Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Link Whores

  • Vancouver turned into a drunken paradise for 2 weeks. Damn. Time
  • Will Leitch's mea culpa on his relationship with Roger Ebert is a must read. I do not know if I lost or gained respect for Leitch because he was an ungrateful dick to Ebert. I have always admired both of their work. Deadspin
  • Here is the link to Roger Ebert's blog and he will be appearing on Oprah on March 2nd. Sun Times
  • Hall of Fame pitcher and sitting Kentucky Senator Bunning is crazy. He is making millions of Americans suffer because he is a heartless prick. I want his HOF bust pissed on but this group wants him kicked out of Cooperstown. The Sports Pig's Blog
  • The breakdown of the 2010 Washington Nationals starting pitching rotation. Nats Insider
  • It is disappointing that college aged kids in 2010 would think a ghetto themed party for all white frat boys would be appropriate. KTLA
  • Ever wonder about those Ben Stein credit commercials? The reports are not free and yes, it is a scam. Felix Salmon
  • Canada is all giddy about their gold medal hockey win. I am still pissed because I wanted the gold and have USA put their whole country into state of despair for years. Helluva effort by the Boys in Red, White and Blue. They made the USA care and everyone proud. NYTimes
  • Two great writers but over rated sports pundits, Wilbon and Feinstein, are pissed off at one another. Yawn. Mister Irrelevant
  • I always stated that Steve Alford was just like Bobby Knight, minus the cussing and winning and adding the bible. Maybe I was wrong and they are just two pricks in a pod. Deadspin

Picture Credit, Time Magazine

Get In Crunk

Here is a funny video that I captured on ESPN during a High School Football All Star game.