Friday, April 11, 2008

Zumaya the Tank

UPDATE: Down Below
Some will see the pictures on this post and get all pissy at Detroit Tigers' pitcher Joel Zumaya as he is currently on the DL, recovering from shoulder surgery.

They will hop on Michael Wilbon's soap box, lather up the rhetorical vindictive loofah, and start blaming him for the Tigers horrible start.

They will scream Zumaya is costing the Tigers money and he should spend all his healing time in bed or church or wherever the magical place injured players are supposed to reside. (I would hang out in sniffer's row at the local gentleman's establishment but that is just me.)

Using a word my teenage cousins spout these days, Chillax.

Dude likes to have fun and blow off steam just like the majority of us regular schmucks out there. I respect that and I think the pictures are awesome.

Zumaya likes to rock Guitar Hero, hang out with portly punk rock (emo?) chicks and do keg stands.


I can personally attest to injuries playing the video game Rock Band. My ring and pinkie fingers started to cramp up immediately and rocking out on the drums gave me shin splints. Yes, I am a fragile, dirty old man.

Plus, the game has ruined the Stones song"Gimme Shelter" forever and if I hear Weezer one more time, I might punt the system out my window.

Thats All. Happy Fryday Fockers.
Go get Zumayad this weekend.

word, Mac G.

Zumaya Still Rocking

UPDATE: These cool Zumaya photos from Friday predictably produced online scorn in the sports world with one fan labeling Zumaya as "unprofessional" and a Tigers blog calling him out for not caring about his team.

Let me repeat over and over, it is a Fn KEG stand!

Furthermore, I feel the need to set the record straight that there is NO proof when or where these photos were shot and they could have been BEFORE his injury or before the Tigers opening season slide.

Common sense would tell you that Zumaya's shoulder was healthy enough to perform a keg stand and since his rehab is right on schedule, there should be no reason to worry. Zumaya is tabbed to start throwing fireballs again off a mound next month.

The negative fall out of these photos should have led me not to post them but what kind of mom's basement sports blogger guy would I be by sitting on them? If I ran embarrassing pictures of the City Boyz Inc from my beloved Alma matter, I had to post Zoom-Zoom(Zumaya's nickname) sucking down some suds straight from the tap.

The best part is the Tigers responded to my post in the Detroit News.

As for circulating online images of Zumaya partying that have recently surfaced, the Tigers issued this response through Rob Matwick, their vice-president of communications: "We handle these types of situations with players internally."

I should just shut this blog down for good now since one of my posts was indirectly referred to by a MLB team. Alas, the dream of every basement blogger is now officially fulfilled.

What would I do then? Focus on "work" or spend more time listening to my gfriend complain about her job/life/family? F that. MGsW will never die.

Oh, I would like to commend Zumaya on upgrading his taste in women.

Those fun bags could use some Zoom-Zoom rehab treatment.

(Thanks to my boy JB for the tip)
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Shaq Lied, Kobe DOES Have Friends as Teammates

This looks fake but still pretty cool.

My recent trip to the Mountains reminded me that Kobe is still persona non grata in Colorado. It is not really a race hatred for Kobe considering Barry Obama rolled Hill Rat in their caucus awhile back. Coloradoans just think he is a rapist. That's All.

HT:Docksquad's Sports World

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  • A Wayne Simien sighting and he is partying with some hipsters/hippies. How is Simien out basketball already when he was a 1st round pick in 05? Busted Coverage
  • The raid on the Texas compound turned up beds for teen sex. I am a big fan of Big Love so I am trying not to follow this story. Blog of Hilarity
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  • 2 dollar seats and drunk Canadians brawling? This is way more fun than paying 50 bucks to sit in the OF at the new Nats stadium, drinking 8 dollar bottles of Budweiser watching some smug K St Dbags type away on their blackberrys relentlessly throughout the game. I will admit to texting during sporting events but here is an example of mine from Monday nights game. "2nd batter, Milledge just dropped a pop up in center! I let him have it, Dudes killing me, Fn Nats baseball!" Deuce of Davenport
  • Golfers just go too far in their fashion statements. "Hey nice hat, I bet if you buy this you get a free bowl of soup! it looks good on you though" Simon on Sports

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to Cheat Like Whitey and Bill Belichick

Southpark Zone has the whole episode online.

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Eye Candy

I love baseball, Southern California and fake breasts. More importantly, I admire TV producers and camera operators who know what type of TV crowd shots their male consumers want.

HT: Insomniac's Lounge

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"If You Hit the Treadmill a Little More You Would be at the Front"

The ignorance and hate just oozes out of this cartoon character Dbag but he does put the fattie in her place at the end of the clip.

HT: The Discliples of Kaleb Krump

HT2: Don Chavez

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"I Will Wear My Brett Favre Jersey Until the Day that I Die"

It has been a rough go for Cheeseheads and Fudge Packer fans everywhere. This video takes a little out of the sting of the Packers losing the NFC title game at home and Brett Favre retiring.

My initial thought was what a great Favre tribute song followed up by thinking that this girl singer, Annette Summersett, is kinda hot. I wonder what she looks like with less clothes on.

God Bless google search and social sites.

Annette Summersett's MySpace page
Annette's Web Site

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

No Subway for Pope Bobblehead, Only Popemobile

The DC subway system, Metro, tried to promote people to ride their train system for the Pope's upcoming visit to DC next week with a clever Pope bobble head ad.

The Archdiocese of Washington complained and Metro was forced to pull their bobble head ad. Watch the video of the story.

Every time I drive by the Vatican Embassy in DC, there is some protester holding up a sign calling them child molesters so I think the Catholic church needs to lighten up just a tad.

Oh, I want one of these bobble heads too and if they start giving them out at mass, it might just lure me back to the Catholic church for a hour.

More on the video here and here and here.

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This picture of UNC head coach Roy Williams sporting a Kansas Jayhawk sticker during KU's championship win over Memphis on Monday night created quite a buzz throughout the college sports world. Predictably, some Tarheel fans were not too happy with Roy's spontaneous outfit selection. Some commenters were downright irate.

At first glance, I thought it was a small deal and Roy was looking for a way to heal some of the wounds he inflicted on Jayhawk nation. Williams did coach at KU for 15 years with strong ties to the Lawrence community and he led UNC to a national title so Tarheel fan should get over it.

I have since changed my tune and Roy should have just left town with his team like Five Tool Tool argues. Roy states his son was in town from London and he was not flying back until Tuesday.

I understand the points of either side and honestly, I could give a rats A$ either way.

My main problem is that KU just rolled Roy's team on Saturday, he was severely out coached by Bill Self and 2 days later Roy shows up at KU's next game wearing Jayhawk gear. It just looks bad and appears to slight his current Carolina players.

If Memphis would have beat UNC in the semi finals, I could have dealt better with Roy's national title fashion statement.

Roy had to recognize the potential negative PR fall out from being televised at the game. This incident reminds me of Lebron's moronic decision to wear and flaunt a Yankees cap to a home Indians/NY playoff game last fall.

Roy Williams Loves Kansas

We Know You Coached Em, Now Move On
Grab Some Road Roy
Roy Stays for Son

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Link Whores

  • When Doug E Fresh declares this smoking hot UF Gator pooner Lauren Stevens the next hot "it" girl, boners everywhere need to pay close attention. On 205th
  • A disturbing Cheerleader Cat fight which was started on MySpace and posted on YouTube. Only in 2008 and 5 years ago, no one would know what that sentence meant at all. Busted Coverage
  • Gossip peddler Perez Hilton claims to made out with John Mayer at a club while his then girlfriend Jessica Simpson was rubbing his crotch area. I wish that I cared but still Perez is an embarrassment to gay men everywhere. Blog of Hilarity
  • Cheap shot artist Warren Sapp is looking to tap ESPN's Rachel Nichols. Don Chavez
  • For this picture, insert your own lamer boner one liner here___. I am rolling with "SCHWING BATTER!" Brahsome
  • A catchy new slogan to sling toothpaste is sweet music to my ears. Tasty Booze
  • My favorite Vol Tyler Smith is going to stay in school at Knoxville and be sure to read the hilarious exclusive recap of events. Loser With Socks
  • The US needs more sports broadcasters that look like this babe. The Beer Goggler

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"Oh, Onions!"

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The 2008 Shining Moment of Rock Chalk Jayhawk

A national title in college basketball combined with a BCS bowl victory in football leads me to wonder, WTF is going on in Lawrence, Kansas? I hope the hole in the wall bar near campus, "The Wheel" is still standing come Tuesday morning. The TV footage of partying in Lawrence looks awesome.

It was a crazy game and ending that I will dissect in greater detail later.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

New Nats Stadium

I am about to hit up regular season game 2 of the new Washington Nationals park with my partial season tickets which are located 4th row from the wall in dead left.

Nats host the Marlins and I am pumped to see a DC baseball game in an actual real stadium. Temps are expected in the 40s so my tab at the bar beyond center field called the Red Loft is already running. Im out! GO Nats and KU!

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Spring Break Party

Too much serious talk on MGsW lately and it is time for some hot poon, Spring Break Style from a party in Tuscon, Arizona.

Videos like this make me forget about my cube's lack of windows, high gas prices, the economy sucking, and our government's never ending lust to occupy sovereign nations to promote America's version of "peace."

HT: The Dirty

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The Remaining Two in the Final Four of Blue

Since I mumble about sports, I feel the obligatory need to mention the Final Four even though the whole 2008 tournament has been pretty blah.

Aside from trying to figure out what state Davidson is in and the Marquette/Stanford, West Virginia/Xavier endings, nothing memorable really stands out from the games.

Memphis and KU looked impressive in their victories setting up a potential classic championship game.

UCLA had zero answers for Derrick Rose and Bruin star guard Darren Collison could not stop Rose's dribble penetration. Memphis smothering defense, superior athletes and depth down low proved too much for the Bruins.

The key point in the game was UCLA's inability to connect on a few open 3s when they were making a late second half run to get back into the game. Memphis closed the game out with a run of their own, highlighted by Chris Douglas Robert's sick facial dunk. Check it out.

I took KU to cut down the nets in all of my tourney pools but picking Texas as the runner up and the lack of major upsets hurt my chances for a potential Rock Chalk Jayhawk financial windfall.

I still was rooting for the Jaycocks and no hoops pundit saw a 40-12 KU run to begin that game. UNC looked shell shocked and the likely player of the year UNC Tyler Hansbrough was a total non factor.

The Tar Heels made a crazy comeback but they eventually ran out of gas on the offensive end and could not stop KU down the stretch.

The key sequence of the game was after UNC had cut the lead to 5 with five minutes remaining in the game, KU super sub guard Sherron Collins drilled a contested 3 from the top of the key. UNC's Wayne Ellington quickly scored a bucket but KU's Brandon Rush, who played like a NBA lottery pick, answered with a silky smooth basket and North Carolina was finished as the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

Here is an awesome KU highlight video and be sure to check out the Collins to Sasha Kan Alley Oop dunk at 3:25.

Memphis and KU are almost identical in team make up. Both have electric guards who make up the majority of their offense and take the crunch time shots.

Both have deep rotation in bigs with long athletic players who can defend, rebound and finish around the hoop.

The two keys to the game will be if KU can get out on the break and get easy buckets in transition. It is to Memphis's advantage if the Tigers can make it a half court game.

The other deciding factor will be if KU can stop Memphis' dribble penetration. The Tigers' offense is predicated on the drive and dish style. They set few screens and rely mainly on weak side defenders leaving their man which opens up shots and offensive rebounding opportunities.

Both of these are easier said than done and I am just hoping for an entertaining game.
My picks are not worth the keyboard they are typed on or the cuervo poured in those over priced River Walk Margaritas but I like KU 75, Memphis 70.

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