Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sexy, Smart & Shady Like a Fox

CBS foreign reporter Lara Logan has been a long favorite of mine. She is smart, sexy, and her foreign accent is icing on the cake. Logan was on the Daily Show last week and she was spot on about her criticism of the American media giving faint attention to both military conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I follow what is transpiring in Iraq on a daily basis but I have to deliberately search for news because the US Corporate media is too busy shoving Hulk Hogan family drama updates down my throat.

I previously thought Logan was married until I read an article in today's NY Post about a Love Triangle. It is with 2 men and neither is his her hubby! Oh yeah, juicy, juice.

The "60 Minutes" reporter and former swimsuit model apparently courted two beaus while she was in Baghdad, and has been labeled a homewrecker for allegedly destroying the marriage of a civilian contractor there, sources said.

Passions got so hot in the combat zone that one of her lovers, Joe Burkett, brawled in a Baghdad "safe house" with her other paramour, CNN war reporter Michael Ware, a source said. The wife of Burkett, a US Embassy worker, claims the sultry 37-year-old correspondent seduced him while bullets flew overhead.

Ooooo, a cat fight too? I love this story.

A close pal of Logan, who confirmed the allegations to The Post, said Burkett's marriage to Kimberly was already finished six months before they sparked up a relationship. As for the other claims, pals admitted that Logan had a one-time fling with CNN reporter Ware - but denied that there was any sort of fight between him and Burkett in Baghdad.
So Logan could be an adulteress, a home wrecker and a slut? God Bless the Internet.

Here is Logan's Daily Show appearance.


I heart Lara Logan

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Link Whores

  • Cuzzy found seven sports movies that did not make a recent top 10 list. Bloodsport and Youngblood are both pretty bad ass. Cuzoogle
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  • I love the enterpaurial spirit of a pimped out RV rolling down South Beach with hookers on board looking to perform services. BOO Undercover cops. Tasty Booze
  • Donnie C breaks out a Cougar edition of Hot or Not. Don Chavez
  • Dude needs a break for transporting reefer after 10 sickening years in the pokey. I hate our government's criminalization of pot heads. Yep Yep
  • I have no idea who this smoking hot Arielle Kebbel actress is but it is time to fire up "the google." Bright Black Internet
  • The Fresno St baseball team is having a good time in Omaha without even having to cross the Missouri river to hit up the Iowa casinos. Although these haircuts would fit in well in Counciltucky Iowa. Busted Coverage
  • I do not know if Kid Rock need to hang out period, let alone on a golf course with Kid Rock wearing overalls. The Angry T
  • God the media is dumb as some idiots thought Vince McMahon really got hurt at a WWE event. What is next, our citizens believe everything the Pentagon and our government tells us? Oh yeah, I forget. Blog of Hilarity

Link Whores

  • Simon attended the PGA Traveler's Championship. He sounds like exactly how I would experience it by searching for cheap suds and making fun of golfers. Simon on Sports
  • National Sports Bra week is a fantastic idea but I have never been a big fan. The World of Isaac
  • A great tribute to George Carlin and his comedy inspired many in pop culture. Crash Burn Alley
  • This could be the funniest blog post that I have read in a long time and Stephen Colbert needs to give DMT Shooter the Colbert bump. Five Tool Tool
  • Gmoney locates a great list of MLB players that you forget still play in the bigs. The Money Shot
  • Sports has reached the summer lull when this list of MLB players gets me more excited than any games. Next Round
  • Josh Hamilton does look like dude from Wings. I was once at the Nantucket airport with a US Senator trying to pick up his daughter. True story and of course there is much more to it. Huggin Harold Reynolds
  • Travis Henry needs like 10 Burger King bathrooms to get busy in. Tirico Suave
  • I can never get enough funny GW Bush captions and I hope this does not offend my one lesbian reader. Flatusyahu
  • God, I hate Tila Tequila and her stupid shows that seem to always be on. Here is a great post about how it is all Stuff magazine's fault. Holy Taco

Kayne Sucks!

Being a long time hip hop music aficionado, I have never enjoyed Kayne West's music or understood his rise to mainstream super stardom.

I thought his beats were OK and his lyrical flow was just average at best. Kayne's spit was nowhere near Nas, Tupac, Gift of Gab, Biggie, Slim Shady, Qtip, on and on.

Even though I agreed with his infamous George W Bush comment, I thought his ego was out of control and the video of his MTV awards meltdown was ridiculous.

Kayne's back in the news and it is not good.

Kanye West's late night performance at Bonnaroo was delayed nearly two hours, angering the festival crowd who responded by chanting "Kanye sucks" and pelting the empty stage with glow sticks.

West had been scheduled to take the main stage at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival at 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning. While the sleepy thousands in the audience waited, a message on the jumbotrons told them West's show would be delayed until 3:15 a.m., and when that didn't happen, that he would start at 3:30. West didn't hit the stage until 4:25 a.m.

I guess Pearl Jam played late and Kayne's crew took over a hour to put on his elaborate stage set up. Trust Me, do not piss off angry spun out hippies. Before you feel bad for Kayne, he blew off the original Roo time so he could go to some birthday party in Atlanta that night.

West had originally been slated to perform at 8:15 p.m. Saturday night, but requested a late night performance. At least in the first hour of his performance, West didn't address the crowd regarding the delay.

Later Sunday, the Bonnaroo crowd was still upset. Pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph criticized West for disappointing his fans. His comments inspired a "Kanye sucks" chant.

Good to see my dawg RR call out this BS fan treatment and plus, RR knows what real fans butter his bread and how you keep them coming back.

Kayne responded to the controversy by posting this long rant on a fan blog. Regardless if it is really him or not, it is damn entertaining.

Here is a comment from a fan who was actually in the crowd and saying he is pissed would be an understatement.

Well, maybe if you would've downplayed your fancy fn stage, you could've made your time slot! Don't tell me every band at Bonnaroo can follow one after the other, with only an hour or less to switch out gear, and you, best-fn-artist-in-the-world-Kanye, couldn't make it happen.

I was there, I was waiting for your fancy ass in the cold until sunrise, I missed Phil and Sigur Ros waiting to see what all the hype was about. And you know what Kanye, it sucked! Your music sucked! Your dancing sucked! Your attitude sucked! Your fancy fn light show sucked!

But I'm not just mad at you Kanye, I'm mad at myself for being so stupid to think some hyped-up MTV hero could top anything else at Bonnaroo. And I'm super freaking pissed at Bonnaroo for giving you so my hype, teasing us all night with "Kanye will start at 3:15...Kanye will start at 3:30..." and holding our tired, cold asses there.

Kanye, you tried and you failed! You had the opportunity to turn 80,000 people onto your hyped-up bullshit, and you failed! Don't blame us for hating on your shitty show! Blame yourself and that disgusting ego!

I expect to see F U Kayne shirts in the mall and online in no time. Awesome.

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Picture of the Day

HT: Truth About It

Those Damn Liberal Euros

Bill O got fired up and Heinz caved by pulling this European Ad. Those damn Euros need to stop ruining Puritan dominated America with their liberal views of sex and smearing mayo in the process.

What is next, gays getting married and wanting equal rights? Evolution taught in schools? Sex Education? F all that.

HT:America Blog

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kobe, Do You Need Some Salt &Pepper With Your Tossed Shaq Salad?"

I love it when something from TMZ makes it to ESPN ticker as breaking news and then the sports world spends days on end discussing what it "means." Now, this is the type of crap sports journalism that Buzz Dickinger should be freaking out about.

Shaq went free style rap on Kobe at some night spot in NYC on Sunday evening. Shaq basically dissed Kobe over and over.

I have always loved the Big Diesel and he usually gets a free ride by the media but I think there might be some negative feedback on this firestorm.

HT: Don Chavez

Chicks with Guns

I am a liberal who believes in the right to bear arms, especially for hunting reasons.

I think assault rifles serve no purpose in our society but these ladies are trying to get me to change my views.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Single Greatest, Best City on the Face of the Earth, Ever

I spent the weekend up in New York City. I took in the Mermaid parade in Coney Island(pictures soon coming), saw the construction Memorial of the Twin towers, rode a ferry to Staten Island, looked for Hipsters in Brooklyn, and got pretty blitzed.

On my visit, Sean Hannity's inspiring bold view of America kept ringing through my body. NYC is the top city in the greatest, best country that god has ever given man on the face of the Earth, EVER.

It is amazing how if do keep repeating something over and over makes you believe it more. I was so caught up in New York's fervor that I almost started to like the Spankees.