Friday, February 26, 2010

Link Whores

  • Cuba is facing crisis with their baseball talent. The Star
  • This is a genius idea by some entrepreneur. The "Tiger Text" app makes your sent text disappear after a certain amount of time. Time
  • I am digging the tunes from The Morning Benders. You can download a few free mp3s at their site. The Morning Benders
  • Marijuana Provides Pain Relief, New Study Says Huff Po
  • 5 Buzz tips from Google. Gmail Blog
  • This could be the last Olympics for NHL players as NHL Owners do not like interruption to their season. Ovie became more involved in player's union so he could advocate for players being allowed to play in his home country's games. Whatever the ruling, Ovie is still going to play for Russia in 2014. Yahoo and Delaware Online
  • Video of Wizards Antwan Jamison leaving the Verizon Center after finding out that he had been traded to the Cavs. CSN Washington
  • Roger Ebert responds to the positive feedback from his Esquire feature story. Sun Times
  • Since I am liberal and supporter of the President's team, this makes me a socialist in GOP/Tea Baggers' eyes. So my true socialism request would be for the government to nationalize the Internet providers and phone companies so we can get some real fast speed. Can you imagine free wireless Internet every where in the country? The innovation possibilities and opportunities would be endless for people and businesses. It will never happen since Corporations own DC so I can only commie dream but at least Google is attempting to hook people up with faster speeds. Slate
  • Missouri's QB Blane Gibbert, or Suh's bitch, is already showing his little QB bro Tyler around Columbia campus by getting into brawls at late night pizza spots. Tyler got jacked up and of course, no one is arrested. This smells like a cover up to me. Tiger Extra
  • Here is list of pro athletes on Twitter. Warning, most of them are VERY boring to follow. Social Media Sports
  • I was in college at Iowa when NBA player Ricky Davis spent one season balling for the Hawkeyes. The kid would smoke Js at the basketball courts behind the main dorm on campus. No way did I ever think that he would last for so long in the NBA due to his crazy old man and poor work habits. Ricky was recently waived and NBA career could be over. Scoop Jackson's 2009 piece on Ricky is pretty damn impressive. Slam Online
  • I wrote an exhaustive profile post for Truth About It on newly acquired Wizard and current foreign baller, Emir Preldzic. I am still waiting for the Wizards to hook me up with a guest press pass as Kyle's assistant so I can take some money video for this lottery bound squad. Truth About It
  • My boy BC tells me that this restaurant blows Hooters away and we are not talking about the wings either. Tilted Kilt
  • Matt Taibbi might be a potty mouth prick but I love how he takes it to the greedy ahole banksters and their complicit government enablers. Rolling Stone

"This is Called Waves"

Tracy Morgan’s interview on The Daily Show might be one of the funniest that I have ever seen on the show. Jon Stewart could not hold back his laughter and they didn’t even talk about Morgan’s movie. This clip makes my sides hurt even the 3rd and 4th time viewing it.

I love this quote by Morgan: “This is called waves man. I’m making em seasick out there. And Im 360, Hold on to your women. I can take your girl with my hair cut. At least that is how it is in my community. Somebody get pregnant. Cuz you know me Jon Stewart…. Im old school. I wont be pulling out. “

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