Friday, June 06, 2008

Night at the Nats Park

Midway during last night's Cards/Nats game, I texted some buddies the following quip about Nats RF Elijah Dukes, who was peppering line drives in each of his first 3 at bats: "Dukes is hitting ropes, at least its not women."

Who knew I was foreshadowing the Walk Off Ending? Killer.

Video of Dukes Monster Walk Off Bash

(MLB and ESPN both lick monkey balls for not embedding video. Another horrible policy decision made by people who do not understand how the Internet and sports blog world works.)

I had left the game much earlier and missed the bomb. It is the price you pay when you take a female to a game, who is focused on getting up for work the next day. I wanted to watch the WWE, I mean, NBA finals last night anyway. I swear Kobe and Pierce conspired with Vince McMahon to create the drama.

Kobe kept shooting horrible contested fade aways and Pierce was carried off the court, only to return 5 minutes later. Of course Pierce is "miraculously" healthy enough to hit 2 big three balls in the 4th.

I have not seen the coverage yet but I am sure Willis Reed references are littered all over the predictable pages of sports scribes.

I was able to watch Dukes Walk Off Live from my couch and I will recap my night at the park with pictures in a little bit. Maybe I will talk about the NBA game too. I think the Lakers win out from here.

Part 2 of my night at the ballpark in pictures.

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