Friday, October 03, 2008

This Week in Blackness

Comedian Elon James White does these hilarious short bits called This Week in Blackness. This is the funniest episode yet and by far the best post VP debate coverage video out there. I just spit out my late afternoon java laughing.

This Week in Blackness

Pictures of the Day

One of my favorite sites's, Sorry I Missed Your Party truly is the gift that keeps on giving or the girlfriend who keeps on swallowing.

Sorry I Missed Your Party

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wink Me Eyes

No wonder the first dude wanted to beat up his old business partner for some alleged hanky panky with his vixen wife because she gives off some serious "wink me eyes" signals. Her nickname is the "Barracuda."

Games for VP Debate

Palin Bingo looks Killa and I expect a "media blackout" to be an easy achievement.

The Palin-Biden drinking game could be very rough on your liver but mos def would spark up the 90 minute talking points gab fest.

Since there is a recent study out there reporting Mary Jane is less harmful than booze (shocking, ground breaking stuff eh?), you could just roll a spliff, puff it while fading away into your living room couch.

This could be a much better option for those who struggle listening to Hockey Mom's condescending nasal tone of lies(ME!) and Senator MBNA's notorious rambling oratory(America).

The Rude Pundit throws down a hysterical expletive filled debate preview of what in a perfect world Biden would spout off tonight. Word

Palin Bingo
Palin-Biden drinking game
Rude Pundit KILLS IT
Weed Chills more than Booze

Homer Tries to Vote for Obama

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Two Owners that Need to Die

I have been intently following the Presidential election so I am accustomed to viewing an old cranky senile man ramble on and on, then make piss poor indefensible public decisions. Al Davis reminds me of Gramps McCain with their questionable judgement, out of touch beliefs, and quest and longing for the "glorious days of years past."

The Al Davis bizarre firing press conference did not really surprise me and I only fault Lane Kiffin for signing up to have this bitter geezer as his boss. Let us go to the Abe Simpson tape:

Davis is not the only professional sports owner with a stranglehold on a team's fan base. The Orioles just finished up their 11th straight losing season under the miserable ownership of Peter Angelos.

Things are so terrible with this organization that the fact they were playing near 500 ball in early August is considered a crowning achievement. The Orioles performed their usual late season collapse to finish 68-93 and in dead last in the AL East.

The Angelos controlled Orioles have only had 4 winning seasons in his 16 year tenure and the dismal player/leadership hires are too painful for this die hard Os fan to detail right now.

Since both owners are unwilling to sell, there is a twisted but true fact to report.

If Davis or Angelos croaked tomorrow, the majority of the respective Os and Raiders fans would be in state of jubilation, not mourning.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Fox "News" never disappoints with their brand of biased humor.

Gameday Skers Poon

Unlike the inconsistent Nebraska Cornhusker offense, which aside from a late rally sputtered throughout the home loss to Virginia Tech, Mac G's poon ninja skills were rock steady on gameday. The Big 12 Skers pooners bring more to the table than the current piss poor Huskers offensive line.

For a recap of the Hokies big road win in Memorial Stadium, my man Dirty Laundry breaks it down.

Nebraska/Va Tech Recap