Friday, December 05, 2008


I highly recommend this article about the Dogfish Head Brewery based in Delaware. It is best to print the 12 page feature out and you will thank me later.

My budget is more of a PBR/High Life variety but I do have Dogfish Head in the beer splurge rotation. The Dogfish IPA is delicious and their seasonal Ales are mighty tasty too.

After reading the insightful New Yorker piece, I want to become a brew master and go celebrate Repeal Day with a Dogfish sixer.

Dogfish founder and owner Sam Calagione could be my new BFF. Dude sounds like a crazy beer rock star. Plus, it is way past time to for me to hit up the brewery location and restaurant in Rehoboth beach.

Yo Sam, the beer King, I will work blog PR for Beer. hollar at

This free Mac G endorsement is on me and my loyalty can be easily purchased in tasty suds.

Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage

Toby Jones is as dope as the come.

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Happy Repeal Day! The 21st Amendment Rulz!!

Today, December 5th, marks the 75th anniversary of the 21st amendment being enacted and the official ending of prohibition. The booze blackout lasted from 1920-1933 and of course, the great social experiment policy was an utter disaster:

It did reduce overall consumption of alcohol in the U.S., but that reduction came largely among those who consumed alcohol responsibly. The actual harm caused by alcohol abuse was made worse, thanks to the economics of prohibitions.

Black market alcohol was of dubious origin, unregulated by market forces. The price premium that attaches to banned substances made the alcohol that made it to consumers more potent and more dangerous. And, of course, organized crime rose and flourished thanks to the new market created by the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act.

So hospitalizations related to alcohol soared. And so did violent crime. Corruption flourished, as law enforcement officials in charge of enforcing prohibition went on the take, from beat cops all the way up to the office of the United States Attorney General. Even the U.S. Senate had a secret, illegal stash of booze for its members and their staffs.

Our current government's never ending futile war on drugs and the prohibition's ineffective results are eerily similar bankrupt public policies.

There's no question that drug prohibition has been every bit the failure alcohol prohibition was. Nearly 40 years after the CSA passed, we have 400,000 people in prison for nonviolent drug crimes; a domestic police force that often looks and acts like an occupying military force; nearly a trillion dollars spent on enforcement, both here and through aggressive interdiction efforts overseas; and urban areas that can resemble war zones.

Yet illicit drugs like cocaine and marijuana are as cheap and abundant as they were in 1970. The street price of both drugs has actually dropped—dramatically—since the government began keeping track in the early 1980s.

The main difference between the two prohibitions is that one was enacted lawfully, and once it became clear that it had failed, we repealed it (and government revenues soared with new alcohol taxes). As the drug war has failed, the government merely claims more powers to fight it more aggressively.
Hopefully, sane political leaders will someday realize the economic benefits to legalizing and regulating marijuana but I highly doubt it. My main man, Professor Juan Cole, sure does see the ganja light.

We will have to wait until Generation X gets totally in power and these old hippie hating bastards die off. I will refrain my the thousand word rant that I want to unleash about the US government's draconian laws, especially under George W Bush, against pot heads for now because this is a day of celebration and remembrance.

It is very weird that the state of Utah, home to the gay and booze hating Mormons, cast the deciding vote to repeal prohibition.

Would college be as fun, could ugly people hook up, or weddings and family events seem tolerable without booze? Booties Calls, the Walk of Shame, Happy Hour Heroes, Liquid Lunches, Drunk Dialing, Late Night Food runs are only made possible because of booze. Tailgating and alcohol go hand in hand.

Man, I am getting thirsty and my shakes are starting earlier than normal so I better stop. Go get a cocktail, a buzz and wake up with something strange tomorrow.

The Puritans and moral police suffered a huge defeat 75 years ago today. Hip Hip HOORAY!

Happy Repeal Day!

Aw Shit, It's Friday Craig..........Puff, Puff, Give

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Link Whores: Coed Edition

  • This Lil John Mashup is hilarious. Yep Yep
  • DC digs up 10 words that sound dirty but are not. Whenever the gym teacher said the word "shuttlecock" during badminton instruction, juvenile laughter always ensued. Don Chavez
  • ER is finally being put down and here is a list of 8 hottest women from the show's history. Salty Milk
  • Turning empty booze bottles into Christmas ornaments is pure genius! Tasty Booze
  • It appears Arod may already be prowling for some hot model strange to get away from that sheman Madonna. Machochip
  • The Real Battle in the Desert: Sundevil Poon vs Wildcat Poon. Busted Coverage
  • The Flight of the Concords will be showing the first episode of their second season online. Cuzoogle
  • Only G Money could use some analogy of dropping a deuce with a laptop to Charlie Weis coming back to Notre Dame for one more season. The Money Shot
  • According to this funny gmail chat with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny loves to thump some fat chicks. Brahsome
  • Angelina Jolie is a nut job but a smoking hot MILF. On 205th

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Post Holiday Blues

Anyone still recovering from the post 4 day off blues? I needed something or one to laugh at and these videos do the trick.

The video will not embed and the idiot soccer fan running on the field gets rocked by an angry player.

Cajun Boy tipped me off to this hilarious video creator, Mr. ChiCity. He has a running series on You Tube and the way he breaks down the contents of his fridge almost made my sides explode. It is even funnier the second time and I recommend headphones for the NSFW language.

Peter Schiff Needs a Show

Peter Schiff needs his own TV show because being right is suppose to count for something in America. (Longtime Iraq and Drug war opponents like myself would disagree with that argument.)

Unfortunately, in accountability free TV pundit land, having strong opinions matter more than if those predictions turn out to be correct. No wonder this country is screwed financially when us regular schmucks are fed this optimistic crap on a daily basis by the Corporate owned media and no one ever just levels with us.

The video will blow you away by two things: how scary spot on Schliff is in his prognosis and the smarmy, huffy reaction by the pro Bush economy bubble cheerleaders.

To recap: Wash Mutual went belly up in the largest bankruptcy in US history, the financial sector is on its way to be fully nationalized, the Dow is down 40% in 2008 with the average index around 8K and GoldMan Sachs is trading for 60 bucks a share.

Schiff is turning into an online star and You Tube still fn rocks.

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I am Back

The Turkey Holiday hiatus is over and my three loyal readers looking for sophomoric entertainment can rest assured that I am back in the blogger dork saddle.

My thoughts on the BCS Big 12 controversy, Plaxico, ESPN's awfulness, Starbury Knicks drama and other sports related topics will be detailed in a long upcoming post. More Poon Cowbell is on this week's menu as well. For now, here is some bikini action to start December off with a bang.