Monday, August 31, 2009

Link Whores

Pix HT: I Am A Savage

  • The mother of Edgerrin James's 4 children died in April and Edge is focused on filling the void for his kids. Yahoo Sports

  • Joe Posnanski writes up a terrific piece on Kansas Royals minor league pitcher Disco Hayes defying the odds with his slow fast ball and side arm delivery. KC Star

  • For the 5 Royals fans left in the country, Posnanski provides 3361 words of stellar in depth analysis of the 2009 team's shittiness. Joe Posnanski's blog 

  • Lebowskifest is coming to the DC area on its US tour. Lebowskifest

  • Vizio is making a name for itself in the competitive High Def TV market. NY Times

  • Mark Chmura jersey sighting in Arizona. I never thought Favre could drop to the same level in my eyes as the ass hypocritical ass hole Chewy. Straight Cash Homey

  • Simon is confused to why the Tampa Rays dealt Scott Kazmir and no other team blocked the trade either. Simon on Sports

  • This video takes the term corner kick to a whole new meaning in soccer. Yes, these flags do make men in committed relationships very jealous. Sportscrack

  • I agree with Isaac that I somehow still watch Entourage even though the terrible plot lines and piss poor acting constantly leave me unfulfilled. This Ashley character is as blah as Kevin Connolly's thespian chops. The World of Isaac

  • Brian Boitano has parlayed his ice skating career and South Park song fame into a cooking show on the Food Network. Huggin Harold Reynolds

  • Mums the word from Minka Kelly on whether reports that she has locked down serial player Derek Jeter with an engagement. Moon Dog Sports

  • Mad Men brought out some taboo racial humor from the "good ole days." Asylum

  • In the spirit of Joey McIntyre from a past generation, Zac Efron ruins another hard core gangster.

  • There is some sophomoric editing on Urban Meyer's wikipedia page. Losers With Socks

  • Lucy Pinder is guaranteed to jolt up your Munday. On 205th