Thursday, July 17, 2008

Link Whores-Coed Camo Edition

  • Krystal Forscutt appears to be a chocolate covered cupcake. Next Round
  • Heidi Montag is hanging out with John McCain's daughter. Fake breasts and bleach is always key to electoral success in Arizona. Blog of Hilarity
  • Video of Letravel James playing Mello in high school. Cuzoogle
  • At least someone can score at a ballpark because it is not the nAAAts. Yep Yep Gibbs 12
  • I have to find some humor in this Favre drama debacle with these clever possible Favre employment photo shops. Boosh Magazine
  • I am sucker for any post that has videos of Road Trip and Seinfeld. The Angry T
  • Megan Fox is the hottest star wars fan that I have ever came across. Derober
  • A member of 2005 UNC men's title team is already hawking their ring on Ebay. The real world is tough to self finance once you get off the alumni and street agent payrolls. Brahsome
  • Donnie C pulls poon out of his magic hat again with these CFL cheerleader photos which is causing quite the stir in Canadian media. Don Chavez
  • ESPN should cancel their awful title town segment and just show pictures of sizzling Gator Danielle Wolfe. Busted Coverage
  • I still get a chuckle out of the insanity that is WV Mountaineer fan and I am from rabid Nebraska, where Husker Nation is already canonizing Bo Pelini before he has coached one game. Loser With Socks
  • Do not watch the ESPYs and just gawk at the hot babes who attended this BS awards show. My Chill Pill
  • Jennifer Ellison will never ever drown with these pair of floating devices. On 205th
  • The World's Largest Flip Cup Tournament is taking place this October in New York City. Tasty Booze
  • Here are cool directions to the Bat Cave just in time for the new Batman movie. Banned In Hollywood
  • I have some compassion for my dorky white boy brethren but man they sure do act pasty. Sqwable
  • These pelvic thrusts by this sexy ginger girl makes me want to light up a P funk. Flatusyahu

F U!

No additional superlatives needed to describe this awesome video.

She Has A Boyfriend - Watch more free videos

HT: Boosh Magazine

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hacksaw QB McCowns

Miami Dolphins QB Josh McCown came down with a peculiar injury at the hands of his brother, Bucs QB Luke.

McCown needed six stitches to the index finger on his right hand a couple of weeks ago when he was injured while he and his brother, Luke, were cutting firewood.
Josh McCown told Tyler television station KETK that he was holding the firewood and his brother, a backup quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, made the mistake of cutting his finger instead of the firewood.
I suppose the Hacksaw QB McCowns could be doing worse things with their NFL down time like fighting pit bulls or blowing lines in parked cars. However, I recommend the McCown brothers find another leisure activity other than chopping firewood and follow the off season lead of fellow NFL QB Tony Romo by playing golf and banging a Hollywood "celeb."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Christmas in July: No More Billy Packer

Last night while I was watching Rangers OF Josh Hamilton puncture a baseball like a strung out junkie smacks a needle,(too low?) this awesome sports update came across the ESPN ticker: Billy Packer will not be returning to CBS as their number one college basketball announcer.

I guess not all recent news has been full of gloom as I could not endure any more March Madness with Packer lecturing me for 2 hours about random, outdated college basketball history that had no direct bearing on the game he was announcing.

The game had passed Packer by too. Plus, in the year 2008 the most prominent college basketball announcer should use email and the Internet, which are vital tools to use for research in his type of work. (Please Insert John McCain does not use any technology joke here___)

Clark Kellog will be a solid replacement and Packer appears to already have a retirement plans.

Image HT: Tirico Suave

Favre Wants To Play Again

The world might really be ending soon since I am embedding a video from a Fox News program but here is Brett Favre's interview last night.

I hope Packers GM Ted Thompson/Mike McCarthy can swallow their egos and allow Favre to play for Green Bay again. After some internal debate, I am ready to roll this fall with number 4 behind center and take home the NFC North divisional title again.

Sports fans, TV talking bobble heads, scribes, and bloggers can pile on Favre all they want. He deserves most of the criticism but since none of them have a rooting interest in the Packers success on NFL game days, I give a rats ass about their opinions.

HT: Awful Announcing

Waffle Humpers Changing the Budweiser Formula?

I leave my normal elitist NW DC society for the hills of West Virginia and I return to nothing but more bad news.

  • The Packers want to make Brett Favre a back up and he responds on a Fox News show by basically calling the Packers brass liars. The situation is getting real ugly and this public strife potentially could rip apart Cheesehead nation. I will post more thoughts later on this never ending PR debacle and when did Aaron Rodgers become the next Steve Young?
  • The Bush Administration, who pump up the fruits of the free market economy and personal financial responsibility at every opportunity, again bails out 2 corporations who willingly made horrible investment choices on bunk mortgage loans. Capitalism or Nationalism? hmmmmmmm. The layers of our self inflicted financial housing market mess continue to peel away. I predict some major banks and construction companies will be going belly up very soon. It is not a good sign for the economy when bankers are losing money.
  • However, the story that really irks me is our number one American brewery, Aneheuser-Busch, was purchased by the Belgium conglomerate In Bev. Budweiser is going to be own by Belgium!! WTF? Where is the US patriotic media outrage when you need it?(Cue Fox News, Right Radio Pundits, Matt Drudge, Michelle Malkin, etc) Do I need to produce some false In Bev terrorist links to light a fire under their blow hards asses? There is nothing more Americana than enjoying a Bud Tall Boy but now it is owned by Euros. F that. I can always count on Stephen Colbert to rip the "Waffle Humping Belgians" a new one.