Friday, January 04, 2008

Sport Newds TV

I have no idea what they are talking about at all but it really does not matter.

WVU Smokes Sooner Hash

I have detailed how pissed Mountaineer nation has been over losing both their shot at a BCS title game and their head coach in less than a month. I have never seen such visceral anger before and I grew up in the state where fans call in death threats to the defensive coordinator.

WVU's thrashing of OU in the Fiesta Bowl brought back happy pyromaniac times to Morgantown. Check out this video and I am only posting it because it contains some nice Mountain Mamas.

Here are some game highlights

Before fans gets too jovial in Blue Ridge Mountain country, big time WVU booster, Ken Kendrick, brings everyone back to reality with some chilly water comments. Kendrick does not approve of WVU hiring interim coach, Bill Stewart, to the full time head gig.

"He is so over matched it's not even funny," said Kendrick, managing partner of baseball's Arizona Diamondbacks. "He's a nice guy and a father figure. But they had a wonderful architect and they hired the painter to build the next house."


Here is my favorite joke that I just read.

What do OU and Marijuana have in common?
They both get smoked in bowls!

Double Ouch.

EER's Hate Rich Rodriguez

WVU Beats OU
Booster does not like WVU hire
Bill Stewart paints houses in the off season
Crazy husker fan calls in death threats


Currently, I am as high as this Robbie Madison's jump for Barack Obama's big electoral victory in Iowa last night.

When asked about Obama over the past year, I have told everyone that he has "it." Bill Clinton had it, Reagan had it and JFK had it too. I am unable to come up with any other detailed description of his political phenomenon.

Obama possesses the way to make people believe in something or someone again and this country desperately needs this characteristic right now.

The race is far from over and beating the Clinton democratic machine is more formidable than most people realize but the voters of this country appear more energized than I have ever seen in my life for serious change of the status quo.

The internal GOP is in utter disarray with their fragile coalition of libertarians/Reagan policy wonks/Wall St types/Evangelicals on serious meltdown. Just turn on Fox news and watch their pundits foam at the mouth over Huckabee. It is high entertainment for this "troop hating commie liberal."

The Republican Party continues to stand behind the tremendously unpopular policies of George Bush and their brand has suffered immensely for it. Independents, who decide elections in this country, will not be breaking their way any time soon on election day.

A Blue tidal wave is coming in November and I hope Obama is riding on top of it.

KU wins the Orange bowl and an African American wins a statewide electoral contest in white bread Iowa, Crazy Way to start 2008.

Watch Obama's magical goose bump speech from last night.

Link Whores

Bright Black Internet brings hot school girl outfits.

I heart Australia BIG time after viewing this girl from Hottest Girls from MySpace.

UK Celeb raises my heart rate with this hottie.

Tasty Booze informs us of the World Series of Beer Pong. Dude, what does it take to get on this?

Busted Coverage has a video of Ice Bowl Keg Stand.

Brahsome has the speculative story that Reggie Bush might be engaged to Kim Kardashian.

Funny Sugar Bowl pictures from Loser With Socks

I agree with the Angry T at Epic Carnival that the NBDL sucks. Players should be making some real money in Europe instead of these NBDL table scraps.

Pointless Banter has a Keira Knightley sighting.

Slam Dizzle has a list of movies for 2008.

The Put Down finds a horrible costume idea

Thursday, January 03, 2008


I missed the USC beat down of the Fighting Ron Zooks as I was traveling back home to reality. I knew the Trojans would drop the bomb on Illinois. My pathetic Hawks beat them but everyone needs to chill out on this USC is the best team crap. Take deep breaths and exhale ESPN pundits.

I am sure Vegas would make them favorite in a make believe BCS title game and they do have one of the most talented teams in the country but what is their biggest win this season? I can not think of one. Cal and ASU were straight up frauds.

Losing to a putrid Stanford should eliminate the Trojans from all consideration. They were beat at home to a 40 point under dog and that game should not even been close, no matter if Joe Frat boy was under center.

I would love to see UGA and USC actually play each other instead of the over matched foes that they dominated. I know you can make legitimate arguments against LSU and Ohio State too.

In the current crap system, the winner of the LSU/OSU should be crowned champion. I just hope the game is watchable, unlike most of this bowl season.

Growing up, New Year's Day used to be my favorite day of the year and somehow on Tuesday I was actually flipping back to the outdoor hockey game. What the F is going on?

Here are 2 Trojan fans who were happy with the big Rose Bowl Victory.

Quick thoughts:

  • Yes, these girls are shockingly NOT blond.
  • How did I ever in my life have actual conversations with girls in college? Giggle, Giggle, Giggle
  • I really miss dorm rooms and I can not believe it has been so long since I have been in one. At Iowa, waking up in a girl's dorm room as an upper class men was a badge of honor that you shouted to everyone with a megaphone. Accomplishing this shack up feat while returning as an alumni was straight up legendary. I still hate the guy that calls Burge Hall his Hawkeye hotel. After God blesses me with all daughters, I feel destined to have some acid like flashback when I unpack her things at college on the first day. Those ones where I snuck out from the bunk bed at 7am, to never talk to the poor coed ever again. Ode to be 19 again.
  • For obvious reasons, flexible chicks Rock

Dont Hate in 08!

Only masturbate or fornicate.

Those were some of the best sophomoric slogans that I could yell at nauseating fashion throughout ringing in the New Year.

Yes, Mac G is back in the hizzity. My brain is still on post new year's recovery mode and the frigid temps outside are not generating any fire in my pistons.

I have plenty of random observations(Wii Elbow, Airline travel, Iowa Caucus, Roaming a Wally World in rural America, people watching at the Poon Peach Bowl, Ron Paul phenomenon, writers striker) over the past few weeks to share with my budding readership now racing towards Duncan Hunter like poll numbers.

I feel it is time to "Clear the Slate in 08" with my first post of the new year.

No more classless attempts at humor or cheap pot shots at blow hards/politicians/fat Americans/famous people.

Also, I will refrain from objectifying women by no longer promoting any low brow videos or scantily dressed images. My garbage banter behavior is now obsolete.

I am following the lead of our "very serious" corporate media personalities and turning my blog into a dedicated new wave of journalistic communication.

I hope everyone enjoys the new blog flavor and please give it a chance.

I have found the first video which truly illustrates the new approach to worldwide domination of Mac G's World.

I lied. I heart drunk White Chicks dancing. Happy 2008 SUCKAS!