This is the same twisted logic that let Bush off from taking responsibility for being a drunk until he was 40, once he found God, it did not matter what he did the first 40 years of his life. Total BS.

Vitter's rapid fire media response was impressive and it turns out he knew it was COMING, pun intended. And guess who strikes again? Larry Flynt and Hustler magazine( trashy magazine, great website, a friend told me!)

The same Flynt, who recently offered a million dollars to anyone who could expose a politician, knew Vitter's number was on the DC Madam's client list.

Glenn Greenwald of Salon sums this Vitter family values crock of crap quite well.

So, to recap: in Louisiana, Vitter carried on a year-long affair with a prostitute in 1999. Then he ran for the House as a hard-core social conservative family values candidate, parading around his wife and kids as props and leading the public crusade in defense of traditional marriage.

Then, in Washington, he became a client of Deborah Palfrey's. Then he announced that amending the Constitution to protect traditional marriage was the most important political priority the country faces. Rush Limbaugh, Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich supported the same amendment.

As always, it is so striking how many Defenders of Traditional Marriage have a record in their own broken lives of shattered marriages, multiple wives and serial adultery. And they never seek to protect the Sacred Institution of Traditional Marriage by banning the un-Christian and untraditional divorces they want for themselves when they are done with their wives and are ready to move on to the next, newer model. Instead, they only defend these Very Sacred Values by banning the same-sex marriages that they don't want for themselves.

Whether it is Revernd Haggard's preaching against sinful behavior while he did meth and screwed a gay hooker or Foley sponsoring bills for missing children at the same time he was sending dirty text messages to teenage boys, it is just pathetic two face behavior. Not the gay behavior part but the supporting of laws against the behavior they declare that is "immoral" and then partaking in the same behavior.

Sex is non partisan as anything and I am sure some democrats were clients but here here is a recap of some moral republican sex scandals.

As expected, the MSM is missing the true part of the Vitter story, his hypocrisy not his hooker fetish.

Happy Hydro Humpday

Hawaiian Hottie HydroSlides! - Funny videos are here

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Smash My Pumpkin Heads

Halloween has come early in the Nation's Capitol. DC has officially gone Pumpkin CRAZY!! Check out this link. The Smashing Pumpkins are back on tour with a new album and having their CD release concert this evening at the 930 club.

The 930 club is one the best rock clubs on the east coast and holds probably 1500-2000 people. It is all GA seating. Rabid fans are offering $200 plus to buy a ticket and scalpers' hostage prices start at $350.

The entertaining part has been reading some of the offers on Craigslist. In order to limit scalpers and increase attendance of true fans, there was a 2 ticket limit and all tickets were will call. The person who's name was on the purchasing credit card has to attend and can bring one guest with them. This policy has led to unbelievable offers for their extra ticket.

Everyone wants a hot chick for a date and needs a photo for proof. Further proving my theory that life is easier for hot chicks. It might be a white male dominated society but any sexy chick can put on a short skirt and get whatever she wants. Guaranteed. Mac G puts on his usual summertime wife beater and gets JACK.

Everyone will get the other person drunk. The American Way: barter booze and the chance of sex for a concert ticket to see a a group with only 2 of the remaining members in it. How Low Will You GO?

I might just go down to the club to observe if anyone gets into a fight because they are forced to stand in line with the person who just bent them over for 250 bucks more than they paid for the ticket because their DSL connection was faster. NOW that is entertainment!

I was going to write all about Corgan and his milking of the cash cow one last time. However, I have had WAY too much Smashing Pumpkins knowledge in my brain for one day.

Pearl Jam and Nirvana blew them out of the water. Morphine and Blind Mellon were far better bands as well. Read here and here for your Smashing Pumpkins trip down memory lane.

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Craiglist offers.

UPDATE: Pictures from 930 Club Show

Monday, July 09, 2007

"Dr. Rockso, Back Off Man"

Lindsay Lohan, Bill Maas, Kate Moss, Robert Downey Jr and Michael Irvin all have something in common. Dr. Rockso is their favorite musician and they love the Booga Sugga! kakakakaka yeiiiiiii

Case of the Mac G Mondays

Busy weekend in Peoria, Illinois, aka, "Ptown." Ex-NFL DLineman and current NFL Fox broadcaster, Bill Maas got pulled over and busted with a loaded gun, 6 grams of blow, 5 grams of herb, and 22 pills of E. He was with a 27 year old chick, over half his age. Now this is my kind of party animal!! He should be in Vinnie Chase's crew. I do not understand the need for loaded guns but whatever, maybe from stopping others like the Wire's Omar from stealing his stash.

Did Maas know that Bonnaroo was over 2 weeks ago? Lollapalooza is not until August either. He allowed the cops to search his car after he looked nervous, another bonehead move. I have seen enough Cops episodes and consulted with a few attorneys to realize the cops have to have a reason to search your vehicle. Once you allow them, it is over.

Mass used to be married to Dan Marino's sister and Marino hates him.(scroll down for story) Maas sat in jail all day before anyone realized who he was and cops are still wondering what he was doing in Ptown. Do not all people that live in Ptown ask themselves that same question? Sorry Racho, I had to do it.

UPDATED: Mug Shot Time.

Good Ole Brian Urlacher is being accused by his baby mama to send these type of text messages.

Go to hell you f------ ----."

"Grow the f--- up and quit praying and get a job."

"You're a f------ fruit cake."

"Your raising a little p---y."

Elijah Dukes still has him beat. It turns out his baby mama sounds pretty Fn NUTS. She sued some Lord of the Dance star, Michael Flatley, for raping her. The case has been thrown out and this dancer is now counter suing her. Urlacher sounds like quite the white trash father already by already calling his 2 year old a pussy. I wonder how a 2 year old does NOT become a pussy? I am perplexed.

Further Proof that Sports Blogs are becoming increasingly more relevant and taking over the sports world. A blog post from a Seattle Mariners' Blog about Mariners pitcher King Felix throwing too many fastballs was given to the Mariners pitching coach. He showed it to King Felix, who then blanked the A's 4-0 by mixing in more breaking balls.

I would write a letter to the Orioles and Nats coaches about how Chris Ray and Austin Kearns both suck and should be demoted. Honestly, I have stopped caring. When do NFL training camps begin?

Roger Federer is the freaking man and pure magician with the tennis racket! Sunday's match was some of the best tennis that I have ever watched. Federer was pushed to the limit by Nadal and turned it up a notch in the 5th set to claim his fifth straight Wimbledon title. Federer is arguably one of the best tennis players ever and Nadal could be the best clay court player ever. Federer is 25 and Nadal is 22. I can not wait for the possible rematch in the US Open.

Miss New Jersey is being blackmailed by an anonymous person, who is threatening to release naked photos of her unless she gives up her crown. Is the New Jersey crown worth going to the federal prison over? Will they not be pulling high dollar tricks at a Atlantic City casino in 5 years anyway? I love how Jersey girls and naked pictures go hand in hand. I have a funny feeling my friend and current Jersey resident Scooter might be up to something. He loves him some Jersey.

Near triple digit temps in the nation's capitol and a massive hangover sent Mac G scurrying for AC on 7/7/07. I was rewarded by checking out the Live Earth concerts in HD. Foo Fighers put on the best show by far, Dave Grohl was just rocking it. Roger Waters, Madonna, and the Police had amazing performances as well.

I was impressed with the positive message of the performers and how the world can be united around the idea of leaving the earth in better condition for future generations. This is not a political issue of right vs left but of course this did not stop the US conservative right from attacking the purpose of the concerts.

I do not have the energy to destroy the conservative position on global warming. It is hard to have honest policy debate about solutions when one side continually denies the existence of a true problem.

I was pissed and not surprised to find out that Al Gore had wanted the US show to be in front of the capitol on the national mall. Global Warming hater, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe blocked the show on the grounds of the event being political. Even though Republican Senator Oylimpia Snow had cosponsored the bill for the concert.

Inhofe is the ranking member of Senate committee that deals with environmental issues and he is pretty much insane. He thinks God will settle out the environment and he hates gay people too. On the Senate floor last year, he showed a picture of his family and proclaimed proudly that no one in his family is gay. I guess maybe I am finally glad that I am a oppressed DC citizen with no representation in the US Senate than have Jilted James as my representative. Poor Boomer Sooners.

The Native American Museum did salvage some pride for the DC. They allowed a few musical acts on their grounds, highlighted by Garth Brooks.

Happy MONDAY!!!!


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