Friday, March 06, 2009

"Why am I Wet? What is Happening to Me?"

CNBC is still silent after Jon Stewart and the Daily Show mocked their whole cheerleading operation for being incompetent "experts" while the entire world economy collapsed. Stewart was on Dave Letterman's Late Show last night and the topic moved to the 24 hour financial news networks.

Check out the entire Stewart interview with Dave and the bit about the Oscar is pretty damn hilarious.

The Rainmaker

It crazy to think that Sonics basketball legend Shawn Kemp still could have done so much more in the NBA if he would have laid off the blow and junk food or used a jimmy while BOOM-SHAKALAKA in the bedroom.

During his prime, the Rainmaker was one of the biggest highlight dunkers in the NBA. Here are his top 10 dunks by

Image of the Day

I do not know if this image makes me want to laugh or cry or do both at the same time.

HT: Boing Boing

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Best Daily Show Ever

The Daily Show spent all of last evening's episode exposing the financial "experts" at CNBC and their false rosy scenarios. Jon Stewart provided detailed in depth coverage of the causes of the world financial collapse, which was led by the so called "wizards" of Wall Street and cheered on the whole way by the hacks at CNBC. I already knew all of this information and Stewart left some of the complex issues out but all of these videos are must see TV.

Why does a comedian have to provide this service to the public?

Using just the DOW to follow the economy's well being is so absurd.

This interview provided more insight into the collapsing of the world economy than all the reporting combined on the major TV and Cable News shows.

Jim Cramer is an idiot.

If these videos suck, you can watch the whole episode on Hulu.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Picture of the Day-LOST

The show LOST is on this evening and I have been MIA from the blog (personal illness and a horrible work load) so I thought this picture was fitting. Yes, the show is still entertaining to me but trying to comprehend the plot is like being on a carnival ride on acid. At least that is what someone told me about LSD. Kate is pretty spunky too. 

Thanks to my boy Joe Brooklyn O for the pix.