Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Happened to the Huskers?

This picture says it all as to what has happened in 2007 to the Cornhuskers team and unfortunately, symbolizes the current dismal state of the Nebraska football program. Two of their starting senior linebackers(Ruud&McKeon) look better at "bump, set, spike" than they do at "fill, shed, wrap up."

I normally would not pile on my home state college football squad but after laying down(38-0!) in the first half against an average Okie State team, with the 97 national title team being honored and looking on, this team deserves this picture to be posted. Maybe this humiliation will get them to "man up" and play with some fire/passion on Saturday.

And if this post happens to make the eyes of Father Flannagan wannabee Cowpoke head coach Mike Gundy, I am not 40, I do not have kids, and being called a man would be genuine flattery.

Only to save face for Husker fans everywhere, here are some pictures of Husker QB Sam Keller with some smoking hot poon. If you think this team is bad now, without Keller, they would be 1-11 or 2-10. Keller must have lit up the Tempe poon night life like the 07 Husker opponents do the scoreboard.

At least Slick Stevie Pederson is finally GONE!

Mac Gs World


gerry dorsey said...

damn fine work mr. keller.

The Big Picture said...

my apartment used to look like that, girl included.

notorious DEK said...

Good to see them wearing knee pads since they blow

Anonymous said...

Aren't those pictures all of the same girl? The middle one is hard to tell, but the top and bottom are definitely the same girl.

Nunya said...

Did this guy really say "ass poon?" Are 16-year-olds posting these things?

More Credible said...

Great find buddy!

Volleyball is the new white belt.

NFL Adam said...

No it didn't, Zach.

Anonymous said...

Post a pic that's at least recent. This damn volleyball pic's been around at least 2 years. It's not the fault of any of those kids in that picture that the Huskers suck this year. Pederson, Callahan and Harvey Perlman are the ones that should be targeted.

All bought into the hype of the West coast from Callahan. Then all on board the program thought an NFL style work ethic would in the Big XII......WRONG. Big Red will be back.

Anonymous said...

Callahan couldn't coach anything. He is an arrogant pompus egotistical A## and loves to hear himself talk. Interesting to read in the Omaha World Herald today about Doak Ostergard's comments in his new Book. He was of course fired last winter for No known reason by Callahan. I have a feeling that his comments are valid and true otherwise he could be accused of Libelous commentary. It seems that Callahans comments probably came back to bite him in the A##, and I would expect further repercussons after his losing season is complete..BTW, The Big Red will be lucky to win 2 games the remainder of the season

Anonymous said...

only when I think there can be no loosers as bad as ole al sharpton....some freakin looser tries his hand at writing. Congrats, you ARE the biggest looser.

Anonymous said...

GO CU!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is his GF, her name is casey. leave them alone, they are a nice couple

Shawn from AZ

Anonymous said...

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