Friday, January 18, 2008

Link Whores

  • Loser With Socks updates job movement one of the Skers ex nemesis, Texas QB Major Applewhite, aka the ginger kid. The prodigal son, feeling a possible sinking Saban ship at Bama, returns to Austin. Major Ginger takes a job demotion from Bama. I believe someday he will take over the offense and possibly be Mack Brown's replacement. I am too lazy to research but I bet Brett Favre's right arm that the UT message boards are firing up this type of speculation.
  • Pointless Banter sits through an episode of Oprah. I have always told people, find me a woman of any age or color that does not like this woman. You can not. No female says a bad word about Oprah while men respect her savvy business sense and tremendous wealth. Oh, Vote Obama too but not for her, do it for new approach to leadership in our government. No more Clintons or Bushs. Our country has had our fill in 20 years too many and it is time to turn the page. As always, more on this later.

Mac Gs World

"About Nine Trillion Dollars"

Here is the only Republican I would support for president: Representative Ron Paul. I might disagree with some of his radical policies but at least he has courage to speak out about the destructive path our government leaders have been taking our country down. Paul's followers are passionate and everywhere too.

Mac Gs World

Favre Fellatio

I have been a Packer fan all of my life and even before the Brett Favre era. Lynn Dickey and Majik Man, what? Tim Harris and Brent Fullwood, who?

However, Number 4 brought excitement and more importantly success to my favorite NFL team. I will save my 2000 word Fellatio filled essay on Favre for another day but in honor of the big game on Sunday, I found some awesome You Tube Clips.

Busted Coverage might be on top something about Favre's college aged daughter being a hottie. Brittney Favre's genes are working in her favor.

This video gives me chills.

Here are some classic Brett Favre off the cuff moments.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Word Association with Ike Turner

There are some things in American culture that you just remember by word or name association and you have no idea why. I compare it to love ballad lyrics of the 80s, which are permanently entrenched into my membrane and unable to erase no matter how hard I try. ("Rosanna" GO AWAY, you too "Amanda!")

Liz Taylor? She was married quite often. Marilyn Monroe? JFK nailed her. Poltergeist? The little girl died shortly after filming the movie. Apple Pie? Great With Ice Cream. Tomato Juice? Amazing with vodka and spices.

When I hear Ike Turner's name, I immediately think:
Wife Beater.

I was not even alive when Ike slapped around his then wife Tina. Ike Turner died last month and the results of his death were just released.

Ike Turner's death last month was caused by a cocaine overdose, according to an official report.The medical examiner's office in San Diego said its findings were that Turner "abused cocaine" which resulted in "cocaine toxicity".

No FN way! I am not a doctor but a 76 year old man should probably stay away from the yeyo. What is going to happen next, Keith Richard's liver fails?

Anyway, I dug into Ike's bio and found these interesting tidbits.

  • In 2005, he appeared on the Gorillaz' album, Demon Days, playing piano on the track, "Every Planet We Reach Is Dead". He played live with the band on the band's world tour to that particular song. In 2007, Ike won his first solo Grammy in the Best Traditional Blues Album category for the album, Risin' With the Blues. Before his death, a collaboration between Turner and the rock band, The Black Keys, by Gorillaz' producer Danger Mouse was expected for release next year.
  • Turner is said to have been married 14 times but he has only been known to have married four times publicly.
  • Tina accused Ike of violent spousal abuse, which Ike repeatedly denied for many years. However, in his 2001 autobiography Ike admitted, "Sure, I've slapped Tina... There have been times when I punched her to the ground without thinking. But I never beat her."


Once in awhile a story comes along is just too good that it appears almost made up. It was right in With Leather's wheel house, sitting on a tee and proving once again why only blogs can cover this type of story.

The blog post titled, "Osi Likes it Nasty," includes:

A budding NFL superstar, freaky sex with urine, affair, cash pay outs, Internet rumor, defecation, hold up? Defecation? Yes.

Giants DE Osi Umenyiora of the New York Giants "allegedly" had sexual relations with a so called model/hooker, who detailed their wild (paid for) escapades on this blog.

He wanted me to have sex with him and one of his brothers at the same time. He also wanted me to try it with another one of his teammates that was staying there. I said no because I didn't want to be passed around like that.

He did buy my jewelry. The diamond snow ball. Oh and all the me money. I did invite a friend to join us (My hot girl "L" that has done shoots with me) and he wanted to DEFECATE on her in his bathtub. My GOSH she let him do it but I wanted no part. I'm a freak, but my gosh.

The next time I was with him he offered me 3 grand if I let him defecate on me and I said no. He told me to leave and so I did. The next time he asked and I did and I accepted the 3 grand. And it became a regular thing.

This is exactly why I simultaneously love and hate the Internet at the same time. This is totally non credible information and most likely made up. These type of rumor laced comments are normally reserved for female hairdressers and lady restrooms.

However, the nature of the information inquires our minds to wonder immediately if Osi really blows 2 loads on his female partners/victims.

Eagles OT Winston Justice is just pissed that this "working girl" was repetedly paid 3 grand to be humilated by Osi.

I can not wait for the Packers to take a dump all over the Giants on Sunday, metaphorically speaking. Dirt Balls.

OSI likes it Nasty

Osi's a Pooper?
Osi Kelly?

IFH Mondays

I agree with the Notorious DEK that Nick Swardson is my favorite new comedian. This helps me get over the news that David Spade gets to bang Playboy models.

Here is the one of my favorite sidesplitting videos from Swardson.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan Cracks up DL.

Thanks to The Disciples of Kaleb Krump for the video tip.

Mac Gs World

NFL Quarterfinal Recap

The main themes from last weekend's NFL quarterfinal playoff games were dropped balls and the ability or inability to effectively rush the QB.

Both played key roles in determining the outcome of each game. This was obviously apparent in clean post game jerseys of Tom Brady/Phillip Rivers/Brett Favre and the butterfingers of Marcus Pollard/Patrick Crayton/Dennis Northcut.

Packers over the Seahawks
I could not think of a worse beginning of this game for the Packers after spotting the Seasquawks 14-0. On a personal note, I was nursing a major hang over and the early deficit forced me to hop back on the booze train.

The second seasquawks TD was ruled a force out and this is the 3rd time the Packers have been screwed by this awful rule. Earlier this fall, I wrote on Epic Carnival about the need for the NFL to allow replay on this highly questionable call. It cost the Browns a playoff berth.

The Packers scored on 6 straight TDs as Ryan Grant overcame 2 early fumbles, rambling for 200 yards. Favre's passes were crisper than the bills at Strip Club ATM machine. Ball Game.

The hyped up Seasquawks defense was non existent and the Packers had their way all day. I am still waiting for the missing person report on All Pro DE Patrick Kerney. The underrated Packers defense brought their A game and Atari Bigby laid some serious wood on several occasions.

If some one would have told me in September that a RB named Ryan Grants would lead the Packers to the NFC title game, I would have asked where they got the good hydro.

Patriots over Jaguars
The Jags made a valiant effort but the Patriots displayed why they are the favored team to win it all and on a path to make history.

Brady surgically picked apart the Jags defense, who were unable to generate any pressure all game. Brady's statue of liberty goal line fake symbolized this point as he had at least 8-10 seconds before finding Wes Welker in the back of the end zone for the TD.

I compare beating the Patriots to playing Tiger Woods in the back nine of a final round. Par is not going defeat Tiger, only birdies maybe will.

The Jags had a shot but TD drops by Northcutt and Matt Jones made them settle for FGs aka pars, while the Pats were holing out birdies on every 2nd half TD drive.

Chargers over Colts
Man did I eat some crow on this one and I thought the Colts would roll. I was Norv Turner and Phillip River's hater. I believed in the Colts defense, who had been one of the NFL's top units all season. They were a no show, producing zero pass rush and no big plays as the Chargers rolled up 400 plus yards in total offense.

Peyton almost led the Colts to victory but 2 red zone turnovers killed their chances. The big hit on Reggie Wayne on the last drive was a huge play for the Chargers. The Colts did not deserve to win after giving up a go ahead TD drive in the final quarter to the Chargers backup QB(Billy Volek) and RB(Michael Turner). Championship teams do not allow that to happen.

I still heart Colts Safety bad ass and defensive NFL MVP, Bobby "da hitman" Sanders. The penalty he was called for after giving a tap to his boy and ex hawkeye teammate, Chargers kicker Kato for missing a FG was awesome.

It was total BS but it was pretty cool to see two Hawks getting attention on national TV. Trust me, Hawkeye football fans need all the excitement they can get these days.

Giants beat Cowboys
The GMen pulled off the upset in Big D because they were able to consistently harass Tony Romo in the 2nd half. He was never comfortable in the pocket at all and his WRs let him down with several drops. Crayton's 3rd down drop in the 4th quarter

Eli did not make any huge mistakes and the Giants WRs exposed the weaknesses of the Cowboys secondary. Cowboy Safety Roy Williams being a pro bowler is a bigger joke than the Cowboys having 12 pro bowlers to the Packers 4. Williams can not tackle or cover anymore.

The Giants TD before the half was huge and it took the momentum back from Dallas, who had just went on a 20 play TD drive. I did not like the Giants conservative play calling at the end of the game but their D stepped up to seal the victory.

I made it through a Cowboys summary of their playoff loss without mentioning TO or that no talent buxom blonde's effect on Romo. This has to be a record.

The NFL's version of the Final Frozen Four takes place on Sunday with low temps expected in Green Bay and Boston. I am cold just thinking about it. GO Pack GO.

Party Broseph Will Not Go Home

I love this mate.

Here is Corey Delaney/Worthington's hilarious interview from earlier. This current affair ho needs to take her clothes off and let the party broseph keep his glasses on.

It looks like Corey is cashing in. Do I sound jealous? I am and I need to visit Australia very soon.

UPDATE: The party is over for Corey and I am pretty confident that the police made him take off his glasses when he was arrested yesterday. He was charged with creating a public nuisance and producing child pornography.

This kid is going to make even more money out of this now.

Corey seems to be a very polarizing person already as people either love or hate him. I find the whole story highly entertaining and who would not want to be 16 again, Bra?

UPDATEII: TShirts are already on the series of tubes.

Time line of Corey's Rise to Fame
Party Broseph Looking to Get Paid
He will not take his glasses off ever
Corey gets the cuffs

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Broseph Rager Down Under

Do you remember High School Parties? Parents go away for a night or weekend and all of a sudden before you know it, half of your high school finds out about the location.

Mayhem breaks lose. Liquor cabinet immediately is drained, valuables are lost or stolen, booze empties end up scattered in random places and bedrooms turn into love/drug dens.

Being a smart teenager, or should I say a less dumb one, I never threw parties at my own home. I am not pleading innocent as I did my best to promote ragers at OTHER domiciles.

I just knew that incidents like this one in Australia were possible and I did not want to explain things to my parents.

Teenager Corey Delaney's, aka Aussie Broseph, bash in Melbourne escalated to the point where cops were called upon to control the unruly party goers and 20,000 dollars in damages occurred.

Now the government wants Delaney to pay the costs and his parents are not happy. His mom's quote:

"We're a good family. I'm just devastated and horrified that this has actually occurred.Obviously he's very scared of the consequences that we're going to bring upon him."

Broseph is so frightened about his consequences and remorseful about the uproar his bash inflicted on the community that he had this comment directed toward potential party hosts:

"Get me to do it for you. Best party ever, that's what everyone's saying."

Melbourne Youth Faces Party Bill

Thanks to my boy Hank for the tip.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I Heart JSmooth

Other great highlights from Sunday's NBA Action

Get Your Popcorn Ready

It is probably too early for popcorn but nonetheless, I suggest salting some kernels up with extra butter while viewing this video.


Mike Florio thinks the Packers could be on a verge of a dynasty. Woo Now and Easy Killer. I am just hoping for a victory over the Gmen on Sunday.