Friday, November 07, 2008

This Week In Blackness-President Elect Obama

Comedian Elon James White's hilarious videos will be one of the few things that I will miss from the 2008 campaign. He brings the Obama comedic thunder one more time.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Little Sooner Poon Sample

Here is a small sample of some Sooner pooner pictures from my Halloween weekend trip to Oklahoma and Norman. There are more to follow.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Terrorist Fist Jabbing to the White House

Maybe this Obama victory can reverse the fortunes of my NFL fantasy squad, "DC Terrorist Fist Jabs." My team is in a bigger free fall than the Grand Old Party and the Dallas Cowboys.

"Move Bush, Get Out the Way"

I did not end up here until a hour after this footage and the crowd had thinned a little but it was still electric.

My 2 favorite post election quotes so far:

Considering all of the "celebrabrating" going on last night, I wonder how big the baby boom will be between August 4th and August 11th 2009...

It's a great day for Democrats and Republicans alike. For Democrats, Barack Obama was elected President.
For Republicans, there was finally dancing in the streets and Americans greeted as liberators.

This Headline Says it ALL!

Brand New Funky President

My thoughts on the historic election will be forthcoming and I am still struggling to control my emotions with the enormity that has transpired. I was deeply moved by what I witnessed in the streets of DC last night and it was exactly what Martin Luther King wanted for America.

Thousands of people of all colors and ethnicities united in celebration for a common cause of good.

Meanwhile, we have a brand new funky President!!
"Sing it Godfather!"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fired Up and Ready to Go!

I am ready to party, talk smack to any bow tied/flipped collared GOP staffers who dare to show their smug faces out this evening and rock in the new Obama administration at the main Democratic headquarters shin dig. Maybe I will even get on TV at the DC victory speech.

The Reagan Revolution is officially over and Karl Rove's GOP dream was nothing but a fantasy fairy tale.

Fired up! Ready to GO!

Go Vote

Barry the American Baller on MNF

I have further proof that Obama is not a member of secret terrorist sleeper cell out to get America like his most fervent detractors believe because he knows the tremendous need for a playoff in college football.

Barry the Baller love him some March madness, plays fantasy football, jokes about drinking too much booze, watches Sportscenter, jams out to Jay Z on his Ipod, and hoops it up in pickup games.

How much more American does a man have to get for the haters?

Barry O talks to "You're With Me Leather" on MNF.

Change Begins Today

After waiting for over a hour plus in 400 deep line at 7am, my vote for change is official.

My Mount Pleasant neighborhood in NW DC will be breaking huge for Obama and not the mainstream media cares (only white rural voters in Appalachia/PA matter), most of the urban Obama voters here will be pasty white like Mac G.

Barry O and Joe the Senator cast their ballots as well.

Change is near my friends.