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Just Charge It To The Underhills

Mac G will be taking a 3day weekend to spend some time with the fam and be sure to always charge your drinks to the Underhills.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Last Husker Post Until a New Coach

I lived 10 years of my formative years growing up in the heartland of Nebraska, aka "The Good Life." If you loved sports, you were given 2 choices, either become a Husker football fan or kill yourself. Either or. Since I chose to live, the past few years following the Cornhusker football program gradual demise has been painful.

Solich did get a raw deal on how was fired/treated by Slick Stevie P but I did not completely disagree with the need to overhaul the offensive system and talent level. Husker fans forget under the Solich/Turner Gill led offenses that when it was 3rd&long, you might as well brought out the punting unit as the Skers had ZERO chance to get a first down. Solich's conference road record was barely 500. The talents of Eric Crouch and Jamal Lord(Yes, Lord!) hid how low the offense had really fallen.

I gulped the Callahan 4 star recruits, pro system kool aid. I endured watching the 70-10 blowout to TTech and the bowl game streak snapped because I thought it was what every program had to go thru in order to be reborn. USC, ND, Michigan, Oklahoma all went through these revival phases. Currently, the former dominant programs of FSU, Miami, and ND are in a state of flux.

After watching the 2006 Callahan team continually get outplayed in the second half and illustrating his inability to make adjustments, Billy C proved to be more sizzle than steak. I give credit to my man Dirty Laundry to unmasking these Billy C used car salesman characteristics to me. Another off season of hyping up recruits(AGAIN) over success on the field continued to cement these beliefs.

I argued the only way NU would ever get back to legitimately contending for national titles under this coaching staff would be to pile up more talent than other teams because I was convinced they were not going to out coach the opposing teams.

I thought Nebraska would lose 3-5 games this season but at least compete in their defeats. How wrong I was and who knew this would be the worst Nebraska defensive I have ever seen in my lifetime. Thus, until they allow less than 30 points again, I will no longer call them the blackshirts.

I have had several posts lately on the dismal state of Husker football. I started a Fire Steve Pederson blog and 10 days later he was packing his bags with Dr. Tom returning to save the program.

My point of posting the silly volleyball pictures was a futile attempt of actually MAYBE some public humiliation would get the pinkshirts to play with some heart vs A&M. 500 yards, 36 points and another embarrassing home loss later, NU football was still the laughing stock of college football. Hell, my Keller pictures were posted so fans could be proud to know that their QB was scoring some fine tail but that backfired as Keller struggled mightily against the Aggies.

I hope Dr. Tom hires outside the family(My man Notorious DEK can give you his outside the family rant). If I had any say, Auburn's D Coordinator Will Muschamp would already have a wink/wink offer on his desk, ready to be signed next month. I would find out if Cal's Jeff Tefford had any interest and throw the First National Building at him to be the next coach.

Dennis Erickson's coached Sun Devils are proving that the whole house does not have to be destroyed in order to be rebuilt quickly.

4 games remain, at Texas, at KU, KState, at Colorado. No victories appear certain and Nebraska likely will be heavy underdogs in every game. 4-8 season is probably the final outcome. The whole fan base is actually wanting the season to end. I do not blame them as the weekend nightmare continues on repeat over and over. The past 3 Big 12 offensive players of the week earned their honors by playing Nebraska. UT could make it 4. I actually feel its going to get much worse before it gets any better.

The Dumbest Coach in America is pretty much begging to be fired and maybe this Lou Holtz pep talk video can inspire the Huskers to bring some effort against Texas on Saturday. I have no idea what Holtz is talking about(I still think racism and sexism exist) but it sure is entertaining.

Thanks to FanIQ for the tip

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USC Song Girl Boot Camp

"Pour Some Sugar on ME!" I could just sing those lyrics over and over. This video should help everyone power through their Thursday afternoon.

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Good Bye Dan Marino

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Link Whore

(Picture from TV Tan Line)

Time to pimp out the homeys who bring their witty entertainment to the series of tubes.

I guess bartenders in Australia get arrested for crushing beer cans in between their breasts. Sounds crappy to me but here is a deal, you can have Russell Crowe and the beer Fosters back in exchange you can crush away here in America. (Blog of Hilarity)

The Fridge gave me nightmares in the middle 80s because he would ALWAYS score against the Packers. I remember his MNF TD game like it was yesterday. It turns out he was the first and last football player to have his own to have his own GI JOE figure. (100 percent Injury Rate)

D Wade has a new tight commercial out. My man Docksquad with the find.

Big Ten Tailgate found some morons who were advertising their high stakes poker games online with a blog.

Foul Balls breaks down the World Series with their Preview. I would predict a Rockies sweep but I will take the Rockies in 6. I can not handle all of this Chowd Nation success.

Brahsome has a nice post on how to make tennis more popular: Add Model Ball Girls.

Everyone gushes over the college football blog EDSBS(it can be funny) but I enjoy these 2 college football blogs even more and should be added to your bookmarks: Hey Jenny Slater and Loser With Socks.

Check out this site, LOL Jocks, Dude has HILARIOUS quotes on sports pictures.

Europe shut down this great music file sharing site, OiNK. I get some live shows from bit torrent which is legal but I will not reveal my sources for fear of RIAA coming to attack me. (I guess I'm Floating)

It looks like Pam Anderson has a problem with blow and it could explain her weird choice of men. (JJ's Dirt)

Some jackass bigots put a noose on the statue of my Hall of Fame MC, Tupac Shakur. It is 2007 not 1957. (My Hangover)

My man Part Mule's experience with the Southern California fires.

Bush's war games estimated to cost our country 2.4 trillion dollars. I will have more on this later. (Raw Story)

Happy Humpday

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"Im just a Frat Boy, Taking Virginities"

The Notorious DEK was having college flashbacks and found this great Bohemian Rhapsody theme video of the college frat years. Awesome.

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9/11 Conspiracy Crackpots

Listen, I do not completely trust the government and I value individual rights of the person over the rights of the state.

Nor do I believe 3/4 of the hate propaganda spewed on a daily basis from this Bush administration.

I still respect the speech rights and ability to protest of American citizens but these 9/11 conspiracy believers are completely insane.

Bush and Cheney are proven bully's who are about to start their third middle east war, which one could argue displays their indifference to the tragic loss of human life.

However, our government did not blow up the Pentagon or the World Trade Center. Everyone saw the planes and this government is not that sinister. Any suggestion of this twisted behavior is pointless.

Our dollar is at record low levels, the health care system is in dire need of reform, So Cal is up in flames, the national guard is completely gutted, our budget deficit is out of control, the immigrant issue has been completely ignored by our national political leaders, the looming social security crisis is nowhere near solved, and our reliance on a destined to be extinct fossil fuel of foreign oil continues to drive our broken foreign policy.

Turkey is about to take drop bombs on the Kurds and Pakistan is on the brink of upheaval. We are military occupiers in two countries, with no end in sight. Osama Bin Laden is still alive (HOW!) and keeps making tapes.

This country has MUCH MORE things to worry about than crackpot schemes about how our government was in cohorts with 9/11 hijackers. Of course this does not stop these nut balls from speaking out at a live taping of the Bill Maher Show. Check it Out. I heart HBO's ability to drop F bombs.

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One Set of Laws for US Citizens, Other Laws for Corporations

My head is going to explode over the FISA court/warrant wireless wire tap issue. These so called libertarian/limited government republicans and "fair" demorcats are writing up bills with retro active immunity for telecommunication companies who knowingly broke the law.

The average citizen breaks a law and faces consequences. A company does it and they line up the pockets of political players on both sides to pass them legislation to cover the tracks of their law breaking activity.

Here are links to what is going on in Congress with regards to the FISA Bill, Here and Here.

The 9/11 argument is total manure because it was recently revealed that telecom companies were giving the govt/executive branch our phone records without a judge signing off on it BEFORE 9/11.

This issue is not about providing the government the necessary tools to catch terrorists as the former law provides a 72hour window to snoop without a warrant. It is having safeguards in place so that our rights of unreasonable search and seizure(Remember the 4th amendment?) are not voided out in the process.

Eventually, the government has to prove to a judge that their snooping is warranted. Extension of the current law guts judicial oversight and lays it in the hands of the Attorney General. We have seen how trustworthy that office has been in the past few years. "I dont recall!"

The Congressional Democratic leadership are not innocent by their enabler actions either and I wish I could throw my cell phone out the window. The telecoms behavior sickens me and I have whole post ready to rip them apart.

Thank God Presidential Candidate, Senator Chris Dodd recently showed some leadership on this issue by placing a hold on the bill that would give telecoms retroactive immunity.

I am fearful that we are soon becoming a country where we as citizens have to prove to the government that our behavior is legal under their laws, instead of the onus on the government to prove that our actions are illegal.

The Orwellian world of 1984 is alive and well in 2007.

Wiretap Debate

Telecoms giving Bush Administration our phone records BEFORE 9/11

Telecoms' political donations earn them immunity legislation
Fire Dog's FISA coverage
Senator Dodd has Balls to stand up for our rights
Dodd provides hope that political leaders fight for individuals over corporations
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dumbest College Coach in America

Is Bill Callahan TRYING to get fired before the season is over or does he just not give a flying F anymore? I am sure it is a combination of both. He already lost the Buy Out Bowl to Denny Fran's Aggies last Saturday and his team is 3 touchdown underdogs at Texas this weekend.

During his radio show on Tuesday, Callahan commented about "watching out for Limas Sweed" this weekend vs Texas.

I understand Billy C is scared of Sweed's ability after he pissed all over his pinkshirts last year in Lincoln.

However, there is a little problem with the forewarning about Sweed from the number one "dead man walking" coach in America.

Sweed was reported injured on October 8th and already has had season ending wrist surgery!!

So a major performer in your own conference has been ruled out for over 2 weeks and you are still game planning for him or at least attempting to worry about him in the media? Unbelievable. This guy is the ultimate Used Car Salesmen by convincing himself to buy a lemon that does not even run anymore!

If I see Ricky Williams in the backfield on Saturday, I am definitely throwing the house on the Longhorns and the over. Hell, I would do it anyway but this time I would do it on WEED, Man.

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What kind of tasteless, immature, sports and sex crazed male would I be without posting this video from last night's Jags/Colts game? I could watch this video from Mister Irrelevant, over and over.

Somewhere, Larry David is smiling. A HUGE SMILE!

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Pro Football Fix: Week 7

I have been slacking on my football recaps. This was supposed to be a weekly staple but it has quickly fizzled out.I have the notes every week but the execution part has been seriously lacking. I was trying to hold out for money but my agent’s demands ( large amounts of whiskey, cigs, KY) caved faster than the Tribe’s World Series hopes. My boss (ME) put me back to work over the weekend in hopes of reviving this endeavor and I was able squeeze in 2 solid days of football viewing. Here is MY NFL Football Fix:

The Week 7 of the National Football League could be summed up quickly by the fact that was only one matchup (Bucs/Lions) between above 500 teams. There were a few close finishes but overall, the play was very lackluster. Great finishes does not necessarily translate into good football and this was the case on Sunday.

The other highlighted theme was the retread QBs, who either led their team to last second victories or set them up on final drives. Brian Greise and Kerry Collins had impressive last second game winning drives. Both Sage Rosenfelds and Kurt Warner put their team in position to win games, only to see the Texan defense and Zona kicker, misfire on these opportunities.

Here is my breakdown of my observations of each game on Sunday.

Skins 21 Cardinals 19
This was one of the main games that I watched in its entirety and if the Skins had any resemblance of an offense, it would have been a blow out. Robo QB Kurt Warner, playing with a huge brace on his blown out left elbow, gave the Skins 14 points with 2 INTS. One pick was returned by London Flethcher for a score and another set up a score. The Skins still won this game with less than 200 yards total offense. The key part of the game was when the Skins blocked a Cards extra point at the end of the first half and Rackers freaked out on Carlos Rogers. . Check out the video.

When the Cards scored at the end of the game, they had to go for 2 points and their unsuccessful play choice of WR pass by Anaquan Boldin was highly questionable. Boldin, who went to FSU as a QB, had Larry Fitzgerald open but threw an absolute duck, right too a Skins Defender. The Cards recovered the onsides kick, Warner completed a few passes to the cards in Rackers range but he pushed the kick.

Fletcher was everywhere in this game and Greg Williams has been brilliant in backing off of his blitzing style. I love coaches that find success and exploit it, instead of stubbornly trying to use their system, no matter what. Sean Taylor is back to his 05 form and is playing at a high pro bowl level.

Where was Cooley in this game? He tore up Green Bay last week and he barely had any touches.
I hate the new delay of game ruling and taunting rule. It is so stupid, Fletcher flexed his muscles after making a big hit and they gave the other team a first down. NO FUN LEAGUE.

Titans 38, Texans 36
This game and the Bills/Cowboys MNF game are the 2 craziest NFL games that I have seen in 07. Schaub was knocked out on 2 separate occasions and the Texas kept turning the ball over. Sage "the Rage" Rosenfelds came in, with the Texans trailing 32-7 in the 4th quarter, and almost pulled a Frank Reich like comeback. His last TD bomb was an unbelievable throw/catch and this go ahead score was even possible after the Texans recovered 2 onside kicks in a row. The first recovery was called back because of a penalty.

I was about to stick a fork in the Titans until Kerry Collins made 2 perfect throws to get his team into FG range. Rob "My" Bironas punched his NFL record 8 FG through uprights for the game winner. Other Notes:

The Texans made this comeback attempt with 2 white receivers catching several balls. I was actually getting confused as to which whitey was making the catches and THIS never happens in the NFL.

The analyst Randy Cross pulled out a first heard superlative to describe the Texan fans and teams state during this 4th quarter rally: "Texans are experiencing a Tsunami of Emotion."HUH? Is it appropriate to use a disaster that killed a 100,000 thousand people just a few years as a football adjective? I know Cross did not mean any harm but I thought it was out of nowhere.

After Birnoas made the game winner, Enberg made 2 long winded comments to Bironas about his long struggle to make it to the NFL. This is Bironas' 3rd season in the league and he just kicked the game winning. NFL record breaking kick a few minutes ago, would you not bring up his time with AFL Swamp foxes right away?

A final shocking revelation was seeing the sweat pour down Bironas's face like he was on the 10th mile of the Chicago marathon. I never knew kicker's could perspire.

Bills 19, Ravens 14
I missed much of this game and it looks like I did not miss much. Ravens struggles on the road continue and Ray Lewis is questioning Billick's play calling abilities.

Pats 49, Fins 28
I did not mention Tom Brady in the opening paragraphs because I do not have him or Moss on my fantasy teams and the national media is doing a good enough job slobbering the Patriots. The first half of this game (42-7) reminded me of an All Star Madden Gamer crushing a beginner as it was almost comical. The Pats drove at will, Brady kept chucking TDs and Moss was leaping from nowhere to make 2 sick TD grabs.

Plus, I am convinced all owners of Pats RBs in fantasy should drop them now. Bellicheck will probably give the ball to Vrabel or Seau anyway on the goal line.

Craziest part was the Pats put in their backup Cassells, who threw a pick for a TD to bring the Fins within 21 so Brady comes back in and tosses his 6th TD.

Giants 33, 49ers 15
I saw enough of this contest that the 49ers suck on offense and Brandon Jacobs is back healthy, stealing away my fantasy RB Derrick Wards TD. They play of this game was Giants DE Big O (his name is too long) crushing Dilfer from his blindside, forcing a fumble, picking it up, and racing all the way to the end zone. Dude has more speed than Ellen Degeneres does fake doggy tears. I am shocked that the Giants seemed to have turned their season around after the stink bombs they threw up the first 2 weeks.

Saints 22 Falcons 16
The ultimate battle of 2 teams in utter disaray. The Saints can not find their 06 mojo. Coach Payton keeps burying and digging stuff back up to revive their season. The Falcons 07 season was also buried metaphorically by 50 canine graves in Virginia.

Leftwich was looking all right until he injured his ankle and John Joseph Harrington was not able to save the day. Roddy White had a career fantasy game and Reggie Bush made the end zone. Falcons LB Keith Brookings seemed clueless on this Bush TD run.

Lions 23, Bucs 16
I was hoping to see a Jeff Garcia/Roy Williams fight but those two did not square off. Roy the Pizza Boy, ripped Garcia in the media and said his 2 year old could figure out the West Coast offense. Garcia had a key red zone fumbled snap that cost the Bucs a chance at a late comeback. It appears that Kitna's preseason prediction of 10 wins for the Lions might not be so delusional after all.

For fantasy purposes Bucks RB Ernest Graham had a big yardage game, Kevin Jones looks to be a solid starter again and Bucs WR Ike Hillard is back from the dead, becoming a Garcia favorite target.

Chief 12 Raiders 10
Every time I turned it to this game, not much was going on. I did catch Cullpepper toss a pick on a potential go ahead drive in the waning moments of the game. Check out the Soulja Boy for your Weekly Chiefs Highlights.

Bengals 38, Jets31
The only reason that the Jets might win 4 games is that they get to play Buffalo and Miami again. The Bengals are not a playoff team either and Marvin Lewis could start being on the hot seat. L Coles showed some speed on some long TD catches but the Bengals Offensive was eventually just too much for Gang greenless Jets defense. Kenny Watson will be a good fantasy start if Rudi keeps sitting out games.

Bears 19 Eagles 16
This game of 2 sputtering offenses was awful to watch and the last 2 minutes was the only exciting parts. I actually said, "Can Brian Greise lead the Bears 97 yards in 2 minutes for the winning TD?" My sarcastic question was answered by the improbable Greise winning drive. As a Packer fan, I wanted the Eagles to put a dagger in deeper in the Bears season already but now they still have life. Griese gives them a more effective passing game. However, the writing is on the wall that RB Benson will forever be a bust in this league.

Seahawks 33, Rams 6
Every time I turned this game on, Bulger was either getting sacked or running for his life. It was not the week in fantasy to go up against Seahawks D as they absolutely destroyed the Rams. I have not seen a QB look so shell shocked than Bulger does under center right now. He better be happy that he signed that contract extension before the season. The Rams season officially ended when Orlando Pace tore up his shoulder in the first game. What happened to Shaun Alexander? He used to dominate fantasy football but now he can not get 50 yards against the Rams? Crazy.

I noticed Seattle backup QB and sometimes WR, Seneca Wallace was sporting large amounts of teal on his shoes. I liked the look and thus, ultimately meansn that the NFL will not and fine him thousands of dollars. I am reserving my 1000 words rant on the fascist, overbearing, micromanaging NFL for another day.

I did enjoy Ichiro waving the Seahawks 12th man towel around, sporting a bright color turtlekneck. I have never seen the guy smile, even after Japan won the World Baseball Championships.

Cowboys 24, Vikings 14
MEMO to Viqueens Head Coach: FEED APETE! Purple Jesus is the most offensively talented rookie to come into this league since LT or Randy Moss, GIVE HIM THE BALL! No one can tackle this guy and 12 carries is despicable. Can you tell that I have APete on 2 of my fantasy squads?

Tavarias Jackson is not the answer either at QB, at least not now. He has a live arm and good mobility but he is not accurate with the ball nor can he read defenses at all. I have no idea why the Vikes' personnel department thought he was ready to be a starting QB in this league. Both crappy Holcomb or Bollinger give them a better chance to win than Jackson.

It is good to see the Cowboys finally are giving Marion Barber the majority of the work load and decreasing Julian Jones' carriers. Barber might be harder to bring down that Purple Jesus. This was a strange game as the Cowboys clearly dominated but it was still close due to defensive touchdowns, yet it was never in doubt because of the limited ability of the aforementioned Jackson.

Broncos 31, Steelers 28
For a putrid day of football, this game was a well needed refresher. Both Big Ben and Culter had big days. The defenses made key plays and it came down to the leg of Bronco K, Jason Elam. He has won all 3 of the Broncos wins on last second FGs. Does this guy ever miss a key FG? Elam and Vinateri are 2 kickers of this generation that I would argue would deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Gary and Morten Anderson too but they still keep coming back into the league.

Colts 29, Jags 7
While the announcers continually talked about the Patriots at every chance they could get, the Colts pounded the Jags right in their throat. They methodically drove down on 3 straight first half drives to make it 17-0 and put the game away. Bobby "da hitman" Sanders energy seems to be contageous on this defensive as other players fly around and make big plays. Once Garrard went down it was over and I would avoid using many Jacksonville players in fantasy. Taylor might be a decent play now that Jones-Drew is hurt. This was a total disastrous games for the Jags.

Memo to ABC: Stop putting people in the booth and have your annoucners actually talk about the game! I do not understand this idea of constantly annoying your fan base by an utter distraction for a full 30-45 minutes.

Most could care less about Russell Crowe, Jimmy Kimmel, or even my man Charles Barkley has to say during a NFL game. Unless they are directly relevant to the action on the field, do not have them talk at all.

Next can you either take off the muzzle off of Kornheiser and make him funny again or throw him to the curb. His jokes are timid/lame/dated and most guys sitting at a bar know more about the football than he does. His whole personality career has been based on self deprication humor and him ripping part everyone that he does not like. In the MNF booth, I hear none of this and it is pretty unbearable.

I am about to take PTI off my TIVO. If you made it this far, you are a true Mac Gs World reader. Your reward is nothing. word.

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Best Defender in the NFL

I just wanted to recognize one of my favorite players of All Time: Bobby "da hit man" Sanders. He deserves all of the media praise lavished on him right now and Sanders dominated that game last night. He was flying all over the field, displaying his hard hitting and ball hawking skills. I would like to see what defender is more valuable to his team than Sanders.

I posted this Hawkeye Video before but I had to take it down, long story for another post. Enjoy

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Rockies Find a Way to Finally Lose: Slinging their World Series Tickets

Colorado Rockies World Series tickets went on sale online at 10am MST today and my boy Racho was lucky enough to score 4 club level seats. Right before he was about to get his confirmation, the whole system crashed. The picture above is his screen shot.

Racho is a just a tad bit little bitter(furious actually) and the Rockies ticket office is not answering calls right now. My buddy is pretty much screwed and it looks like he is not the only one frustrated.

It turns out only a few hundred tickets were sold so far and they are going to announce a new ticket distribution plan later this afternoon.

ROCKIES HQ DENVER – Amid an angry crowd chanting ‘We want tickets,’ Rockies spokesperson Jay Alves announced World Series ticket sales have been suspended Monday.

Alves says virtually all the tickets are still available, due to a computer system malfunction. He says only several hundred tickets were sold.

‘Right now we’re shutting the system down …. We expect to be online at some point,’ Alves said.

According to Alves, the Colorado Rockies will announce new plans to sell the tickets at some point later Monday afternoon. He says the Web site received 8.5 million hits in the first 90 minutes the system was up and running.

Fans booed as Alves made the announcement outside Coors Field.

‘We’re as frustrated and disappointed as they are,’ Alves said of the fans.

Alves say they will not be selling the tickets at Coors Field. He says their goal is to get the computer system up and running again so that they can resume online sales.

Blog Recap of the Debacle
Fans are Pissed

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Happy Munday

Thanks to my man at Big Ten Tailgate for this great clip of some sassy Bruin pooners getting their celebratory groove on now that their UCLA team is 4-0 in the Pac Ten. Happy Munday.

This song just flashed me back to my youth of buying single tapes at the mall. I hope Daisy Dukes either never go out of style or always make a comeback.

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