Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hurricane Watch: Hanna vs Gustav

This picture sums up Hurricane Gustav's projected storm path towards the Bayou.

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Picture of the Day

Suck It Pigs!

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The Repo Man LOVES George W Bush's America

I always thought just defense contractors and oil companies were the financial benefactors of George W Bush's era of governance. I forgot about the Repo Man. Dude is killing and he will even take a deaf man's hearing aid.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chuggin in the Wrigley Bleachers

Although this beer probably cost more than the base ball, it was sure a nice catch by the dude man.

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Beer and The Daily Show

Two of my favorite things are beer and The Daily Show. It is great to see them combined together. After viewing this hilarious segment, I wanted to bust out my old Budweiser hat and yell: "Whaaaasssssssssuuuupppppp!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tennis Poon

Two weekends ago, Matt from Sportscrack hooked me up with 2 tickets to the final of the Legg Mason Washington DC tennis tournament. It was Miss So Belle's first professional tennis match and we watched Argentina's Juan Martin Del Potro win his fourth straight tourney title.

Miss So Belle was intimated by the no talking parts and it took her quite awhile to chillax.

As expected, the tennis grounds and stands were stock full of hot tennis poon. Cougars and CITs were located at every angle and of course to Miss So Belle's chagrin, I made sure to document the eye candy with my camera.

My rationale to Miss So Belle for taking these type of photos is that "I am just trying to make the world a better place by displaying the beauty of women." This usually does not pass the smell test and my follow up argument is "these photos are not just for me but for the audience of Mac G's World."

Yes, I go to the "Blogger poon card" when all us fails. Some could call me a perv/dbag and others might label me a "Poon Samaritan."

Regardless, my small viewership demands hot poon and I happily oblige with the goods.

Go to Sportscrack's website and buy a Tshirt. The "Drink Like a Champion Today" Tees are perfect for the upcoming tailgating season and the speciality college ones are pretty damn money.

The just beginning US Open in New York City is prime location for Tennis Cougars and any poon hunters attending with mad camera skills should pix my way:

A large installment series of "Hot Hippie Poon" will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks from my summer All Good music festival trip. 80% of the girls were in bikinis so be sure to stop back or add Mac G's World to your website reader.

Drink Like a Champion Today
Sportscrack Tshirts

This Video is an Insult to Idiots

The video speaks for itself and I do have some pity for the non crazy Hillary supporters who's reputations are dragged in the mud by these irrational loons.

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UPDATE: One of these bitter women does not even know that John McCain is against abortion and would appoint Supreme Court judges who favor overturning Roe v Wade.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Undertaker Takes Down Andy Roddick

Considering Andy Roddick's recent early exits in major tournaments, a wrestler with the high statue of the Undertaker is not necessary to take him out.

Picture of the Day

Check out these "bend me over" seats from the Colts brand new stadium.

The National Greed League sure knows how to treat their loyal customers. The monopoly forces season ticket holders to purchase full price preseason tickets for glorified scrimmages and they authorize building new stadiums with obstructive view seating.

The Colts declare that no fans will sit in these crappy seats. BS. Why did you even create them if you did not think you could con some sap into buying them?

My HD Direct TV NFL package looks better and better every year. On a lighter note, these type of seats could come into play by shielding the pain if the Colts ever have to roll with Jim Sorgi under center.

The National Greed League
NFL yanks down You Tube clips of the Boom King

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Link Whores-Bootalicious Edition

  • An Iowa Juco college president(Iowa Central) is pictured having fun on a lake boat in Boji. I envy this guy and Boji is one of the greatest places on earth. Hey Prez, keep funneling not just beer but those Hawkeye recruits back to Iowa City. Busted Coverage
  • This Paraguay javelin thrower, Leryn Franco, has been the buzz of the tubes. Naturally it is because she is smoking hot and not based on athletic talent. Franco actually almost finished last in her event and she has some wicked camel toe. Bright Black Internet
  • Some steamy Franco pictures can be found at Machochip, which is a great new site. All Franco Tags are here: Machochip
  • New Jersey Ninjas took law into their own hands by trying to take down drug dealers which resulted in the Ninjas getting arrested. Blog of Hilarity
  • JKidd might be nailing Olympic gold beach volleyball players Misty May. Brahsome
  • These pix of Victoria Silvstedt could cause you to find a dirty towel or sock. On 205th
  • This billboard in Cincinnati cracked me up. Yep Yep
  • Snoop Dog is getting all Bollywood with this collaboration with an Indian artist. My Chill Pill
  • Cuzzy creates some Olympic themed photoshops. Cuzoogle
  • This video could be why Amanda Beard does not want to ride Michael Phelps like NBC. Loser With Socks
  • Silvina Luna probably got half naked to celebrate Argentina's gold medal in soccer. Uncoached
  • Interview with the drummer from one of my favorite bands: Slightly Stoopid. Boosh Magazine
  • Kyle Orton, aka "Kneckbeard," was named the Bears starting QB. Even though he has always been on pro and college teams that I hate, Orton is the man. He will need to stay sober enough to run for his life behind that average Bears 2008 O line. Next Round
  • This Hills chick has jacked up teeth but an amazing rack. DeRober


How Fn sweet it is to be world champs in basketball again!! USA, USA!! The redeem moniker is bunk because Team Domination reclaimed our top spot in the basketball world with Olympic gold.

I will have more later about the fast paced grudge match victory over Spain, a breakdown of every player's Beijing contributions, and a future look to the next 2 major international contests. (Turkey 10, London 12)

These players earned this huge W and shut up ALL of the haters, who did not think our highly talented players could work as a team. SUCK on this GOLD!!!!!!

Fox News Fbombs on Parade!!

The small things in life make me happy like this live video feed of a prick Fox News propagandist getting taunted with Fbombs in a middle of a Denver protest march.

HT: JKoot at Busted Coverage