Monday, October 08, 2007

Eminem Saves Bron Bron's Night

I was ready to write the headline, "Lebron the fan has an awful night." The Yanks lost their series to the Indians and the Cowboys looked as dead as my hookers until they pulled an unbelievable victory out of their A$$! Cowboy rookie kicker Nick Folk salvaged Lebron's evening after he drilled a 53 yarder at the buzzer for the win. Oh, he has a little Slim Shady look to him too. He saved Tony Romo's hide, who had 5 picks and a fumble.

Last week, King James created an uproar in Cleveland by attending the Game 1 of the ALDS in Cleveland, sporting a Yankees cap. He further irked Indian fans by giving an interview with TBS and being caught by cameras taking the above picture. In his interview with my man Craig Sager, he stated that he has always been a Yankees, Chicago Bulls and Cowboys fan. This opened him up to "front runner" criticism and even Sager razzed Bron Bron team choices.

Listen, I have been a Packers fan my whole life and I have never stepped foot in Green Bay. Granted the Packers did suck most of the time until Favre came along. I do not blame him for liking non Ohio teams. The Yankees struggled throughout the 80s and early 90s. The Cowboys have not won a playoff game in 10 years. Who did not love MJ and the Bulls? I have several buddies who passionately root for those teams and I do not consider them bandwagon fans.

My problem with Bron Bron is being so vocal about his love for the Yankees, knowing that it has potential to rub his Caviler fan base the wrong way. Cheer for the Yanks at your castle or go rent out a box. Do not flaunt it in front of everyone and especially not the same fans that you are going to demand 100 dollars plus a ticket from to see you play next month.

Dreamboat Brady was caught by the paparazzi in Manhattan wearing a Yanks cap. Chowder nation freaked out but It is not like Brady was 10 rows back in Fenway at a Yanks/Red Sox playoff game, holding his hat up or giving interviews. Can you see how idiotic that would be? Brady is even from Cali and Lebron is from Akron.

For someone who wants to be the first billionaire athlete, rooting openly against your hometown team seems counterproductive to that ambitious goal. Or bluntly, it is Dumb A$$ marketing.

Kid Cleveland hits it right on the head by declaring this is what happens when Bron Bron is listening to his best friends for advice. The self proclaimed "four horsemen" seem more like stable jockeys.

Bron takes in Game One of ALDS in Yanks Cap

King James loves the Boys, Bulls and Yanks
Lebron needs better marketing advice
Mac Gs World


gerry dorsey said...

not much i hate more than a bandwagon fan...and i live in the heart of cowboy and longhorn country...kingdom of bandwagoners.

i used to have a roommate who's teams were the lakers, the dodgers, the cowboys, unc hoops, and longhorn football (he went to tcu). i haven't talked to him since the day i moved out.

Anonymous said...

Lebron's at it AGAIN!?!

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