Thursday, December 13, 2007

Link Whores

Need a Hot Chicks Video?

I usually do not like slide show videos but I made an exception. Today's Witch Hunt, I mean, Mitchell Report had me way too serious and scanning through 402 pages exerted an overload of energy on a Thursday afternoon.

I did not attend law school for a reason. Oh, the other was not wanting to be 150K-200K in debt and slaving out to some firm for years to pay it back.

Anyway, here is a video of some dude's picks for the sexiest sports announcers.

Larry Bigbie is a RAT

After scanning the Mitchell Report, I highly suggest that Larry Bigbie does not visit Baltimore again. Snitches are usually not welcome in Bmore and go watch "The Wire" if you need visual proof.

I will have more on the Rat's pointless smear job of Brian Roberts later and this picture sums up his Orioles career quite well as he probably just swung at a high out of zone fastball for strike 3.

Have fun singing karaoke in Japan. It suits you perfectly.


I usually would not focus a whole post on 3-11 NFL team but I have not never seen such scorn from players after a coach's departure in my life.

Atlanta Falcons head football coach Bobby Petrino quit with 3 games remaining in the season and went back to college by accepting the head coach position at the University of Arkansas.

He did not even tell the Falcons team in person but left the above note in their locker room. Safety Lawyer Milloy made sure to correct his name.

"Everything he preached over the past eight months was a lie," Milloy said. "Everything he said he stood for was a lie. He came in and messed with a lot of people's lives — he wasted a year of my life. It was a cowardly act. A selfish act."

"There's a line of communication that needs to be there and it wasn't," said quarterback Joey Harrington, who was publicly humiliated on a handful of occasions. "I went to him with concerns of the team and I was absolutely disregarded."

When Joey Harrington is publicly talking smack about a coach, things must be really bad. John Joseph Harringon should be used to this by now since this is the 4th coach that has either bolted or been fired in his 6 seasons.

Jim Mora Sr had it wrong last year. Harrington is the coach killer and Mike Vick is the canine one. Sorry I had to as the one liner was WAY too easy.

This article details the players their venom laced emotions.

My man at the Legend of Cecilio Guante has entered a new verb into the sports lexicon: petrino.

Meanwhile, Petrino was all smiles and screaming WOOO PIG SOOIE!

A Bobby Petrino Parody has hit You Tube.

Thanks to Brian at The College Baseball Blog for the picture.

AJC Article

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Heart You Tube

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2008, aside from kicking my huffing habit, is to figure out how to save clips from my TV and translate them on to You Tube.

Once I save some brain cells by putting the Glade can down, this blog will be full of these type of clips.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This Old Whore House

How do I TIVO this show on PBS? Super

"Or a Man and a Man?
Whatever turns you on Norm."

"For some healthy water sports, or a shower ogre ."

Amy Winehouse Xmas Song

I apologize for the double post on Amy Winehouse but this video is too funny not to show. It gets annoying after awhile just like the original song but the creativity of the Winehouse song is top notch. Winehouse is Jewish, which seems to fuel even more unintentional comedy.

I am sorry if this video sends you on a drug binge this afternoon and I recommend before looking to score a fix to check with your health care provider to see if extensive rehab counseling is fully covered under your plan. You might get screwed by the pre existing condition requirements! :)

Thanks to JJ's dirt for the video.

Mac Gs World

7 Deadly Link Whores

Check out these links of blogs with far more talent than Mac G. Yes, it is on like Neckbeard on next Monday night Donkey Kong.

Hottie Hunter is getting his passport stamped and this means International poon exploring.

Hottest Girls of Myspace is knee deep in a smoking hot cougar.

At Tasty Booze, video of dude waxing his girls bush and I damn near bit my lip off with writing this watered down timid description.

Busted Coverage finds an advice column for the ages. Bottom line is that this broad is insecure and is taking it out on porn. Two Words: Jenny Craig.

As a Wizard fan I need to hype up rookie baller Nick Young to be in the dunk contest and Brahsome is on board by displaying a sik Young cram.

Great breakdown of the Heisman award show at Epic Carnival.

Loser With Socks has caught a case of Tebowsexuality and we thought JC only liked heteros?

Pointless Banter delves into those silly questions on page 2 of Sunday's Parade magazine.

The Putdown keeps making my dreams wet with pictures of Lucy Pinder. I am sorry if that is too racy for her bible study partner Tebow.

Mac Gs World

Monday, December 10, 2007

"Dont You Taser Me Maaann!"

Anyone need 10 minutes to kill on a Monday afternoon? Check out this Dave Chappelle video from a stand up routine in London. Hilarious highlights include:

Dave bitching about the no smoking policy in London
Commenting on England's white homeless
Joking about almost being rich bitch
Chappelle revealing that he does not say jokes about his wife anymore
"Dont You Taser Me Maaan!"

Last week Chappelle performed another record 6 hour plus comedy skit. Supposedly he is worried about Dane Cook breaking the previous record that he set in April. Dane Cook? Seriously?

Chappelle caring about Cook is like our government worrying about some worthless country half way around the globe with a minuscule military budget compared to ours invading American shores, oh wait, bad analogy.

Thanks to Tim's Take for the tip and be sure to check out Tim's clever ongoing feature called: 2007 Human Being of Greatest Significance.

Mac Gs World

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Song Girls

Please ignore the Band shots in the middle of this clip and just focus on the Trojan cheer poon. The unison bootie shake starting at second 31 is worth viewing over and over.

Happy Monday

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