Friday, June 06, 2008

Night at Nats Park Part Two

I figured my pictorial diary of the Nats walk off victory over the Cards needed its own post. I know, who gives a rats ass about my personal life? I barely do and some of my pictures are amusing, at least to me anyway

This is my second Nats bobble head this season as Dimitri Young was my first. Typically, both were injured on their bobble head giveaway night.

I love this shot of Jason Larue leaving the bully before the game.

The Nats own little green monster is in dead center. The seats are standing room only and it was packed on a gorgeous Thursday evening.

Starting Cards picture warming up before he took the mound and got lit up like Thurgood Jenkins in Half Baked.

I caught the Cards coach doing a nasal blaster to wake him up for the nightcap of the doubleheader.

The Nats management cruel joke of having Teddy never win one of these lame presidents race continues on. Now, they have him winning the whole time and some unknown creature comes out to tackle him so another President can win.

Sidearm reliever getting ready in the Cards pen. The girl in white had an amazing body and a great pooper.

I always feel bad for the non beer vendors. Tips must suck because families are bigger cheap asses than the drunks.

The Nats pitchers suck so bad that they allowed the Cardinals pitchers to drive in 5 runs in the game. Here is the video of a woman who caught the home run one section over and the Cards pen was trying to get the ball back because it was the pitcher's first home run ever.

She exchanged her ball for one with some scrub relievers autographs. I would have demanded a night out with Pujols at DC's Latin nightspot, Cafe Citron.

An Asian Willie McGee was trying to broker the deal.

This guy looked in the mirror and said, "Im breaking out the Aikman jersey for the Nats/Cards game tonight." Wearing an Aikman jersey in Southeast DC is not a wise decision and he must have the same brain injuries as Troy.

Ryno prolly hit it.

The Red Loft is a sick, sick bar. I just wished they kept serving past the 7th inning.

Check out my post about Ladies Night at Epic Carnival and these next 2 pictures will make sense. I guess Gabby had flight trouble.

The Nats annoying in game MC, Clint. I can not express how much I loathe this Ryan Seacrest/Justin Timberlake wannabee. The best part is that every game I hear random fans rip him and the commenters on the Nats blogs are even more vicious than me.

Tshirt toss is a sure fire way to get lazy fans out of their seat. Nothing says Americans are trained Lemmings like free Ts.

I am sure she spray tans Clint while he pre game gels up his hair. I was going to add cheap sexual innuendo but I am feeling chipper on a Friday.

For more pictures check out my picasa web album. Have a great weekend. Go Get Crunked!

Nats Night Part 1

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Night at the Nats Park

Midway during last night's Cards/Nats game, I texted some buddies the following quip about Nats RF Elijah Dukes, who was peppering line drives in each of his first 3 at bats: "Dukes is hitting ropes, at least its not women."

Who knew I was foreshadowing the Walk Off Ending? Killer.

Video of Dukes Monster Walk Off Bash

(MLB and ESPN both lick monkey balls for not embedding video. Another horrible policy decision made by people who do not understand how the Internet and sports blog world works.)

I had left the game much earlier and missed the bomb. It is the price you pay when you take a female to a game, who is focused on getting up for work the next day. I wanted to watch the WWE, I mean, NBA finals last night anyway. I swear Kobe and Pierce conspired with Vince McMahon to create the drama.

Kobe kept shooting horrible contested fade aways and Pierce was carried off the court, only to return 5 minutes later. Of course Pierce is "miraculously" healthy enough to hit 2 big three balls in the 4th.

I have not seen the coverage yet but I am sure Willis Reed references are littered all over the predictable pages of sports scribes.

I was able to watch Dukes Walk Off Live from my couch and I will recap my night at the park with pictures in a little bit. Maybe I will talk about the NBA game too. I think the Lakers win out from here.

Part 2 of my night at the ballpark in pictures.

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Coco Creamed

Red Sox OF Cocok Crisp charged the mound after he was thrown at by Rays pitcher James Shields. Crisp took the brunt of these blows with other Rays players landing some solid punches.

I just watched Baseball Tonight and it turns out Crisp was angered about a innocent play at 2B in another game. On his next slide he went cleat first into second, injuring a Rays player. No wonder the Rays were pissed and creamed them some coco.

Since I am on the topic of idiots getting blasted at Fenway, here is a sweet vid of a drunk chowderhead. The white boy has some moves but considering the poor nonathletic tackling, fantasy 07 dud Lawrence Maroney should not be too worried.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

NBA Finals Preview

My NBA Finals preview and prediction will be brief because I have Nats/Cards game to attend. It is Ryan Zimmerman bobblehead night baby! He is on the DL like half the sorry ass Nats squad.

Anyway, Lakers in 5. Kobe Dominates, the Zen Master gets his 10th ring, and Doc Rivers shows why he is an average NBA coach.

HT:Bleacher Report for the Picture

Swing Em Home

A few weeks ago President Bush announced that he gave up golf because of all the deaths from the wars he personally started. Succumbing to his knee jerk truth telling problem, Bush turned out to be lying about the timeline of when he gave it up.

These golfers have a different tactic as they are going to keep golfing until the troops come home. Awesome idea and funny video.

I am so passionately pro troops(not wanting them to die or get injured anymore in this pointless civil war is for them, right?) that it burns me when the Republican party in this country wedges their well being as a shield for their constant pro war beliefs. It is disgusting and pathetic.

HT:America Blog

If At First You Don't Concede

The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi attended the Clinton non concession rally in New York on Tuesday night. Ignore Jar Head's twin behind Hillary and focus on Mandvi's nipple interview.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rachel Ray Loves to Squeeze Meat

Rachel Ray is everywhere, slinging crackers, cook books, etc. She recently appeared in the above Dunkin Donuts ad. Giving you a glimpse into the insane minds of the far wing nut blogosphere, the picture outraged this horrible blogger woman, who riled up her fellow haters, and Dunkin Donuts caved by taking it down.

The haters said Ray's scarf symbolized terrorist apparel. Seriously. If you wondered who are the 25 percent that still approve of Prez Bush, here is your answer.

I pity these haters because they would work themselves into a witch hunt fury after watching this amazing Rachel Ray video mix. She loves to grab/squeeze meat.

If you wondering, Yes, sober and preferably on the kitchen counter.

Boogie Woogie Wanted Some Sugga

This reporter has no idea what type of creature is about to slobber her.

Barry O is BALLIN!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS OVER!

Regardless of Barack Obama's opponent's classless refusal to publicly recognize his historic victory, I am still downright giddy.

Barry took on the Clinton party machine and won by out campaigning her. He won fair and square. It is an unbelievable moment and one that will be chronicled in our history books forever.

I have been a strong supporter of Obama from day 1 of his prez campaign and his initial run for the US Senate. I have never been this passionate for a presidential candidate or any pol in my life and I am political dork junkie with a college degree in this crap.

You will hear his over and over from me until he takes the White House:
Barry is Ballin!

Oh, the dream ticket is a straight up nightmare and do not buy the media speculation fueled by Hillary's campaign.

Oh, I am Fired UP, Ready To Go!

Be sure to pass this link to anyone who thinks Barry is some secret Muslim who hates America.

Reaction from the Front Papers from around the US and the World.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Link Whores

  • Peter Griffin does the top 10 list on the Letterman show. The Jay Leno blast is worth the click. Next Round
  • Bruce Almighty is making Reds fan forget their franchise sucks for at least a week. Yep Yep
  • I thought Bill Belichick spent his free time sleeping in a cave and sucking bat blood. I guess he is a real male human because he loves big tatas. Can you imagine the video tapes that he has of this woman topless?Brahsome
  • The best review of the 2008 MLB season so far that I have encountered. Bugs and Cranks
  • I still do not understand how the Spelling Bee gets coverage on the (ONLY!) all sports TV network but this Num Nuts video is pretty hilarious. Docksquad Sports
  • I have been slacking in my usual tennis babes coverage. My girl Maria bowed out already and here is a photo/video tribute to my favorite Russian. Babes in Sportsland
  • I took in the Kimbo Slice fight at a wine party (Sophisticated!!) on Saturday night and even though most critics ripped the MMA's CBS debut, I was entertained. Kimbo looked horribly out of shape and mediocre on the ground. A better fighter would have had him a killer tap out lock in less than a minute. I do not think I can eat Cauliflower in a long, long time. Check out the video. Intentional Foul
  • Josh Hamilton's success story should give all junkies inspiration to better themselves. Sportscrack
  • God TV sure sucks but at least we can use "the google" to scan for hot actress' pictures on the Internet. The World of Isaac
  • Adriana Lima is like a good cup of morning java in that I can never get enough. Tasty Booze
  • A cool photoshop NBA finals preview. Cuzoogle
  • Pau Gasol's life drastically improved by going to the Lakers and living in Cali instead of Memphis. This means Pau gets to break out his ladies game on Angelino sluts. Busted Coverage
  • Cincy Bengals cheerleader tryouts make me want to visit the Queen city at some point. Don Chavez
  • These Formula One drivers bag the hottest foreign honies ever. The Angry T
  • I intently follow foreign news and the current cluster Fuk in Iraq. The news is so disgusting and hopeless as their way of Iraqi life is completely Fd forever. News of Playboy contests revive some pride of being an American. Banned in Hollywood
  • This video of a catcher dodging a baseball so it nails the ump is blowing up on the tubes. I pulled a similar move by throwing dirt in an umps face after being called out on a home plate slide and then pretending it was an accident. I was tossed and my coach almost got run arguing on my side. Loser With Socks
  • This picture is nuts of a drunk driver taking out a group of bicyclers. Blog of Hilarity
  • I am an ass and abs guy, which means these luscious pooper photos caused me to readjust the family jewels. Bright Black Internet
  • The Tennessee Titans cheerleaders are smoking hot in bikinis. On 205th

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No Mas Puerto Ricos

If you watch tonight's election coverage and expect Hillary to bow out of the race, please keep this cartoon in mind.

Don't Change the World

Stephen Colbert recently gave a speech at Princeton's Class Day and of course, it is Fn awesome.

Here is my favorite sign and it is refreshing to know the Ivy kids like to rip em milky white just like regular college kids, Yummy.

Stephen Colbert tells Princeton to keep the world the same

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Penguins Dont Die, Keep Marching

Spelling Bee's, WNBA, Arena Football, and Poker tournament reruns constantly litter the ESPN family of channels but NHL hockey is nowhere to be found.

Throughout the season locating NHL on your TV dial was as painstaking difficult as sitting through an episode of "The L Word," waiting for a steamy lezbo scene. Hockey coverage on the sports blogs is non existent too.

Luckily NBC had last night's thrilling Red Wings/Penguins Game 5 Stanley Cup battle.

The Wings were less than a minute away from the hoisting the cup with a series clinching victory and the Penguins had pulled their goalie, which more than likely means the team ends up allowing a cheap empty netter. This was not the case as this crazy play happened to tie the game.

The game moved into a 3rd OT when Penguins Petr Sykora fired this game winner. Before hand Sykora proclaimed in an interview that he would score the deciding goal.

The Wings totally outplayed the Pens and the appear to be the better team so far in the series. The Pens goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was outstanding with 55 saves and one hockey fan considers it one of the best Stanley Cup Finals games ever.

The Penguins do not die and keep marching on back to Pittsburgh for game 6 with the Wings still up 3-2 in the series.

Photo is from Getty Images
Update: My man Uncle Rico gave hockey a shout out a few weeks ago.
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"Bo, You Dont Know Diddley"

Mr. Bo Diddley, rest in and rock on in peace.

Monday, June 02, 2008

MTV Puts Out the Spliff That They Rolled!

Last night on the MTV movie awards, Seth Rogen and James Franco, the stars of the upcoming classic stoner's movie,"Pineapple Express", presented a funny award skit. Rogen held up a bag of weed and Franco lit up a joint. Suddenly, the camera view faded out and they started showing people in the crowd, instead of the Mary Jane duo puffing on the spliff.

Predictably, I blamed MTV and Viacom for wussing out and figured Franco/Rogen were in deep trouble. Well, it turns out that it was MTV's idea and they tried to pull the plug at the last minute.

Backstage, Franco told The Associated Press that MTV put them up to the joke, even supplying the script, the fake marijuana and the fake joint — then had a last-second change of heart about the bit.

"MTV wrote it! ... Then backstage there was this big commotion: 'You guys can't say that,'" Franco said. "It says right in the script: 'Lights fake joint.'"

He liked the bit, saying: "that was the joke, because the No. 1 question we get about 'Pineapple Express' is, 'What kind of research did you guys do?'"

Franco said he was disappointed that the cameras went wide.

"I think they killed the joke," he said.

So what was really in the bag?

"I don't know! MTV gave it to us."

When your demographic is 10-16 year olds, I am sure advertisers do not like MTV promoting the ganja but I guess it is OK to promote drunkenness and sex to preteens? So Freaking Lame.

Here is the only video that I could find of the encounter and it is very poor quality.
I would watch it quickly before the evil suits at Viabitch take it down from Youtube.

Here is the extra sticky Pineapple Express trailer.

Mac Gs World

Manic Monday

I apologize for this vid on a Monday morning but it is all I have in my liquor less cupboard. I might have to increase my church going to more than holidays if this type of comedy is happening on the alter. After enduring the first minute, the good stuff comes. I promise.

I hope Hillary supporter Harriet Christian was able to drink some rum to celebrate Hill's victory in Puerto Rico and medicate herself from these delusional outbreaks.
I have nothing more to add as the video speaks for itself.

HT:The Disciples of Kaleb Krump for the religious video
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