Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Link Whores: Defeat the World Edition

Here are some resource links that provide an explanation and good tips for using the new Google Buzz.

For those that use Twitter more than 3-5 times per day, do not sync it to your buzz because the Tweets provide redundancy and clog up the Buzz service. I am ready to unfollow these users.

  • John Mayer is a jack ass. Womanist Musings
  • Excellent break down of MLB Manger's use of the intentional walk. FJB
  • Local TV will becoming to your cell phones and hand held devices. NYT
  • Jason Whitlock slices up Bobby Knight's abysmal announcing performance on Big Monday. KC Star
  • New method of casing houses for criminals could be to check online whereabouts of people. Please Rob Me
  • This video truly scared me and I have a strong stomach. Elementary kids should be taught grind dance moves. Good God. That Video Site
  • Kentucky fan does his own John Wall Dance. You Tube
  • Old Man wearing I an a Mother F'er T-shirt beats up a much younger man on a bus. Deadspin.
  • Colbert Nation is sponsoring the USA Speed Skating team at the Winter Games and Stephen's poster is amazing. Huffington Post

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blizzard Web Cam Dance

During the second blast of the historic DC blizzard last week, the Washington Post had a live web cam showing downtown streets at 15th and K St NW. My friend sent me along a video of a coworker, who put on a mascot head and performed a dance web cam show in white out conditions.